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Ronnie Brown Press Conference

On his decision to join the Eagles:"I guess at this point in my career, you know, I'm looking back and I'm looking at the opportunity. And it's not so much the financial standpoint, it was more about winning and putting myself in a good situation where I felt comfortable where I'd be on a team that made that a priority. You can tell by some of the moves that they've made this offseason that they put winning first. And I sat back and I thought about it and I weighed all of my options and I thought this would be a good fit for myself."
On whether he was excited about the collection of talent assembled here in the past week:"Well, I mean that was part of it, and part of it was me just having an opportunity to do some different things. And I spoke with [head coach] Andy [Reid] and I felt like it was going to be a good situation for me to do some different things, you know, be able to catch the ball. And [RB] LeSean [McCoy], he does a lot of stuff and he has tremendous talent. So to be able to work with a guy like that, and then [QB] Michael Vick and [WR Jeremy] Maclin and all of the talent, [WR] DeSean Jackson, and all of the people that were here collectively, I think it presents a good opportunity to win ball games."
On the Eagles number two running backs not getting a lot of touches and whether he anticipates that changing with him here:"Well, I looked at it and LeSean and myself are a little different as far as size, and he has a lot of catches, he's able to catch the ball a lot out of the backfield and for myself I like to get downhill a little bit more and present that option. So I felt that it would be a good fit. And I think on the offensive side of the ball they do a lot of different things to get guys involved, so I felt that I would have a chance here. And I spoke with coach Reid and I felt like it would be a good shot for me."
On whether he will have a chance to throw the football:"I don't know. It might have been a possibility but we didn't really get into depth so much about what I was going to do; I think we kind of scratched the surface a little bit. But I think part of it, just kind of getting here and getting to practice, you know, I guess getting a feel for me and me getting a feel for the offense and trying to get everything down pat and move from there."
On whether being surrounded by a lot of talent will allow some versatility in the offense:"I have. One of the things I liked when I played at Auburn, you know fortunately I was able to play with another guy there and it kind of opened up, from a versatility standpoint, you know he was able to return the ball a little bit so it opened up me for the ability to catch passes out of the backfield and do some different things and be able to be involved in pass blocking and all those things. So I think it presents a lot of different ways that we can be used together and do some different things, which is good. And I like the way that this offense, how they kind of let you do that and get a feel for each individual and try to get the ball in your hands."
On whether he thinks playing in a high-powered passing offense will open up the running game:"Well, I think it's good. Fortunately, one of things I was looking for in this situation was the stability of the quarterbacks here and everybody knows who it is. And it's not a knock on Miami, but since I've been there I played with maybe 12 or 13 guys at that position. So just to have a little bit of stability is going to make a lot of difference. And I think the aspect of the game that he brings and his versatility, you know being able to pass the ball and use his legs as well, and then having all the talent around him I think is going to be a lot of different guys that you have to worry about."
On whether he has any friends on the team that he's talked with:"Not really. It was pretty much a decision that I based on myself, on my family, and then just talking with the coaches. And I feel like it was a win on both sides. I wanted to come to an organization where I felt like I could win, and I wanted to be on a team where I felt like they wanted me there. So it was kind of a good situation when I got a chance to talk to a few different guys from the organization during the week. I had a great feel for it, so it felt pretty good."
On whether the buzz surrounding the team this past week contributed to his decision to come here:"Well, I think the direction of the team, the way that they're going; it wasn't so much this last week, I think it's just overall when you look at this organization and the things that they wanted to do. And obviously, this last week they made some moves that show you they really want to win and that just says a lot in itself. And the way they've been preparing and the expectations around here, they fit along with myself, I expect to win and that's why I'm here. And whatever my role is on this team, at the end of the day it's going to be to win football games."
On what it will feel like to run the Wildcat alongside Vick:"I don't know, but that would be exciting. I'm trying to figure [out] who would and who wouldn't be in the game with so many people here with so much talent that you don't even know what anybody would be doing."
On whether Miami talked to him at all:"I spoke with those guys but it was just a situation where I enjoyed my time there but at the end of the day it was a business decision and I wasn't sure that it would have been that beneficial for myself, even if I had went back for a year or two or whatever it may have been, I felt like the option somewhere else may have been a little bit better; to be able to be utilized and do some different things and to be involved a little bit more and be able to show a little bit of versatility."
