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Special Teams Coordinator Bobby April

On whether returning to Buffalo is special for him: "Yeah, it's kind of a special game for me. I was there for six years, longest I had ever been anywhere in the NFL. Yeah, I've got a close relationship with people there and the community, so it's a little different game for me."

On whether his coverage units had their best week of the season last week against San Francisco 49ers returner Ted Ginn Jr.: "I think considering it was Ginn, that we did. We only had the one punt that was returned. It was really good coverage by (LB) Keenan Clayton, and then the kickoff coverage, you know, he was taking them out deep, we gang tackled. They had the one play, he tried to get out, and we were able to gang tackle him on everything. Keenan's play wasn't, that was a little bit more of a space play. I thought they did because that guy is really good, I mean, that guy is really good, and he can make you look bad if you're not good, and we were. We've got to continue that obviously, but for that moment we were good. We need to make strides on it and improve on it."

On how he will handle K Alex Henery this week: "Well, we went over the stuff we generally always go over. We went into things with a little more detail, we walked off some of his steps and how he's sighting his walk-off and everything else, so we put a little more detail in that to make sure that wasn't the problem. If he's striking the ball exactly right, boy, it's so hard to tell sometimes, on film anyway, you've got to be like a master jeweler and get in there with a magnifying glass. A miss or a make on the coaching tape looks almost the same, you can't tell. So his input, and his discussing things are really what makes the difference. So we went into a lot of detail about his mechanics, maybe more than normal, but that's kind of what you do when you reflect on some of those things when you're off."

On Henery pushing his kicks: "I mean that's a very small line there between making and missing those. He does strike the ball better now than he has been, but we looked at the way he walked it off. I was a little concerned that maybe he didn't properly walk it off, and there was some wind but there wasn't enough wind to overplay anything. He's got to get them through; he's got to get them through the uprights. I mean, that's a big play. He knows it, we know it, he's got a big job on this team. That position is the leading scorer of every team in the National Football League almost every year for 20 years.  32 teams for two decades that guy is the leading scorer, so that guy's got a big, big job here. Scoring points, you know, we've got to get it done, and we've got to help him get it done. It's everybody. It's the protection, it's the snap, it's the holder, it's him, it's me, it's his training, everything, so we've got to help him." 

On whether the mental part came into it at all after the first miss: "You know it's hard to tell with anybody. His body language never gives you any cause for concern. What he's really dealing with inside, is he churning, or whatever? I don't think so, I mean he's a pretty cool customer. I will say this though, after his second miss, after his second miss, and then when they went ahead of us, he was dying to kick the winning field goal, and that looked really genuine to me. That sounded, looked, unless he's a hell of an actor, he had every intention of kicking the winning field goal to win the game."

On whether Henery had ever missed two in a row from under 40-yards at Nebraska: "I don't think so. I don't know those stats for sure, because he had very few misses, so I don't think he ever has."

On whether Henery is in uncharted territory in terms of dealing with it mentally: "Yeah, and for whatever reason, there's a difference between college and the NFL. I never can quite put my finger on it, because for a kicker you're not competing against (T) Jason Peters where a year ago you were competing against somebody that couldn't play in this league talent-wise. You know, it's mostly the ball, although the ball is a little different in college. It's a different brand, it's a different make, the kicking balls they try to do every rule imaginable to the kicking game, and the kind of balls you use are different too. So it's always an adjustment with some of those things, but in general it's not as big of an adjustment as an offensive lineman."

On whether there is the danger of talking too much to Henery and putting too much into mind: "I think so, yeah, I definitely think so. Everything has got to be brief, to the point, it's got to be positive. Now when we're sitting down and looking at that, we'll mull over about everything on the film. First of all, this guy has been kicking a long time. He knows more about kicking and the way he kicks than anybody. He pretty much knows a hold of everything that happens, why it happened, it's just in that moment sometimes you don't do it and in those moments he didn't. He wants them back and unfortunately there were a lot of plays we needed to make, but he's got to bounce back, he's got to overcome that, he's got to come off the canvas and come off that stool swinging, and he's got a chance this week. That's the good part."

On how S Jaiquawn Jarrett did in his first game: "You know, he did pretty good, he did pretty good. In fact, I talked to him this morning, specifically about his role in things. It's a little bit up in the air always, because you don't know if he's going to dress or not, and that's yet to be determined, too. I thought he did pretty good. I think well of him. I said this last week about him, I think well of him. I think he's a tough, young scrapper, and I'm looking forward to where he has a consistent role on special teams because I think he'll be really good. He probably already is really good, it's just timing or whatever or the situation hasn't presented a lot of opportunities. I think he'll take advantage of those opportunities. He's good, he's a good kid, he's a good tough guy, which, you know, you have to have that, you have to have that particularly on special teams."

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