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S Earl Wolff Conference Call

On what type of feedback he got throughout the draft process of where he would go: "To be honest, (my agent and I) had talked about it and said maybe second through fourth. But it's just a blessing to hear my name called. I feel like God does everything for a reason, so I never look at the negatives, I always look at the positives."

On how he was used in college at the safety position: "I feel like I'm pretty versatile. I can play deep middle, I can play deep pass, I can play in the box. I can honestly say my senior year though that I played more in the box because we had some young, inexperienced linebackers."

On what kind of role he played on special teams at NC State: "I played more special teams earlier in my career. In my freshman and sophomore year I played just about every special team. My junior year I played punt and kickoff. I didn't really do punt return or kickoff return. My senior year they kind of lightened it up a little bit more. I have an engine, I have a motor and I always feel like I'm going, so I feel like I can come in, I will come in and help immediately on special teams."

On how long he has dreamed about playing in the NFL: "Since I first started playing football, honestly. Since the third grade that was my dream. I'm just happy to fulfill it. Basically, this is only the beginning."

On his family having a military background: "My mom has been in the national guard for 29 years. She's always been big on discipline and I feel like she raised me well. She's been the backbone of my life. Basically, l am where I am now because of her, and it's just a blessing to still have her around. I've never been in any trouble off the field, never had any academic violations or anything like that. I graduated in three and a half years, so I can honestly say she raised me well."

On whether he has any knowledge of Philadelphia: "Actually my family is down here from North Philly. I have about 20 family members down here from North Philly right now with me. Once I got the phone call, they jumped on me. It's just exciting. Actually that's where my mom is from. She was born and raised in North Philly. Basically I'm coming back home."

On whether he followed the Eagles as a kid: "I've always liked the Eagles, honestly. My mom wasn't really a football fan, but she always liked the Eagles because she was from Philly. I've always had a thing for the Eagles."

On being coached by Mike Reed and whether he talked about his time with the Eagles: "He did. He still does to this day. As a matter of fact, he was here with me yesterday. He loves the Eagles and he loves Philadelphia, so when I talk to him, we'll definitely bring this up. He said he loves it up there. I'm pretty sure he goes back yearly."

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