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Special Teams Coordinator Rory Segrest

On Dallas RB Felix Jones: "He did a great job coming out of college. He was a really good returner there. I know a lot of people had him ranked as a top returner coming out, kick return wise, in a lot of different publications. He's a dangerous threat back there. They have a really good return game, and he obviously adds to that."

On whether the Eagles special teams performance against the Rams has helped ease the pressure on him: "Each week presents a different challenge. This week in particular it's going to be a good measuring stick of where we're at. Dallas has a great core unit of guys. They have a good punt returner, good kick returner, a Pro Bowl kicker, a Pro Bowl punter two years ago, so again, it's going to be a good measuring stick for us this week, and each week is a new game for us."

On how encouraging it has been to see S Quintin Demps getting downfield and downing punts: "Quintin has been working hard, and he's doing a nice job in every area right now. He's making improvements each week, and that's just what we have to continue to get out of him, just continued improvement there, just like the rest of the unit."

On the chemistry between P Sav Rocca and the guys knowing where to be downfield: "Sav has been doing a much better job on things in terms of his punts. Hanging them up, giving us the opportunity to get down the field is something that we spend a bit of time on there, working on our pooch punt, saw different distances, depends on the weather and different things as far as how he punts the ball. We've been able to work with those guys and give them plenty of reps, and we'll continue to do so and hopefully continue to have that kind of success as the season goes along."

On what his focus was during practice this week: "Obviously, every week is the coverage phases. We always want to make sure that we are solid there especially with the returners that we're going to face this week. We always want to be solid in coverage areas, both kickoff coverage and in your punt coverage on things. We spend the same amount of time working on every phase, and we want to be successful in each."

On whether there is a concern that a player might make a stupid mistake with how much emotion there is surrounding this game: "Not necessarily. We go out each week and we just focus on individual fundamentals and individual assignments and things. It's a big game but it's the next game, and that's how we have to approach it. Going out and every body just taking care of their job and not doing anything extraordinary, but just making sure that they are taking care of their responsibility and letting the scheme take care of itself."

On what went well during WR DeSean Jackson's 60-yard punt return against the Rams last week: "I thought we had some really good blocking at the line of scrimmage. There on a couple of previous punts we didn't do as good a job blocking down the field. (I) thought we did a much better job finishing at the top and giving him some space to get going there. One of the things he did as well is he caught the ball and got right up the field. I think on a couple of previous reps there he tried to stretch it a little bit, and he's just got to get going up the field and create some positive yardage there and just trust that the blocking is going to be there."

On whether he's talked to DeSean about not going backwards first after he catches the ball: "He's a young guy, and he's going to make some mistakes on things. The more times that we can get him back there in that situation, I think the better he'll get. It was good to see him have a positive return, get some success there, and obviously have it when he catches it and gets the ball getting going north. Hopefully he'll continue to improve in that area."

On DE Chris Clemons' contribution on special teams and whether he had a key block for DeSean: "He sure did. We were able to get him in on the punt return phase there, and he did a nice job blocking down the field. He did a nice job chasing the kick and ended up in the right position to make the block and gave DeSean some room to work there. He's a guy that we're trying to work in on some areas and we've been repping him since training camp, and I think he'll do a good job as the season goes along for us."

On how he would compare the blocking this year to the blocking last year: "I thought we did some pretty good things last year in terms of the blocking. Again, you've got some returners back there who don't need a lot of room to get going. They've got the speed. They can change some angles. They can stretch the field a little bit and create some opportunities for themselves down the field. The main thing – if we can continue to have some success at the line of scrimmage in the punt return game and just guys taking good angles and setting up well on blocks."

On whether blocking was something that he saw in Clemons when he was with Oakland or if he learned it here: "We had started working there during training camp. It is something that he had done for Oakland there, but it's also something that we just, obviously with him being a guy that we feel like is a great athlete out in space, we felt like he would be able to give us some help there."

On what it is about Dallas' special teams unit that jumps out at him: "Their punter. Their kicker. They have an experienced group of core guys in there. A guy like (S Keith) Davis. A guy like (S Pat) Watkins. (LB Bobby) Carpenter. (LB Kevin) Burnett. Just a lot of experienced guys in there who are great special teams players. They understand how to play that game, and again, it's going to be a good challenge for us, a good measuring stick for us for where we're at with our core unit."

On what he tries to accomplish on the field each game: "We go out each week and we just try and execute. It isn't always going to happen that way, but we definitely want to try to give ourselves the best opportunities to be able to pin them back. Anytime that we can do that we give ourselves a chance to help out the offense and defense whether it be from a return standpoint, whether it be from a coverage standpoint, that's our job is to go out and execute."

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