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DT Cullen Jenkins

On whether Jenkins felt that the defensive line unit was separated from everybody else under defensive line coach Jim Washburn: "It's no different than with most teams. Washburn's approach to how to get us fired up, how to get us motivated and how to get us to play hard, some people take it the wrong way or looking from the outside in, might not understand it. He was just all about trying to get us to play hard."

On whether he thinks that now the unit can show what it can do by playing hard and playing with the rest of the defense: "We've always had those opportunities, and it's no different now. It's just a matter of stepping up and showing that you can make the plays and that you can do things when it's necessary."

On whether the coaching changes on defense make it hard for them to establish continuity both within the scheme and the way that they are being coached: "It doesn't matter whether it is hard or not. We're expected to do it, learn it, (and) adjust. We just have to deal with it."

On whether there is any positivity left in the locker room with the way the season has gone: "There is a lot of positivity. You go around and with our approach week in and week out, everybody is motivated and everybody is trying to learn and get better. We still take positives out of it. You can't just dwell on the record and dwell on all of the things that are going bad this year. We still have a job (to do) - to play hard and go win games. That's what we're fighting for."

On whether he expects a significant scheme change going forward: "You never know. I'm not going to sit here and give away any new things that we might be doing. You'll just have to wait and see."

On what jumps out at him about Tampa Bay: "The running back. First of all, the running back is pretty good, especially since he's so young. We have to make sure we gang tackle him and get him down if you have him one-on-one or gang tackle him. Tackling is going to be really important this week."

LB DeMeco Ryans

On whether Ryans anticipates anything new playing in front of a defensive line with a new coach: "No. We'll see how it goes. You get used to playing things a certain way for so long."

On whether defensive coordinator Todd Bowles' philosophy will come out more: "There were a few things that we do differently with Todd, so he does have that flexibility where he can do a few more things that he's comfortable with."

On whether Bowles will look to the last four games to prove that what has happened the last six games is not his fault: "I think Todd is just like myself – we want to win. That's the only thing that Todd wants. We know that we have had some unfortunate mistakes in the defense where we let some big plays go. We just have to eliminate the big plays and make the plays that we're supposed to make, and we'll be fine."

On whether it is hard to get continuity when there have been so many changes: "No, it's not hard. It doesn't change much as a linebacker and from my prospective. It's the same coverages and run fits."        
RG Jake Scott

On how helpful it was to come back into the league using offensive line coach Howard Mudd's blocking scheme: "That helps some, but some things are different than what we did in Indy. It does help to be comfortable to be with a person (in terms of) mannerisms and the jargon I guess so to speak."

On whether he got into football shape a lot quicker than anticipated to be able to start less than a week after he was signed: "I think that affected me the first game a little bit in Washington. There were some times where I was sucking wind a little bit. I was in pretty good shape when I showed up, and that's about all it took for me to get where I needed to be."

On whether he feels he can work in any type of blocking system other than Mudd's system: "That's not what I'm worried about. I'm not worried about what happens next year yet. We'll just finish out this year and try to win these next four games."

On how his veteran presence helps the younger guys on the offensive line: "I'd say it's just as much the other way. With (C) Dallas (Reynolds), you wouldn't know coming in here playing next to him three weeks ago against Washington that it was only his seventh or eighth start at that time. He plays like a seasoned veteran. He knows what he's doing, he's confident, and he makes calls. That's helped a lot."       

RT Dennis Kelly

On looking at the film after having a few weeks experience and performing better: "It's obviously a lot better for your spirit because obviously you're not seeing yourself get beat all the time. It is good. You can kind of build some confidence and you feel good about it. Like you said, I've been going up against some good guys and doing well. It's a good thing."

On how playing next to RG Jake Scott has helped him along: "Absolutely. He's very smart. He's played in so many games. He's definitely, even (with) just subtle tips, just to help me count and calm me down a little bit. Getting to play next to him is definitely a great experience, and we're doing pretty well right now so it works out."

On what specifically Scott has helped Kelly with: "Just reminding me not to worry about things outside of my responsibility and don't try to do too much. I think if too many people are doing that, then they're not focusing on the basic task and then a lot of issues can come up. Someone would just remind me, 'Don't even worry about that,' and we get past it and re-focus. Just simple stuff like that."

