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QB Michael Vick

On how he feels about the events of the past two days: "It's difficult. It's difficult for us all. It saddens anyone when somebody loses a loved one. I've been through it within the past five months. It's tough."

On how to balance sadness with going about the business of playing football: "We just have to find some kind of inner peace and find a way to stay focused. It is what he would want us to do and just keep everything in line."

On whether going to practice is therapeutic: "Yeah, it was great to get out there and throw the ball around a little bit and kind of get it off of your mind. When you walk off that field is when it hits you again and there is no escape from it."

On how much he thinks about his own children at times like this: "That's the difficult aspect of it. I have three kids of my own. I have a son. It just makes you want to strengthen the relationships that you have and enjoy them each and every day and not take life for granted. It is all in God's will and in God's hands and when he calls us then we have to go."

On what Garrett Reid brought to the team: "Just a great spirit (with) a lot of enthusiasm, fun to be around and always is going to make you smile when you are in a bad mood. He can always get you to crack a smile and that's what I am going to miss about him. That is what I enjoyed each and every day. In the offseason he was one of the reasons (that) being with (head strength and conditioning coach) Barry Rubin that I came to work five days out of the week."

On whether Garrett Reid reminded him of Andy Reid: "When you talk to Garrett you see Andy. It is just two different personalities, two different people but the same make up."

On how tough the ceremony for Garrett Reid will be: "It's going to be tough but we will find the strength to get through it."

RB LeSean McCoy

On how much his thoughts are with Coach Reid right now: "It's tough. I think for us to not take any days off and be out here having Coach Reid and Garrett on our minds, it's been tough. I think the biggest thing is that he wants all of us to stay together as a team. Before he left, he addressed the team to let us know that he's fighting. I'm sure he's sad, but he wants to show that things are going as far as football. We are behind him 100 percent. It's tough to go out here and practice, but we know how much we love Coach Reid, Garrett, and that family. In the back of our mind, we have a job to do, but we're thinking about Coach Reid."

On Reid's message to the team: "He said, 'Guys, stick together. We're all in this together.' We're actually his extended family, he said, and he said it's tough right now but we need to stay together as a team even in his absence. He wants to be here, stay together, train hard, and try and achieve our goal. Playing a game is something big, but playing for him and his family actually motivates us a little bit more."

On whether it is possible for others to understand the bond they have with Reid: "Coach Reid is a special guy. When something like this happens, it hurts the players. We care for Coach Reid so much. There are a lot of things he does for the players that a lot of other teams and other coaches don't do. We think of him like that when something like this happens. Garrett was a brother and friend to us also. When Coach Reid and his family are down, we're down also. We'll have to battle together, and his message was to stick together for him. A lot of guys have sent him text messages and have tried to talk to him. He was a little hurt, and that was the first time that I had ever seen Coach Reid get emotional. He's definitely a tough guy. It's up to us as brothers of his and sons of his to back him up."

On what the offense is looking to do Thursday against the Steelers: "We need to convert on third-down, looking sharp, and picking up blitzes. Those are the biggest things. Keeping turnovers down, that's something that we struggled with last year so we're looking forward to taking care of that this year."

LG Evan Mathis

On the mood of the team during the morning walkthrough: "It is just as you'd expect. We are all very sad about it."

On his relationship with Garrett Reid: "I spent plenty of time with him. He was always in the weight room with us and was always on the field with us. He was a happy-go-lucky guy and always a joy to be around. Always telling jokes and having fun. Really just brightened your day when you were around him."

On whether being on the practice field is a type of therapy: "I think a lot of us growing up with football as what we do, a lot of us can try to get over things by getting on the field and doing what we do. Getting back to our elements, getting back to what we do, and I think the same is true for Andy (Reid). Football is what he does and when something happens, you process it, you grieve, but you have to get on with your lives. If we had to hear how Garrett wanted us to react he would want us to get out there and keep going."

On whether he knew if Garrett Reid wanted to be a strength and conditioning coach: "I know he loved it. He loved the weight room. He knew his stuff and we were always in there talking. In the weight room we were talking about lifting weights and getting bigger and things like that."

