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Ricky Sapp Conference Call

On what the "bandit" linebacker position entails: "It's more like a linebacker (than a defensive end), because we drop back in coverage and we also rush the passer."

On whether he did more dropping back into coverage or rushing the passer: "I think about even. I think I did even. I do them both."

On whether he thinks the Eagles want him to play linebacker or defensive end: "I'm not sure. I'm pretty sure they want me to rush the passer because that's what I do best. I'm just excited and ready to go to work."

On how his day has been considering he was expected to be drafted higher than he did (134th overall):"It's been a little frustrating. I'm just excited that the Eagles took pride, and took me. So I'm just ready to go to work and be an Eagle."

On why teams may have been scared off and chose not to pick him: "Well, I'm not sure what scared them away, because I went to the combine and pretty much showed them my knee was healthy, so I'm not sure what they're scared of, but I know the Eagles took a chance on me, so I'm just going to prove everybody else wrong."

On his knee injury as a junior at Clemson: "I tore my ACL in November of 2008. I came back and played a full season on my knee at about 60% percent—I really should have sat out a couple of games, until I got that right, but I really wanted to play so it kind of hurt me a little bit. I guess that's why I went kind of low, but everything works out for the best, and I know God had a plan all along, so I'm just excited to be in the situation that I'm in."

On the opportunity to compete against the other defensive players that the Eagles have drafted: "I look at it as a great opportunity. They got Brandon Graham, who is a great player, and a couple of other defensive ends, I think at the end of the day, we are all going to bring the pressure and get to the quarterback."

On whether he knows much about the Eagles defense or if he met with any of the coaches: "Yes, I met with the coaches at the combine. Don't know much about the defense. I know Trent Cole is one of the best defensive linemen, so I'm just excited to come in and learn from him, and go to work."

On whether he knows if the Eagles see him as a linebacker or defensive end: "No sir, I'm not sure at all."

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