On where the offensive line is compared to a few weeks ago: "You always want to find positives in what you do. I think our growth is one of those positives. I think we are building a rhythm. I think we're getting to know how to play with each other and I think it's showing. We feel good running plays together and we know if a guy is going to come off of a block quicker or if they're going to stay heavy. I think knowing the guys and having continuity has definitely helped."        

S Colt Anderson

On how having a full week of practice reps with the defense helps him prepare: "It's going to be huge. Any time you can get practice reps you're going to feel more comfortable out there. So it'll be a good week."

On what stands out about the Buccaneers offensive unit: "Their running back (Doug Martin). He's a powerful runner and he makes a lot of guys miss. And then they have two receivers who are deep threats at any time in the game. They'll go up and get the ball."

On whether the team is playing spoiler during the final four games: "It's tough. We've lost a lot of games this year. We have to approach this week no differently than others. We're just trying to win the game. We're going to show everybody what kind of team we are (depending on) how we play this game. We're going to play as hard as we can and give it all we (have). We can't just give them the game."

On whether he is motivated to play well with all of the heat the secondary has taken this season: "No. We just have to go out there and play to our best abilities. We have struggled a little bit in the secondary but this game is no different."

On what he will contribute to the defense if he starts in place of S Kurt Coleman: "Whether it is tackling or covering I'm going to contribute as best as I can."

WR Jason Avant

On what it was like to lose a game to Tampa Bay on a 62-yard field goal at the end of regulation in 2006: "Oh, the field goal. I remember that. It was one of my first games playing. I was a rookie back then. It was a great kick. It was a long time ago. I try not to remember (and) hopefully (we) get a better outcome than that outcome. We're going down there to try and play our best game and get a win."

On whether the offense's performance against the Cowboys gives the team optimism going forward: "You hope so but every week is different. You can't dwell on the past. We had a good scheme and some guys played really well on offense. I think the O-line did a great job with run blocking the whole game. If we can run the ball against Tampa (it will be positive). Hopefully we can (run the ball well), they have the number-one rated rush defense in the National Football League. Hopefully we can and go in the right direction."

On why the offense has played better without three of its top weapons: "I think it's just an effort thing with the guys there. We know that those guys are (injured) and I think a lot of credit (goes to) (QB) Nick (Foles) and (offensive coordinator) Marty (Mornhinweg) and a lot of guys helping to get Nick prepared. I think he's progressing as a player, his decision making has steadily progressed over last two games that he's been in there, and I think the biggest reason is (calling the right plays) and the offensive linemen taking care of the run game. I think that's always good for any quarterback."

On what he thought of the decision to make Foles the starting quarterback for the remainder of the season: "I make nothing of any decision. I'm an employee. I'm not an employer. (I will) always be appreciative of what (QB) Michael Vick has done for me and what he's done in this locker room. He's inspired so many people with just his personality and who he is as a player. But at the same time we understand that this is a situation that Coach Reid feels best with Nick in there and we support his decision. We support Nick Foles as our quarterback and whoever is in there to receive him (goes) hard for him. We want to win games."

TE Brent Celek

On his thoughts of Foles being named the team's starting quarterback: "It's Coach's decision. (I'm) excited to play with Nick and win some games."

On what Foles' development has been like: "He's doing a good job. I think he's gotten better over the past two games and I thought he played pretty well this past game against the Cowboys. We all make mistakes but overall he did a good job."

On whether he was surprised with the decision to make Foles the starting quarterback: "We're in the NFL. I don't think anything can surprise you here. Nick is a good young quarterback so it's all up to the coaches here."

On what it will be like for Foles to get so much playing time in his rookie season: "It'll be good. He's just going to have to keep working hard, keep getting better, reading defenses, and helping us win games most importantly."

On whether he has spoken with Vick since the decision on Foles was made: "Mike is a great teammate. (I) talked to him a little bit. He takes it well. I don't think you can ask any more of this guy. And Mike is still a good quarterback. I think that kind of gets lost in it (but) I think Mike is a great quarterback."

On whether the coaches have been giving Foles more complex plays to run as his confidence grows: "I think we do that all the time. Depending on who the quarterback is (and) what coverages (defenses) are giving us, Marty does a good job of putting us in the right situation. Game plans usually change based on what they're doing. We've got quarterbacks that can run this offense and run it well. Other than that it's not like we're doing drastically different things than we did with Mike."

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