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Roseman: We Are Not Trading Fletcher Cox


Go behind-the-scenes with Eagles players as they show us what they're up to during the offseason...

During his pre-draft media session with reporters on Monday morning, Howie Roseman reiterated that the Eagles want to sign defensive tackle Fletcher Cox to a long-term deal. He went a step further and said that he will be with the Eagles in 2016.

"Fletcher Cox is going to be on our team," Roseman said. "He is going to be on our team going forward. We are not trading Fletcher Cox."

Reports indicated that the Eagles were using Cox as ammo to move up in the NFL Draft. No so, says Roseman.

"The intention from our side is to keep him here for a long time. We're very clear about that, but these things are complicated sometimes and they take time. Certainly, I'm of the school of you're trying to get something done as quickly as possible for everyone. That's what we tried to do when we started here in January," Roseman said.

The Eagles report to the NovaCare Complex on Monday for a voluntary minicamp. There is a team meeting Monday evening and on-field activities take place Tuesday through Thursday. Cox is not expected to be in Philadelphia this week, along with running back Darren Sproles due to a family matter.

"I'm OK with Fletcher Cox not being here. It's a voluntary program offseason-wise," head coach Doug Pederson said. "Do we miss him? Yeah, we miss him. We'd love to have him around, but right now hopefully he's keeping himself in shape and getting ready to go. I'm excited for when I do finally get to work with him."

As the Eagles to look to acquire more players with Cox's ability in next week's NFL Draft, Roseman appreciates the challenge of keeping a player of Cox's caliber in house against trying to unearth that talent.

"We're talking about a player who has been a great player," Roseman said. "He's young and we want him here for a long time. You'd rather have more problems like that where it's really good players you're trying to keep under contract as opposed to trying to find guys you're trying to sign."

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