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RB Brian Westbrook

On the offense having all of its wide receivers healthy: "Those guys, in the run game, do a great job of blocking downfield. In the pass game, they are going to hopefully open some things up. The defense is obviously going to have to respect those guys and they are big play receivers. All of them can take a hitch, take a slant, and take it to the house. The defense definitely has to respect those guys."

On the improvement of the rushing offense over the last two games: "We are just getting some opportunities. We are playing some different defenses who do different things. For us, we weren't executing the way we needed to be. Now that we're starting to execute better, we are going to continue to call those run plays. (Head) Coach (Andy Reid) has given us that opportunity and we've been very productive with it."
On whether the improved running game has anything to do with G Max Jean-Gilles being more comfortable in the offense: "I think that definitely helps. Any time that any new player comes in, you have to try to get comfortable with the guy to your left and comfortable with the guy to your right. It takes some time; it takes some game experience to do that. Of course, Max is getting more comfortable with the more reps he is getting. He was doing a good job earlier, but as a whole, our offense was not executing in the run game. Now we are doing a better job and hopefully that continues."On how he feels after last week's game: "I feel pretty good."
On whether he gains more confidence after having a breakout game: "At this point, I'm ready to have a breakout game every week. I'm still going to do the same things; I'm still going to continue to try to get to 100% healthy to the point where I don't feel anything during the game in my ankle or my rib. My team needs me to produce, they need me to do the different things I can do—catch the ball out of the backfield, run the ball, make people miss. That's what my team calls for me to do and hopefully I will go out there and help the team by doing that."
On being able to make big plays at the end of games: "I think a lot of it really has to do with the way Coach Reid calls the plays. A lot of times pass protection doesn't take as much out of the offensive linemen as the run blocking, pounding all game long. But, we have the guys who can pound. In the second half last week we started pounding the ball a little bit. When you have undersized defensive lines, they get tired. At some point, we are going to break one. In the run game, you're going to have some two- or three-yard carries and then eventually those carries—a wrong angle by a defensive player, a safety, or a missed tackle here or there—those become the long runs. That's what happens, usually, in the games."
On whether he feels like he will break a big play if he gets enough touches: "I believe that, if we continue to pound it. Of course, (QB) Donovan (McNabb) is going to have his throws in there in between, but if we continue to run it and do the different things with the screen game, if we do that enough we will have some success in the run."
On getting the ball in open space:"We have some of those plays in the playbook. One of the things I do better is make plays in the open field. That's what I try to do every chance I get; I try to make a play every time I touch the ball, but in the open field especially. (WR) DeSean (Jackson) is very good at the same thing. Coach understands that and he understands that when we have the ball in the open field, we are going to try to score, really."
On how much it meant to see McNabb score a rushing touchdown: "We were excited. We do a lot of different things down there. We have done a lot of different things where we weren't able to get into the end zone, but we were excited for Don to be able to run the ball into the end zone on a draw play. It's another thing we can do down there, another option we have to score touchdowns."
On whether he thinks about or reminds players about the last two times they played the Seahawks: "I don't think about it at all. (It's a) new year and another opportunity for us to go out and play another football game. The one thing I do think is that they are a very good team, but they've had some injuries. We can't go out into Seattle and just think they are going to lie down for us because of their record. We have to play a hard, physical game against those guys and try to take the game from them early."

On Seattle's 2-5 record: "For the most part, they are usually a pretty good team. This year, I think because of the injuries at quarterback and the different players they have had injured, their record doesn't really show how good of a team they are. We have seen the tape; we have seen the different things they do. We know they are almost the exact same defense they were from last year. They are a very good defense and their offense is coming along, as well. We expect a very tough team."
On how the team avoids a letdown: "I think the guys understand that we can't have any losses; we can't have any relapses of going in the wrong direction. We have to continue to move forward. If we do that, then we'll be in a place where we want to be at the end of the season. That is our whole focus."
On whether he will practice less as the year goes on:"Hopefully."

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