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Special Teams Coordinator Ted Daisher

On Cowboys K David Buehler's performance last week: "He did a great job of being able to drive the ball deep. I think that takes some of the pressure off their kickoff team. To do that at this time of the year is a big plus for them."

On what happened on the timeout called on the punt and what should happen differently: "That's my fault. I should always make sure that there are 11 guys out there. I didn't look out there soon enough to notice that we only had 10 and that's my responsibility to make sure that gets done. Obviously there was a miscommunication. If I could have seen that earlier we would have been able to get a guy out there."

On whether head coach Andy Reid called the timeout: "You'd have to ask Coach Reid, but I would assume that's what happened, yes."

On whether he would rather have taken the five-yard delay of game penalty instead of the timeout, and what the process is of making that call: "I was obviously trying to make sure we had 11 guys on the field. You'd have to ask Coach Reid that question."

On whether he expects to have S Quintin Demps back Saturday: "His status is day to day. He's getting better. We don't know if he is going to play this week, but we are evaluating him daily."

On who will return kickoffs this weekend if Demps is not ready to go: "(WR Jeremy) Maclin and (S) Victor Harris, we will evaluate as the week goes on and decide during the game what's going on, right before the game we'll make a decision."

On what the Cowboys did well on their puntcoverages: "They did a real nice job. Their gunners get down the field. They are physical, strong guys. I'm assuming they are going to have (S) Patrick Watkins back, who is an excellent gunner and an excellent player. They were able to get down and pin us to the sideline and (WR) DeSean (Jackson) was not able to make the one guy miss and get up the sideline to make a play. They did a nice job on their coverage."

On what he saw on K David Akers' missed field goal: "Any time you try a field goal over 50 yards it's difficult to make. It just slipped a little bit left right at the end. I thought he hit it good, it was on line for most of the way, but any time you try a field goal over 50 yards you're going to make some and you're going to miss some."

On whether Jackson will definitely return punts this week: "As far as I know, I don't think there are any changes. I think he's practiced well and it looks like he's going to be able to be back there for the game."

On P Sav Rocca having one of his best games of the year: "He did a nice job. He was able to directionally punt the ball. He had the 60 yarder in the game. I see Sav as a continuing process of getting better. That's how I see his progress from the beginning of the season to now. He just continually improves little by little in his ability to control the ball, kick it directionally, and put our coverage in good position."

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