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Special Teams Coordinator Rory Segrest

On whether he thinks the bye week helped K David Akers: "I think each week is a new week. You come in and you've got to put the past behind you. Dave's been kicking a long time and he's obviously missed some field goals in his career. Again, it's just each week is a new week. You have to put the misses behind you, move on to the next week and get ready to hit them when you're put back in that situation."

On Atlanta RB/KR Jerious Norwood: "He's a great returner. He got an 85-yard return against Chicago last week. They do a really nice job as far as making blocks, sustaining blocks and it's going to be a challenge for us this week. We're going to have to do a great job of making sure we're staying in our lanes and reading the blocks. We're going to have to get hats on the ball. Jerious is a guy who can break some tackles. He's got great speed and changes some angles, so again, it's going to be a big challenge for us this week."

On KR Quintin Demps' progression as a returner: "I think, probably, the main thing right now is just the confidence in getting upfield, knowing the blocks are going to occur, anticipating where they're going to occur and being able to make those reads off of them. Last week, he had a nice return at San Francisco. I think the main thing was just him hitting it up in there, being aggressive on the return and just trusting that the blocks would occur."

On how the Eagles kickoff coverage has performed this year: "I think the main thing has been inconsistency. We've had some games where we've been really solid and I think, when you look back at it, really for the most part, we've just given up two big returns. The one at Dallas, we did a poor job fitting things up there. The one at Chicago, with (Chicago PR/KR Devin) Hester back there, we just gave up the edge. I think, for the most part, we've been pretty solid there. It's just a matter of making sure we're consistent every time we go out."

On what happened on the blocked field goal at San Francisco: "It's something that we'd been working on. We just got a little overextended inside there and they did a great job of executing. They've obviously got some great rushers inside; it was probably the biggest challenge that we've had, prior to this point. The main thing is just making sure that we're solid and doing what we're supposed to be doing. We made those corrections, worked on it yesterday and we'll just move forward from there."

On whether everybody is supposed to block down on a field goal attempt: "Yeah. We communicate pressure points and that sort of thing. I think we did block down, we just got a little overextended and they hopped around us outside."

On the additions of LB Tracy White and FB Kyle Eckel and whether he expects them to contribute on special teams: "Sure. Both of them are solid contributors there. Tracy, in particular, has been very productive and has made a ton of tackles there. He understands the game, has great speed and finishes on the ball in coverage phases and he's also solid on the return phases. Kyle is solid player as well. He's strong, he brings a little different aspect of the game there; just a physical strength. Both those guys are good core contributors for us."

On whether he'd like White to score a touchdown on special teams like he did against the Eagles in 2007: "Yeah, for us, that would be great."

On why everybody doesn't rush kickers on field goal attempts like San Francisco does: "Most people do. Again, it goes back to execution on the field goal side of things. If you're solid on your field goal protection, it's going to be tough to get back there and I think it was more a matter of us getting overextended than anything else."

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