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Special Teams Coordinator Bobby April

On whether CB Jorrick Calvin showed him anything as a returner in the last preseason game: "Well, he went out there, and from what I understand he hadn't been catching a whole lot in Arizona and he didn't play his senior year. So, that week, and even in that game he showed that he's a tremendous athlete because he really judged the ball, caught it well, showed toughness running with it. He didn't have a lot of opportunities, but he had a few, and I think just his athleticism showed more than anything. He hadn't practiced it that much. Those punts are tough to catch and if he hadn't done it very much, he's a real natural guy doing it."

On whether he can trust Calvin returning punts in a game: "Well, everything that we've seen so far you can, because he's caught the ball well. He caught it well at practice, he caught it well in the pregame warm-up and he caught it well in a game. And then since that time he's caught it well, too. So absolutely, I mean, absolutely (I trust him). He's done well. "

On whether he has changed the personnel on the coverage teams or return teams: "Our personnel hasn't changed that much. We were pretty fortunate to be able to stick with most of the guys in the same positions. Now, there are some changes because without the 80-man roster, you know we were working a lot of guys, and than we go to 53, and then we go to 45 on game day. So, there are certain guys that we gave a lot of work to that may not dress. Certain guys we worked a lot that were released. So, in preseason, we want to do it, we try to give the guys – I've said it before that I think a guy deserves every opportunity to make the team if you signed him. And we generally deal with the, maybe the lower third of the roster. So, certainly the guys that were released would fall into that pool of players."

On whether WR DeSean Jackson and CB Ellis Hobbs will return punts and kicks: "I think there's a good chance. I'll let the head coach (Andy Reid) make the announcement, it'll be his call. But, I think they'll get an opportunity to do so. But, again it will be his decision. Those two guys are critical to the entire organization in a lot of different ways. I think in the return game, as well. But, how he wants to parcel their work on that particular day, he'll make that announcement, or he'll make that decision I should say."

On whether he has any projected first-team gunners in mind: "Well, we have a couple guys that are working in there. But, certainly (CB) Dimitri Patterson has done a good job at that and will work in there. I don't want to give away our game plan totally. We want to have some suspense for game day for the press. The press, just like everybody, if you've seen the movie over and over again, it's not as enticing to go watch it again. And then the other position, we have a couple guys working there (including CB) Jorrick Calvin, (CB Joselio) Hanson. So, we have a couple guys working."

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