On whether it was frustrating to play in Miami and put up good numbers but not have a lot of postseason success:"It was tough because coming from Auburn, in high school I won and at Auburn we won, and so to go to an organization I wanted to be a part of it and help turn it around and unfortunately for myself we just didn't get it done. We went to the postseason once and we got knocked out in the first round, so that was tough. And at the end of the day you want to win games and that's why you're here, and my ultimate goal on this level is to win a championship and put myself in a situation where I think I can do that. And not being able to get past the regular season was kind of tough and having to deal with that, so that kind of weighed a little bit on my decision."
On whether his knee injury and foot injury are healthy and where he is from a conditioning standpoint:"I feel good. You know, I feel as good as I've felt. Obviously, coming into camp I wanted to get somewhere early enough where I can get in and kind of learned the offense and be able to be there and get my role down. But physically I feel real well. The foot's a nonfactor, doesn't hurt. You know, I think it was two years ago, so last year it didn't give me any problems. The knee thing it hasn't given me any problems the last two years; it's only gotten a lot stronger. Actually, I think it's a little bit stronger than the other leg, so I might have to work on the good leg a little bit more. And so, I feel pretty good. Conditioning, I feel like I'm in good, physical shape, but there is a difference between being in shape and being in football shape when you throw those pads on and they have guys pulling and tugging at you, but I think it's going to work out."
On the process it will be bringing the free agents together for the first time and learning the plays:"The process is going to be a lot faster for a lot of us, not only for the free agents, but some of the rookies as well. So you have to be able to retain a lot of stuff that you learn on a quick level and I think I try to pride myself on being able to come in and learn plays pretty well. So I think that's going to be good as well as trying to implement yourself in a new locker room and new guys and trying to make sure that you get that camaraderie pretty fast and get everybody on the same page. I think it's going to be a pretty quick process."
On whether he's excited for the opportunity to play with offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg:"I'm very excited. You know, I think you can see from my smile when you ask me the question about Mike and the things that he brings as a football player, you know his talent-wise. And I think a lot of people talk about how he uses his running ability, but when I look at it I look at his legs as well as his arm just as well and he's just as dangerous. I think he's shown that and he's progressed a lot over these last few years, whatever, and being in the pocket and doing some different things. So just that dangerous talent being at that position and everybody trying to eye on him, as well as having everybody around him, it's going to present a lot of challenges."
On whether he sees a future as a franchise back down the road:"Well I mean, I would like to think so but right now my focus is on this season and what I can do to help this team win and whatever comes out of that that will be good. But I think this is a good situation, a good opportunity for me, and we'll just kind of take advantage of this right now and then whatever comes of that we'll cross that bridge when it comes to it. But right now my focus is on helping the Philadelphia Eagles win."
On whether he's talked to guys around the league about all of the moves the Eagles are making:"A little bit. I still keep in contact with [RB] Carnell [Williams] and [CB] Carlos Rogers and some other guys. And just the situation how it came about as far as after the lockout and everything, it's just been a little bit of a rushed process, you know, it's been going real fast so guys have been kind of trying to pick and choose, obviously, in a good way, but it's been kind of hectic because you don't really know and it's been a lot of last minute stuff and trying to get to the city; I flew in last night and trying to get acclimated real quick with the team. So it's been quick and guys are a little bit nervous about it I guess, but at the same time there's an excitement because you're back to football and given the chance to do what you love to do."
On whether he feels comfortable picking up the blitz:"I'm very comfortable with that. Last season, I did a lot of that in Miami, you know, we threw a lot last year which was different from the previous seasons; we did a lot of running the previous seasons. So I'm very comfortable with doing that, I've done it all my career, even in college back in those days, so I feel very comfortable in that aspect of the game."
On whether he's used to playing in a tandem backfield:"I think just the way that things have gone in the NFL it's kind of progressed to two backs and being able to utilize two different guys because you try to stay healthy for the long haul which is trying to get to the postseason. And I think that's been beneficial that I've been able to play with two caliber guys like that, Carnell in college and [RB] Ricky [Williams] throughout my career in Miami. So it's been helpful, but at the same time you want to be able to go in and hold your own if necessary when you get that opportunity to make the best of it. And I think it's going to be good having LeSean and LeSean having me, I think it will be a great opportunity, as well as some of the younger guys. So just being able to do that and mix in and keep everybody fresh throughout the season and the game."
On whether he knows McCoy and whether he's been able to talk to him since his arrival in Philadelphia:"Not really, I've heard him a lot since I've been in the locker room and I got here. But yeah, he's excited and I think he's excited about playing football which is always good. And I look forward to building a relationship with him and trying to go out and win some games."

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