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Special Teams Coordinator Bobby April

On whether P Sav Rocca's punt at the end of the Colts game was a big factor to help set up field position: "Well, it was big. We netted forty, which that's not a great punt. But in that situation his job is to get it up and out as quick as possible. Generally you get some pressure in that situation; they showed a pressure front, but they tried to hold us up. I think they wanted to just secure a little bit more field position and not take the chance with just an all-out block where they couldn't get any return. But he hung the ball – I think that time was like a 4.86 (seconds). You know, really well punted. (The punt) put them back there very good. He's done a good job. He had the shank in the game early and he recovered from that with really a quality game."

On whether WR DeSean Jackson and CB Jorrick Calvin will be splitting punt return duties: "Yeah, you know coach wanted to, and rightfully so, he wanted to make sure DeSean felt good, felt good about everything. And if there was a series in there where he felt a little bit gassed with his offensive play, you know he wanted me to talk to him and see how he felt. We have a lot of confidence in Jorrick. You know, he did put the ball on the ground the one time, which is a big mistake. But we have confidence that he won't make those kinds of mistakes. And obviously, the one he should have fair caught, he didn't, that was a mistake. That was in the third quarter and I think we were up by two at the time. You know, it's a 23-yard punt. He's not going anywhere. The only thing that could happen is he could get the ball dislodged. So he's still growing, but boy he's bold, he's fearless, and he is talented. And when DeSean needs that extra time to go run those routes, certainly it's very easy to see how important he is to the offense. He can do the same thing on (special) teams too. But it looks like he has some great opportunities offensively to get down the field without anybody trying to tackle him before he gets the ball."

On LB Keenan Clayton's performance on special teams: "Keenan had a limited role primarily because the punt protection and the kickoff return, there's a lot of moving parts on that one. There's a lot of synchronization with the rest of the ten guys on those particular plays. On the kickoff coverage and the punt return you sort of, individually, are doing your job. There's a team concept, but you're more individually involved. So he played on those two teams and he did a good job. I think he's going to be really good. I think our whole group of really young guys, you know, they keep getting a little bit better. We're trying to push them as hard as we can to make the increments of improvement better. But I think they're getting better, and I said the last time hopefully we're getting good, and then really good, and then just keep going, as long as the needle's pointing north."

On whether it is tough to prepare for the Redskins when he doesn't know who the punt and kick returners are going to be or whether he prepares for the scheme in general: "Yeah, we're preparing for kind of both. They do a little more with (WR/KR Brandon Banks) number 16 trying to get him out in space a little bit more. There was a report the other day that he might play. I would think he would be out. But we prepare for those schemes as well whether he's in or he's out because obviously they run them. You know, in terms of what they do there's not a whole lot of different preparation in special teams. It might be different if it was a quarterback because he can do certain things. These returners run very similar schemes, some just run them a little bit better than others. And obviously, this young man has had a really big impact on their team. He was a great pick up for them. So if he plays we have a challenge, and if he doesn't, we still have a challenge. We have to play to the best of our ability and whatever they do, that's their problems."

On the difficulty of replacing CB Dimitri Patterson on special teams and how that worked out: "Well, you know, (CB) Trevard Lindley did a good job. He did a good job. I think, whenever you take the guy that, at least at that point last week was probably our best special teams player, probably our most productive player, and kind of take him out of the lineup, there's a chance you could drop in some production. But pretty much Trevard Lindley took his place and Jorrick Calvin took his place as a gunner, and they did well. And I'm not necessarily saying they did better than Dimitri would have done, but they did well. Trevard, you know Trevard's a good player. He just needs to keep playing and he could be around here a long time as a player because he's talented, and he showed it. He made a couple tackles in the kickoff coverage where Dimitri would have been. And, you know, he held up pretty good. We had a penalty - all those penalties obviously hurt you – we had too many in the game, obviously, and coach has probably addressed that. But DeSean had, at the time, it was the fourth quarter, I think there were thirteen minutes left, you know, he gets a return out the 41-yard line; a penalty puts us back at the eleven. And that's when we were up by, I think nine or so, I don't know eight maybe. So that is a tough penalty, a tough, tough penalty. It wasn't on him."

On the difficulty of replacing S Kurt Coleman: "Yeah, so Kurt's in a situation where we're going to take a little bit off of him. And Kurt's been a good player for us. He hasn't had the production that Dimitri's had, but he's growing, and he's learning, he's improving all the time. We're going to replace him with (S) Colt Anderson who we picked up. And Colt is, not a veteran, but he's been in the league on the practice squad. You know, he was on the practice squad with Minnesota up until this point. He's a little bit older, has played in preseason, never in a regular season game. We're going to replace Kurt primarily with him and we have real good trust and confidence in Colt playing well, playing hard. He's a hard-nosed guy and you really want all your team like that."

On whether the coaches watch a lot of film from preseason when the team signs a player like Anderson: "Well, you know, our personnel organization is really good. I've said it before, it's really impressive the work they do upstairs. You go up there, man, they're constantly working and they were able to put together all his plays from preseason. So I got to watch him. I didn't make the final decision, they asked me my opinion, and I was impressed with him. I was very impressed with him. So they already knew how good he could play. Maybe there was confirmation of 'hey, let's just make sure we're on the same page of what we want'. But (head coach Andy Reid) liked him. Howie liked him. I liked him. They got that film together fast of all his plays, so it didn't take long to evaluate him."

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