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RB Charles Scott Conference Call

On whether sharing time in the backfield at LSU and his injury affected his draft stock: "I don't think it really affected me, as far as sharing time in the backfield with Keiland (Williams) and the other guys, it was more of a good thing because I didn't have as much wear and tear on my body as other running backs would have. I think the only thing that hurt me in the draft this year was my shoulder injury and I kind of fell off the grid, and people didn't see me, and it's out of sight, out of mind."

On whether he was frustrated by his injury: "At first, it was very frustrating, but then I told myself 'everything happens for a reason, and God has a plan for me'. And I was just going to roll with it, and just show up and do the best I can."

On whether he had high expectations after his junior season: "I expected to have a dominant year (as a senior), but we lost a great fullback with Quinn Johnson and kind of had to make us alter our scheme a little bit, as far as our offense goes. We had to give them a little more one-back, and do some things without a fullback that we weren't used to. And that kind of threw off the consistency of our offense. So I kind of feel like that was the main factor of why we weren't as productive on offense the next year."

On what his expectations are of how the Eagles will use him: "They haven't really used me yet, I just feel like I can come in with a young guy like (LaSean) McCoy and an older guy like (Mike) Bell, and learn from them."

On describing himself as a player: "I'm like a Jamal Lewis-type runner, fast but strong. Third downs, goal line—just an every down back, a workhorse back. I feel like my role wouldn't change too much when I go to the Eagles."

On how much he was used as a receiver out of the backfield while playing at LSU: "There were a few concepts with the running back involved out of the backfield, not many, but there were a few, though. We seldom caught the ball, but we always worked with the receivers in practice, catching and those things. That's why all the running backs at LSU caught so well, because we always worked on it, we just never really utilized it in a game."

On whether he has heard of former Eagles and LSU RB Steve Van Buren: "I've heard of him, because he's all over the wall (at LSU). He's all over the wall in the running back room. But I've heard of him most definitely, and it will be motivation to chase, it'll definitely be something to look forward to and something that, like I said, to motivate me to chase that dream. So, I know a little bit about him."

On whether he is completely healed from his injury: "Yeah, I'm good to go. I'm ready to rock."

On whether being in a running back rotation in college will possibly help him adapt to the Eagles' system: "That's the thing. I've been in that system all my life. Even in high school, I had another guy that rotated with me at running back. It was always a one-two punch. And at LSU, there were four of us, really. Three or four of us got the ball, it was always consistent that it was more than one running back and there was some type of rotation, so I'd actually be comfortable with it."

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