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RB LeSean McCoy

On missing time due to a concussion: "I have never really missed games, so it was different. Plus, just getting my wind back and just running the plays. I felt a little rusty today, but I'll be back to normal."

On him and RB Bryce Brown rotating on Sunday against the Redskins: "I don't think a lot has changed. We rotated even before he had the two big games."

On why he wants to play the final two games: "I don't live like that – just taking off. Even when I got hurt, people blamed coach for a bit but I want to be in there. I'm a competitor, and I'm going to finish the season out."

DE Brandon Graham

On whether he was ever discouraged about his potential after sustaining injuries early in his career: "Yeah. Just the rehab back. Once I got back and was back in action off of the PUP list I still was not moving (as well as I hoped). It kind of challenged me (and) they said my knee was alright. I felt like it was alright and I still wasn't doing what I knew I (could do). That was the hardest part and now I'm comfortable, I feel good and that's history. Now it's time to move forward."

On the rehab process that he endured to get back on the playing field: "It's all mental. It's about how strong (you can) come back. How strong are you as a person to fight through the pain in the beginning? Because that's the hardest part. You really don't see the day when it will finally stop hurting. You just know at the time, 'It's bad right now.' You just have to stay focused and keep going and doing things over and over until everything is better."

DE Trent Cole

On what he remembers about the team's last meeting with the Redskins: "It's kind of hard to remember because it's something I put in the past. That's just me. I don't worry about the past, I move forward. It's about what's going on now. That's what it is. It's about what's going to happen this Sunday and what we're going to do in practice here starting today. Going out there and fix what we can fix so we don't have any problems going back into this game and we can go out and win the game."

On whether he thinks about the possibility that this is the last time this group of players and coaches will play a game at Lincoln Financial Field: "Changes are made every year. It's going to be different. It's been different every year that I've been in the league. It's always been different. We just have to go out here and win and everybody knows that. Everybody knows not everybody is going to be here coming up at the end of the season. But as a team we want to go out here and win. Guys are playing for jobs and we have to go out there and perform at our best. Some guys are going to be looking for jobs. That's how the league is. We all have to go out there and perform our best and we're out here to win."

S Colt Anderson

On what it means to him to finally get extended playing time as a safety: "It's huge. Anytime you get an opportunity to play in the NFL it's a big deal. I'm going to approach it no differently than I have the last couple weeks. I'm just going to go in and practice hard and hopefully keep earning a spot."

On whether he feels that he brings a physical presence to the position: "Yeah, (the Redskins) are up there as far as the running game (goes). (They are) putting up a lot of yards in the running game so hopefully we can stop them."

On whether it was hard not to get an opportunity to play on the defensive unit and only being labeled as a special teams player during his career: "I knew my role. When I (came here) my role was as a special teams player. We had safeties in there that were going hard, playing hard, and I'm just excited I (have) an opportunity to play."

TE Clay Harbor

On when during the last game he was injured: "Second quarter down by the goal line. (I) just got piled on in a weird way."

On how frustrating this season has been: "Nothing seems to go right. We have injuries and freak accidents. It wasn't a big hit or anything. You just get landed on a certain way and end up with three fractures in your back. It's kind of the way the season has seemed to have gone this year."

On whether he was happy with his season individually: "I definitely improved as a player and it's the best season I've had since I've been here (in terms of) blocking and receiving."

On seeing decreased playing time compared to last season: "We just got down in a lot of games. You come in and game plan for a lot of two tight end sets and just when you get down you really have to start throwing the ball more to catch up. That's probably the reason I didn't get as many snaps as last year."

CB Nnamdi Asomugha

On whether the game against the Bengals was one of his best games as an Eagle: "I don't know. It's coming around with what we're doing. Since (defensive coordinator) Todd (Bowles) came around there was a starting over process with us. Now it's starting to take shape ever since the Tampa game. Really, that Dallas game from when (the Cowboys) were here, is (when) it started to take shape a little bit more. I think just that and being able to play a little bit faster always helps."

On whether his comfort level with the team and city will result in improved play going forward: "Yeah, definitely. I think the comfort level has always gotten better. I think with what we're doing now has helped everyone's comfort level, especially mine, from what we were doing since the bye week ended. I think now (we've) finally jelled over the last two or three weeks on defense so it's helped us out as a team."

