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RB McCoy, QB Young, WR Avant, CB Samuel, S Coleman, DE Cole

RB LeSean McCoy

On the message sent by QB Michael Vick's deal:"It shows how much confidence they have in Mike and the leadership that he's shown. With the support, it shows that the franchise, players, coaches, and everybody is behind him 100 percent."

On what the offense needs to work on in the final preseason game:"Just with the tempo and everything to make sure that we're solid and mistake free. This is going to be a big game with us going into our first game at St. Louis. I'll be doing some scouting early, and we kind of take it like a bye with getting some rest a little bit. The guys that are injured and tired. It's also time for guys to get some scouting in and get prepared."

On how the compression of a shortened offseason has affected him:"It has because usually before preseason you get the understanding of the offense and film for the guys coming in. So it is a little different. We had a few changes in the line, and I think with OTAs we would have gotten a feel and better grasp of the whole thing."

QB Vince Young

On Michael Vick's new contract:"He definitely deserved it. He's a good guy, working hard, and the team loves him. Everybody loves him. He's doing everything he needs to do to be a leader on this team and to be a quarterback here."

On playing Thursday against the Jets:"Going in, I just want to make sure I'm taking care of my responsibilities as a quarterback with preparation and transferring everything from the practice field and the film room to the game. I just want to go out there, manage the game, put points on the scoreboard, and show the coaches that I'm a good backup quarterback."

On which area he has progressed the most this preseason:"Definitely my maturity. Just practicing, preparation, and a lot of reps as well as in game situations. I've been in the league six years now, so it comes around to practice and preparation. I feel okay right now."

WR Jason Avant

On whether having a secure situation via a long term contract gives a player piece of mind:"Honestly, I had security before. When I play, I play as hard as I can. If money is going to be security in this life, that's really shallow. We saw that a couple  years ago with the banks and everything. Everything can just be taken like that, so you need more than money to be secure. I think you need to be secure with God and your relationships first, and then everything else comes after."

On how QB Vince Young is developing:"I think he's doing a great job. A lot of guys are behind the eight ball since there wasn't mini-camps, we just didn't have that stuff. He's doing a great job under the circumstances, and I think he's going to be a great player. He's humble and he's willing to listen. I think that if he listens to [offensive coordinator Marty] Mornhinweg, [head coach Andy] Reid, and [quarterbacks coach Doug] Pederson, and learn from Mike [Vick], he's going to get his opportunity in this league again and he's going to have a wealth of knowledge to go with it."

CB Asante Samuel

On Vick's contract situation:"I'm very happy for him. He's come a long way, and he's definitely well deserving of it. He works hard and he's a true professional athlete."

On starting the season next week:"We have a lot of work to do. With the new coaches and new players, we're still jelling together. We'll see how it goes on September 11, and we're ready to go."

On how the talent in defense is jelling:"I think we'll be alright. The real challenge is going to come September 11, and we're working hard and preparing every day. I think we'll be fine."

S Kurt Coleman

On whether his experience playing in big games in the Big 10 has helped him during his professional career:"Oh yeah, I mean, I think every game that I've been in, you know in college and now that I've been in the pros so I just keep gaining more experience. Every day I'm out there I'm more and more comfortable. So it's only going to continue to get better for me."

On whether he thinks this defense is a lot more simple than last year's defense:"Absolutely, I think this defense is more simplified. I mean, in any defense there's a lot of complications to it, but [defensive coordinator] Juan's [Castillo] allowed us to play fast and that's what he expects out of us, to play physical and to play fast. So when we're out there, the calls are simple, they're fast so we can get out there and get lined up and make the play."

On his thoughts about Castillo:"Juan, he's a very animated guy. He's going to expect the best out of you; hustling to the ball, making [and] finishing plays. And not to say that [former defensive coordinator] Sean [McDermott] didn't do it, but Juan has that animation that he's going to yell at you if you don't. He's definitely going to get in your face if you're not doing it. And I think, you respect a guy like that because you want play hard for him because you know that he's going to give you his all."

On whether he was concerned about an offensive coach switching to defense:"No, I talked to Juan all last year and I knew that he wanted to be on the defensive side of the ball. His son plays defense, so I know he has that passion for the other side of the ball. So talking with him I knew once he got the job that he was going to be a great fit."

DE Trent Cole

On his thoughts about QB Michael Vick:"He's done a great job and he's done a lot to overcome all of the things that have been going on."

On whether he feels that the starters are ready to being the season after a shortened offseason:"Yeah, I think we are. We're confident about what's going on and we're pretty excited, very excited to see what's going to happen, here, on the opening day of the season."

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