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Special Teams Coordinator Rory Segrest

On K David Akers' resurgence: "I think Dave has a lot of confidence right now. He is hitting the ball really well. He is taking good aim on the ball. I think the snaps and holds have been a lot more consistent. Obviously, this time last year we were still figuring some things out there. I think just the number of reps together with those three guys has gotten him to a point where he just feels like every time he goes out he can hit them. He is doing a good job at this point."

On Akers' struggles at Giants Stadium: "I think each and every kick is different. That's the way we're approaching it this week. The one issue you have up there is the wind. It's always windy in that stadium. I think the main thing is just going out in pregame and putting that behind us and just going out and figuring out what direction it's coming from and what adjustments we need to make and just going out and being able to execute when the time comes during the game."

On the tricky wind conditions at Giants Stadium: "I know it's definitely a tricky wind there. It's usually down at the other end as you come out from the gate that's open there. It's usually coming right back in your face, slightly varying right to left. It's definitely a tricky wind there. Again, it's one of those deals where we just go out pregame and try to figure it out and have a plan once we get in the game."

On how down on himself Akers was after the Chicago game earlier this season and how he responded to it: "I think right after the game there is a disappointment there. Any time he goes out, he wants to be successful, he wants to go out and execute. But, you just move on. Each and every kick presents its own challenge. Every time he goes out, he has to be focused on the particular kick at hand. Dave is a professional. He goes about doing that and he has been going out these last few weeks and executing when he's called on. That's what he does."

On the biggest improvement of the special teams unit this season: "I think consistency, more than anything else. We started the season and still had some young guys in there trying to learn some different spots. We made some mistakes. Not that we're not still making a few mistakes here and there. I think the main thing is guys having a general overall understanding of what we're trying to get accomplished—the base techniques we have, the base schemes and things. We are beginning to gel together as a unit and everybody understands how they can help one another to be more successful."

On whether he expects the Giants to kick away from WR DeSean Jackson again: "(Giants P Jeff) Feagles is a great punter for them. They have punted 47 times this season and out of those 47, 16 of them have been out of bounds. It's not just us that he does that against. I think they've only allowed 14 returns all season. I think those are a 3.9-yard average on those returns. It's going to be a great challenge for us. That's one of their strengths—their special teams. They are very solid in what they do there. Feagles is definitely a guy who can make it more difficult for you. Obviously, we would love to get DeSean involved and get the ball in his hands. But, we have to make sure we are getting enough pressure to get that done. At the same time, we have to be sound with what we're doing."

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