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Special Teams Coordinator Bobby April


On whether it was frustrating to see the trick play work on Monday night just to have it negated by penalty:** "Exasperating, that's for sure. There's a lot of moving parts to that deal and it takes a lot of cooperation. A lot of things have to happen, not just only the throw. So we would have liked to have had it for sure. Could have given us a real opportunity, or a much greater opportunity, to win the game. We still had an opportunity to win but certainly would like to have had it. So when you don't get it, tough deal."

On whether the trick play was specifically in the game plan for the Saints or if the team had worked on it each week this season: "We've had a throwback in in the past. We haven't done it in a long time. We thought that just the way the Saints deploy their coverage and so forth that this would be a good time to bring it out. So we haven't practiced it a lot and that's on me. I've got to find time to get that in. Will we practice it a little more? We've had it in. We go to it every so often in practice. It may not be (a) designed part of the program but this particular week against the Saints it was."

On the fact that the play seemed to work besides the forward lateral: "Yeah I thought a lot of the players, most of them, really did an outstanding job. They did an outstanding job during practice of understanding of exactly where they needed to place themselves. They did a real nice job. They concentrated in practice, they concentrated throughout, so I credit them and you also credit the two players mainly involved. They really wanted that. It's not always (easy). Sometimes when you're on deck and the bases are loaded and you need one run, you'd like to see maybe the guy in front of you walk in the game. You might not always want to step up to bat in the critical situations. These guys did. I didn't make that analogy real good but you don't always want to step up to bat is what I was trying to say."

On what led to a forward throw by CB Brandon Boykin: "There's a lot of things to it. The thing that's different about a trick play like that, that's different from an offensive trick play, (is that) on and offensive trick play you know exactly where the play is going to initiate. You can define every increment of the spacing laterally, vertically, everything in an offensive formation because it starts with a dead ball. Ours starts like when Jim Thorpe played. He runs over here for Carlisle and he gets tackled two yards from the boundary. Well the next snap is snapped two yards from the boundary so we could take place anywhere along in there. That's how a kickoff is. You don't know where (it will begin). You don't really know. Boy there are a lot of calculations in there. Is it 4.2 (seconds of hang time) to the two (yard line)? Is it 3.7 four yards deep? Is it two yards outside the numbers? Is it two yards from the sideline? Is it in the middle? It's like breaking a pool table. There's a lot of different variations on each one. There's a lot of calculations that need to go on and we didn't hit it. I just look at myself and how could I have prepared a little bit better? That's my end of the deal and that's where I lay it right at this point."

On whether the team can use the play again since it is now on film for other teams to study: "I think you could use it again. I make our next eight opponents aware we could use it again. You could always (do it). That's a tough play to diagnose. Most times guys don't even look down there if he's standing. Then if they're really sharp and they look down there and they don't see him then they're really close. I think you could use it again, sure."

On whether failed trick plays the past two years make him reluctant to keep trying them: "You think I need to buy a rabbit's foot or something, is that what you're saying (joking)? Like I say, those things have to work right in each case. In the throw (against) Chicago we didn't make the throw. In the throwback against Miami we missed a block. In the reverse with (CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie) one of their guys did not go with (WR) DeSean (Jackson). You can't block everybody. One of the guys we did not block, he didn't even remotely float with DeSean so I give him credit for seeing it or whatever. We couldn't get it. It was kind of like a bootleg and the guy stays at home. Not a lot you can do when that happens but on the other ones it was in our control to get it done and we didn't get it done. No, it doesn't make me reluctant because I believe in the play. I've got to help our guys execute it better but I believe in the plays. I believe in the things we did and how we did them. Obviously we've got to do them a little bit better because they are big plays that can help you win the game. I credit Coach Reid with the call. He made the call. That's a tough call for a head coach. Not everybody has the boldness to go ahead and do that because when it doesn't work or if something really bad happens, (like) some kind of way they get possession of it like the one against Miami, they got possession of it, then you wear that one a lot longer. Tennessee did the same thing this year against Detroit and they're still basking in the glory from it. We talked about that a few weeks ago. I don't remember the situation (but) somebody over here asked, 'Should you do this?' Only if it works. But it not working as far as I'm concerned, that wouldn't stop me from getting off the stool and fighting another round. There's no reason for it to unless you don't believe in the play."

On whether Reid made the call about when the play would be used: "Yeah. I've got to give Coach Reid a lot of credit. He called that thing perfectly. It's a tough call for the head coach. It always is when you do something a little out of the norm. It has to work. If it doesn't work then it's frowned upon greater than taking a touchback."

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