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Special Teams Coordinator Ted Daisher

On how WR Jeremy Maclin looks receiving punts: "I think the game this week will help him. He needs to get in a game, get in live situations where people are running down the field at him. I think he's going to do fine. He does need some reps and we're going to give them to him."

On K David Akers field goal range: "In the past I would say 55, 56 yards. And again, the conditions, the wind, the field, all the different things that you have to deal with as a kicker. But, I think he still has a strong enough leg to kick a 55, 56 yarder."

On why he decided to have Akers go for a 60-yarder in practice: "Basically, we try to set up situations to challenge him every day. We want to make it difficult every day for him, challenge him every day. He had a slight, slight breeze with him, but he hammered the ball pretty good. And again, it's all relative to the wind conditions, but Dave has a strong leg and we have a lot of confidence in him."

On special teams being able to get fans excited during practice: "It's Saturday. I think people have a little bit of free time, they're over here enjoying themselves and I think they participate in any part of practice. They see something going on and obviously, we've got great fans up here."

On the punters Sav Rocca and Ken Parrish: "Good. I think it's a good competition. I think Ken Parrish has come in, been a little bit of a surprise to me honestly. Just a free agent, he has done a terrific job. He's challenging Sav. I think Sav has responded well, and it should be a good competition as we go throughout camp."

On Parrish punting in preseason games:"Ken will, yes. We're going to split it up. Now, Andy will determine exactly who gets what but, I'm going to encourage and talk to Andy about letting Ken get the opportunity to get several punts so we can get a look at him in live situations and under a rush and a little pressure."

On the tempo of special teams' practices: "We have high character guys here. They take coaching, they run with it. Special teams is played at a frantic pace in games. So, if you go out and you practice slowly, you're really not preparing guys for what they're going to see on Sunday. And what we try to do is challenge them every day, make things difficult for them. So when they get in the game the speed of the game isn't that different than what they're doing in practice and it's worked out in the past well."

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