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Special Teams Coordinator Ted Daisher

On what he took away from the preseason game against the Patriots:"In every preseason game you are looking for guys that can help your team. You want to give everyone an opportunity and give everyone a chance to play. We did that, and obviously we need to perform better."

On Patriots WR Julian Edelman's 75-yard punt return TD: "As a group we were out of position. We didn't get the ball going laterally, we didn't use the sideline to our advantage and we've got to do a better job of getting guys in better position to make a play."

On whether giving up the punt return was a result of poor positioning: "It was. We had a good punt. The punt was near the sideline, we didn't use the sideline to get him out of bounds. (We) let him get back and get vertical. When that happened we didn't react the way we should have. We have to get a lot better than that."

On rookie WR Jeremy Maclin's performance on punt and kick returns:"I would like to see him make a little better decisions in fielding the ball. I know that he got his eyes up and looked at the coverage on the first one and that's what caused him to fumble the ball. As the game went on I think he got better. I think he got a little more comfortable. On some of the early kickoff returns, some of the decisions he made could have been a little better, but again as the game went on I think he got better."

On how close he is to having his special teams units finalized: "It is a total and complete work in progress. We are trying to give every player that is in camp an opportunity to get reps. We do that on special teams and on offense and defense. We are seeing who can help the team. We are trying to determine what players can be a part of our team and help us. Sometimes it's not always as pretty as you'd like it to be, but it's definitely a work in progress."

On how difficult finalizing a special teams unit is when you are at the mercy of who head coach Andy Reid decides to keep on the roster: "That is well stated. I am totally and completely at the mercy of (the final roster). That's good though, that's good. You need to find out who can help the team. That's what this is for. That's what the preseason is all about. Decisions have to be made. You have to put people in positions and just see how they react. Sometimes they are going to react well and sometimes they're not, but you need to find that out in August as opposed to September. That's what we are in the process of doing. We will identify some guys that can help our football team and then we'll go from there."

On whether CB Ellis Hobbs will return kicks during the preseason: "Again that's Andy's decision but I anticipate that taking place here in the next couple of weeks, yes."

On whether there is any possibility of using QB Michael Vick on special teams: "I don't question that he has the ability to do it but in talking to Andy, all the decisions will be made by Andy. Any questions that you have concerning Michael Vick you can direct them to (Reid)."

On whether he could use Vick on special teams if given the opportunity: "I think I'm like any coach, anybody that is that good of an athlete you can always find things to do, but again that's Andy's decision. He will decide what his role is here. Mike is a quarterback and like I said, anything particular about Mike you can refer to Andy."

On whether he has any knowledge of Vick being used on special teams in the past:"I don't know that, no. I don't know if he has or has not."

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