On whether Bowles has finally been able to put his stamp on the defensive schemes: "Yeah, he'll tell you that himself. He's done a little more with the defense, whether it's helped in coverage or helped out in the run game. The D-line is playing really well too so that always helps us in the back end. You've definitely seen more of what he can do. It's a little more intricate than it was in the weeks before."

TE Brent Celek

On whether he is fully healed after suffering a concussion two weeks ago: "I feel fine. I've felt fine for a lot of days now. I didn't have too many symptoms so I was good."

On bouncing back so quickly after the concussion: "The biggest thing was that I remember everything that was going on. The only thing that was bothering me a little bit was my balance and that went away. I was fine. I'm glad I was fine."

On TE Clay Harbor playing through fractures in his back: "That's really tough. The fact that he played the rest of the game, I'm proud of him for that. He fought through it and knew he had to because we didn't really have another tight end who could do it. We have (FB/TE) Emil (Igwenagu) but he was taking some fullback stuff, too. I'm proud of what he did in that game."

On RB LeSean McCoy returning to the lineup: "I'm excited to have Shady back. We're (getting) some more familiar faces back in the huddle."

On what needs to happen this week to ensure this Redskins game is not similar to the last one: "We just have to execute better. You go back and watch that film, we made a few mistakes and got down early. I think our biggest thing, and it's been this all year, is protecting the football. If we don't turn the ball over, things seem to be okay for us. That is our big key – hold onto it."

LB DeMeco Ryans

On how a team prepares when it is unsure who will be the starting quarterback: "You have to prepare for both guys. Since you don't know who is going to be in there, you prepare for both. There are some differences with both guys in there, but I think we'll be able to prepare for both pretty well."

On how some of the personnel changes on defense have helped: "It's been good. I'm just proud to say our defensive line – they've been able to get pressure on the quarterback and been able to get him down and cause a few turnovers, which has been good for us. For myself personally, it hasn't been that much of a change for me but for those guys, they see the change and they're playing well."

On the development of S Colt Anderson into a starting safety: "Colt has been playing well. He does a good job when he is out there and he communicates well. He comes up and plays the run well. He is a good player first and foremost. He's been a great special teams player for the team, and for him to play all the downs on defense has been good for him. He's a good player."

On whether the first meeting with the Redskins this year leaves a bad taste in his mouth: "No. I don't look at the first game – it was just a lot of busts. You saw guys are wide open and they didn't have to do anything special but chuck the ball up there and let the guys catch it because they were so wide open. If we are able to just get pressure on them with our defensive line and just cover the guys, we'll be fine."

LG Evan Mathis

On whether they will change what they normally do to attack the Redskins defense: "I don't think it's about changing what you do as much to change to them, but it's about doing what you do well. With whatever is called, (you need to) execute."

On what the offensive line is doing well right now: "I think it's important for us to establish the ground game and be able to be balanced. I think establishing the run will help us open up the pass."

On whether having RB LeSean McCoy paired with RB Bryce Brown will add another dimension to the offense this week: "Both of those guys are great running backs, so it should do some good things for us. They keep looking refreshed. When each of those guys can run as hard as they can, they're very dangerous."

On the changes from the last time they played the Redskins: "We have to start fast. If things do not go our way, we have to stay focused in the pass game and not let anything get us down. Just keep fighting. I'm not speaking for everybody and trying to generalize anything, I'm just saying that we started slow and that we need to start faster."

FB/TE Emil Igwenagu

On whether he will practice at fullback or tight end this week: "Obviously I'll stay on top of both, but I'm not sure what the situation is going to be with (FB) Stanley Havili. I'll stay on top of both fullback and tight end."

On his impression of both FB Stanley Havili and TE Clay Harbor playing through pain last game: "You have to be a tough player to do things like that. I tip my hat to Clay playing with a fractured back. That has to be a tough thing to do. Those are the traits that I look to follow up on. I could tell he was in pain and I was trying to talk to him. I was hoping it was more of a mental thing that he could get over but obviously he was in some pain."

*On whether he was hoping to get a look in the end zone when lining up on the outside for his first NFL snap: *"I wasn't necessarily thinking that. If he threw it up, obviously I'd go for the ball. I wasn't thinking that it was coming to me."

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