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RB Justin Fargas

On the sense that he got when he came to visit the Eagles: "First off, I'm just excited about the opportunity. I had a good experience in Oakland. Some tough years, but that chapter of my career is over. I'm excited about what's to come. The opportunity to come here and play for the Eagles – a winning tradition, great tradition, great city, first class organization. It would be nice if it could work out."

On how tough it was to play in Oakland for the past seven years: "I have nothing bad to say about my experience in Oakland. There were some tough years, some ups and downs; a lot of crazy stuff happened, I've seen a lot. I gave everything I had to that organization. I'm just looking forward to giving that same heart and dedication to my new team."

On the teams that he has visited so far and where he goes from here:"I went to Kansas City briefly. Cleveland, before I came here and a few other teams. I'm looking at them and following my agent's lead on that. I'm here now and I'm excited about this opportunity."

On long he will be in Philadelphia: "I've been here the most of the day since this morning. Meeting with all the coaches, taking a tour of the facility, doing the physical and everything. So, it's been good."

On failing the physical in Oakland: "I missed some time at the end of the season - the last two games. I was questionable for the last one and they held me out. From there, the exit physical, I didn't pass that because I missed the last game. I went for a re-check up there in Oakland and they said I was fine and clear. When they released me, I was told that it was strictly about money. That's where it stands."

On what the injury was that sidelined him: "(It was) just a bruised knee."

On how the Eagles utilize their running backs: "They definitely use their running backs here to do multiple things; put them in different formations. I'm excited about that opportunity. Mainly in Oakland I was a stationary back. I was in the backfield as a running back, but I definitely have the ability to come out of the backfield, run routes, catch the ball and I'm excited about the chance to do more than I did when I was in Oakland."

On the way he plays the game: "I've always played the game the same way. Ever since I first started playing football, I really don't know how to play any other way. Full speed and with all-out effort and that's what you're going to get with me. I can't be any other back. Every running back has their own style, the way they get the job done. I just have an aggressive style of running."

On whether he has a lot left despite being 30 years old: "I definitely have a lot of football left in me. I feel re-energized by this new opportunity for me. Like I said, my chapter in Oakland closed, but at the same time, it's given me new life for my career. I'm ready to have my best season ever and just make the most of my opportunity."

On what the free agency process has been like for him: "It's been a new process for me. I had the opportunity to explore free agency two or three years ago, but I signed back to Oakland before free agency opened. So, I didn't go through the process. It's new. It's kind of like college recruiting all over a little bit. It's good to go see other organizations because I've only been a part of one for seven years. It's good to see what else is out there. As far as the Philadelphia Eagles, I recognize that this is definitely a first-class organization; from the staff to the players, coaches, facilities. Everything is really nice here."

On where everything stands for him right now:"Well, like I said, I'm following my agent's lead as far as what teams I'm visiting and things like that. I'm excited about the opportunity here, personally. I'm hoping that it will work out."

On whether the Eagles indicated to him in any way that they would like him to get back to them after he hears of other offers: "Yeah, from what I understand they're excited about the possibility for me to be an Eagle. They feel like my style of play can fit in well here. This is known as a tough city and a tough team and I consider myself a tough running back. So, it should be a good fit."

On whether he expected to come to Philadelphia and leave with a deal:"That would be nice, that would be nice. I've been on a lot of planes in the last few days and it can wear on you a little bit. It's going to be tough to walk away from this situation. After seeing different teams and being here and seeing how things are run here, this is a special place and hopefully it will work out."

On why this a "special place" or a "nice situation: "One, it's a great city. The city has a lot to offer. From what I know and understand, the fans are the greatest fans. Very supportive of the team; the expectations are high, as they should be. Philly is a known winner, always a contender. That's very important to me as far as going through this process and looking at other teams. I had seven tough years in Oakland and I want to compete for a championship. That's the expectation here, of the organization, and that's the expectation from the fans here. I want to be part of a winner."

On who his agent is: "David Dunn."

On what his role would be here: "I compete to play with the other backs that we have. (RB) (LeSean) McCoy, a young back with a lot of potential. I think, with some of my experience, we can complement each other. I can help out in any way I can (help) with my experience and leading by example by the way that I work and approach the game. The chance to play with a Pro-Bowl fullback in (Leonard) Weaver - as a tailback, you have to be excited about that. Great offensive line, I wish I can add to production. It just seems like a great opportunity."

On whether he knows any of the Eagles' players: "I went to school and played with (DT) Mike Patterson and (T) Winston Justice; SC guys. A few others. (WR) DeSean Jackson, just from being in the Bay Area while he was at Cal. Watching him play and watching how he's developed has been exciting."

On whether he has talked to any of those guys: "I talked to Mike a little bit over the phone. Just telling me a little bit about the city, about the organization before I came out here."

On why Raiders QB JaMarcus Russell has struggled:"JaMarcus is a good player, great talent. He hasn't had the success that I'm sure he expected. The fans and the organization in Oakland had high expectations for him, but I don't think he's done by any means. I wish him the best and I wish the Oakland organization the best and I'm moving on from there."

On the whole coaching situation in Oakland: "I don't know. In seven years in Oakland, I had five head coaches. This will be my sixth coach and new system. I can adapt easily. I think the key to developing a winning organization starts with stability at your head coaching position. You have that here in Philly and been able to enjoy a lot of success and I'm hoping to be a part of that."

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