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Safety Jaiquawn Jarrett

On what it's like be drafted by a team in a city where he's played for the last four years: "This right here is one of the greatest situations ever coming, staying close to home so my family is right down the road. I've played in the Eagles stadium for the last four years so being able to play for [head] Coach [Andy] Reid as an Eagle is a dream come true."

On where he lives: "Brooklyn, New York."

On whether he was surprised with the Eagles taking him: "I'm very surprised right now just to have the opportunity to be part of a great organization."

On whether the Eagles showed a lot of interest in him coming into the draft: "They showed a lot of interest. They came to work me out several times with the whole defensive staff and the special teams coordinators. So they've seen something in me that other teams didn't see and I really appreciate that staff for that."

On his style of play and what he will bring to the Eagles if fans haven't already seen him play: "I'm going to bring physical toughness and a smart player to the Eagles stadium. If they haven't seen me play over the past four years, I'm real disciplined and Coach Andy Reid loves those disciplined guys who are going to go out there and do whatever's necessary to help the team win. And that's what I'm all about."

On whether he had any expectations of what round he would be drafted: "No, I didn't have any expectations. I'm just amazed and grateful that Coach Reid gave me the opportunity to play for him."

On whether he thought he would be drafted in the second round: "I didn't think about any round, I was just hoping I got selected by a team."

On whether the 40-yard dash time hurt him: "I think a lot of teams shied away from my 40-yard time, but that just sees how fast you can run in 40 yards. I know a lot of teams like kids that are just natural football players, and that's what Coach Reid saw in me. They didn't really focus too much on my combine testing. They just saw how much of a great football player I can become."

On whether he likes playing close to the line or playing deep at the safety position: "I prefer to play both. I think I'm physical enough to show up in the run support and I have enough skills to prevent the deep ball so I think I will excel at playing both."

On what he played most at Temple University: "Yeah, at Temple I did a lot of both. I showed up in run support a lot coming out of the Cover 2 so I was playing the half field a majority of the time. And when I had an opportunity to show up in the run game I made sure my presence was felt."

On whether he's had a chance to see the Eagles' defense and how they use their safeties: "Yes, I did get the opportunity to see how the Eagles use their defense. When I met with coach [Juan] Castillo and coach [Mike] Zordich they showed me how they use their safeties in their secondary and they were telling me that I'd be a great fit."

On whether he has seen any Eagles games in person: "Yes, I went to a few Eagles games."

On whether he's at Temple University watching the NFL Draft: "No, I'm at home in Brooklyn right now with my family."

On what part of Brooklyn he's from: "Bed-Stuy."

On whether the team spoke to him about possibly playing some cornerback: "I haven't heard any talks about me playing corner. Just talks about safety."

On how much communication he has had with the Eagles due to his proximity: "It was a lot of communication. I've played there for four years and I had the opportunity to meet the coaching staff when they came to the game. A lot of the former players on the Eagles came down and worked out with us. So it was a lot of communication back and forth. I got the opportunity to meet with Coach Reid. He had been coming down here to spring ball because his son is at Temple. So there was a lot of communication over the past couple weeks."

On whom he thought was going to select him: "I didn't have a clue. You don't know who's going to get you. I'm grateful and blessed to be an Eagle."

On whether it feels strange to now spend his pro career in the same city in which he played his collegiate career: "No, it doesn't feel strange because the Philadelphia fans will welcome you as if you were their brother or sibling."

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