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RB LeSean McCoy

On his draft day experience: "Oh my God, it was so crazy, just sitting here waiting and waiting and waiting, being patient and then being drafted by the Eagles, the wait was worth it."

On whether he had thought he would be drafted by the Eagles:"I knew they were very interested in me. I knew that I fit their system pretty well, with a great back like (Brian) Westbrook who can come in and help me out, coach me through some things (and) prepare me to play. I kind of figured that the coaches had a feel for me. And also it's right down the street. It's an hour-and-a-half away from my hometown."

On his pre-draft visit with the Eagles: "I did pretty well. (Running backs) Coach (Ted) Williams came in and kind of coached me up on some things and I went back in the drawing board room and drew some stuff up for him. I had a great interview, talking with (head) coach (Andy) Reid and all the other coaches. The film was excellent for me, to get established with the coaches so early."

On playing with RB Westbrook: "I can learn so much from him and I think I can help him out. As great as he is, I think now in the NFL they have this two-back system where you kind of help each other out. I think that he could build off the help that I could give him. He's an excellent back, now I can come help him out."

On whether he think he has the ability to play as a rookie: "I think so. I think I'm going to work my tail off to get ready there, physically and mentally doing anything and everything I have to do be ready to play."

On his blocking ability: "That's something that Coach Reid told me when I met with him early and actually when he just called in for me. He told me that I have to work on my blocking. He said that's the biggest thing that I have to work on, so when I get down there be prepared to start blocking, which is fine. I think everybody has something they can improve on. I think that thing with me is my blocking."

On how well he knows OL Mike McGlynn: "I know Mike very well. Mike was one of my good friends at Pittsburgh and the first year I came in he kind of helped me through my problems coming from high school. I know Mike very well."

On how he feels being picked 53rd overall:"I thought I would go way higher but I think everything happens for a reason."

On what it means to be "a good fit for the Eagles system": "They find ways to get the running back the ball. If you watch Brian Westbrook, the way he gets the ball in the air, on the ground, or outside. They use running backs in so many different ways. They split them out at wide receiver so I think I can do all of those things."

On whether he has met former NFL RBs Tony Dorsett or Ricky Watters, since Dorsett went to Pittsburgh and Watters went to Bishop McDevitt High School in Harrisburg: "The crazy thing about those guys is that they are excellent people and great ball players. I got to meet Tony Dorsett and was compared to those guys. It's just an honor to be mentioned with those guys. Especially Ricky, I talk to him all the time. I can't wait to call him and let him know the news."

On how well he knows Ricky Watters:"I know Ricky really well. I call him for advice. He has kind of been everywhere and done everything that I want to do, both in college and in the pros. Also, Ricky had a nice career in Philadelphia so I talk to Ricky a lot."

On what he thinks of the words "for who, for what": "I don't know too much about that."

On what Ricky Watters said about Philadelphia:"I called him when I visited and I talked to him about Philadelphia and the organization and everything. He said all positive things. He said he loved it there and everything he said was really positive about Philadelphia."

On whether he was an Eagles fan growing up in Harrisburg: "I was actually more of a Detroit Lions fan growing up because of Barry Sanders."

Ending:"I cannot wait to get down there!"

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