WR Jason Avant

On how tough it was to speak to Coach Reid after hearing the news: "Oh it was very, very tough when I got the chance to talk to him. He was having a very hard time but he is solid as a rock. As far as his personality, his spirit (and) his faith in Jesus Christ, it's all upholding him right now. That's one of the things that he wanted to make sure the team knew. He is still Coach Reid. We want to be there for him. We can't do anything as players in this situation but go out and do our jobs the best we can. We can be there for moral support and also to have a shoulder to cry on. This time is one of those times as an Eagles family that it is hurting everyone."

On whether practice was different compared to when Andy Reid is present: "Well it is totally different. I think (offensive coordinator) Marty (Mornhinweg) did a great job. I think Marty was definitely a godsend yesterday because he calls us to focus. The warm-ups and the walkthroughs were totally different than I have ever experienced around here. You can tell how great a man is when the cafeteria workers are asking about him and when the security staff up here at Lehigh are going out of their way to sign cards and different things like that. It just says a lot about him as a person. For him not to be out here it was definitely hard but once we got out to do football it kind of loosened up the whole day a little bit because we know that is what he wanted."

T Todd Herremans

On his role as a leader during the team's tough times: "You don't want to run into a low point right now where everybody is somber and down on the ground. I think that if Andy was out there at practice with us one of the main things he would want is us flying around, jogging around, hustling back to the huddle, hustle up to your spots and execute just to keep the practice moving. Those are the little things that we can control as players and I just try to do my part and help out there."

On how surprised he was that Andy Reid took time to speak with the team before leaving: "Yeah, I already had mountains of respect for Andy and his family but coming in and addressing the team and feeling that he had to just put more and more (respect) up there for me. I can't even describe how much I respect the man. He is a strong individual."

DT Cullen Jenkins

On his thoughts of what Andy Reid is going through right now: "It is tough. You can't process what he is going through. All you can do is feel the sorrow for his family. You know this is a tough time for them. There is no possible way you can know what he is going through."

On the balance between football and feeling pain due to family issues: "He is in all of our thoughts all of the time. It is definitely not something that you can ignore and move on without. At the same time he wants us to be strong and wants us to continue going. We have to be there for him in whatever way we can help. Whether that's coming out here and continuing to get after it then that's what we need to do."

S Kurt Coleman

On how tough the past couple of days have been: "It's tough to really imagine it, but having a child, I can understand the type of loss that (head coach Andy Reid) is experiencing. To put it into words, God has been giving him strength. When you have God inside of your life, you'll be able to get through any adversity."

On what Coach Reid's message was to the team yesterday: "Obviously this is a tough time. It was short just like all of our other meetings are. He said that God is going to give him the strength to get him through this type of adversity, and his heart with us as well. He feels this in two different places because he knows he has to be with his family, but he also wants to be with his football family because he loves our team and he loves being around us all the time. This is an important time of year for us where we put everything together, but we understand that he has to do what he has to do. We're going to be the back bone to help him get through what he needs to get through, and we'll always be here to support him."

On the prayer circle they had right before morning walk-through yesterday: "We just heard about (what happened), and we wanted God to watch over him and watch over all of us as we go through this time, and to give us the strength that we needed to push on. We have a job to do, and we're trying to fulfill that job without being clouded with bad thoughts. It was really just to help us calm our minds, give us a piece of mind and piece of heart so we can go out there and do our jobs to the best of our abilities."

On how difficult it was to take the field moments after finding out about Garrett's passing: "It was tough. It was just a walk-through so that made it a little bit easier, but your mind was always in another spot. We were just trying to get past that, and we got through it. I'll say that it was not easy. The whole day yesterday really, nothing felt right. The thing about it is that we've been able to share our emotions together because this is all new to us. It's something you never want to experience. There are a lot of emotions, but we know that we have to be strong and we have to move on for Coach Reid because he's taken on the brunt end of a lot of the things that we go through this past season. Now, it's our turn to stick up for him and say, 'We have your back and we're going to give you the strength you need to get through this."

LB Casey Matthews

On his reaction to the events of the last 24 hours: "This is tough. You think about him all the time. Again, hopefully I never have to go through this situation that he's going through right now. But it's going to be on your mind every day. I think being around the team and around the guys will kind of help ease the transition; get his life back to, I wouldn't say normal because it'll never be the same, but back to (as normal as it can be). It's hard."

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