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RB Brian Westbrook

On what makes the team so good in November and December: "We are starting to play all together. We have corrected some of the things we had wrong at the beginning of the season. Now, we are starting to play together as a team. That's what happened in the past and hopefully that's what will happen this year."

On whether the complex offense makes it harder for newcomers to get things going in the first couple of months: "I don't know if it's feeling out the offense or defense. I think it's feeling out each other a little bit. It's one of those things that, as a professional, you have to learn how to start a little faster and get a good feel for each other during minicamps and training camp."

On whether the extra three days of rest helps him: "No question. That three days of rest is big, especially for a guy who has been injured like I have. Let your knee and ankle rest a little bit. It's been very important for me."

On whether he has confidence that the team will stick with the run if they get stuffed on the first couple of plays: "I don't know what (head coach Andy Reid's) plan is. I don't know what he will do—I can't see the future. I just think that hopefully we will have some success early on in the game and coach will stay with it."

On whether this is the best he has felt all year: "Since the beginning of the year, since I started getting injured, this probably is the best I've felt. Hopefully that will continue and get better as the year goes on."

On whether it is hard to go into the game without thinking about its ramifications for the future: "No, we don't think about that at all. We think about winning the football game. Our main focus is going in and winning. We can't undo anything that happened in the past. All we can do at this point is live with it and try to correct it on the field this week."

On how you maintain confidence against a team who has been so good all season: "We played them close the first game. We still made a lot of mistakes that first game. We still weren't at the position we wanted to be in the season. We weren't playing well in all phases of our game. Hopefully, for us, building off of this last game that we had, we will be able to go out there and play well. I don't think we are going to be beat before we go out there on the field. We know who we are playing against. We play against these guys twice a year. We know who they are. We just have to go out there and try to execute our offense, defense, and special teams."

On whether he feels like the Giants focus on him more than other teams: "They are one of those teams who do focus on me a little bit. They try to get a chip with the defensive ends, defensive tackles, and double team me with linebackers and things like that. For us, we have to get everybody involved in the game and I have to be productive myself. It's one of those things that, as a team, everybody has to be involved. If a team tries to focus on one player on this team, our receivers, tight ends, other players and running backs have to get involved and help out as well."

On the Giants running game: "To start off, their running game has been pretty good all season. I think they are number one in the league there. They have three guys who run the ball pretty well. They have a big guy, small guys, and they all run pretty well. I think, just like with us, it starts up front. Their offensive line has been dominating other teams. When you dominate the line of scrimmage, you are going to have some success from your running backs. They have been able to do that all year."

On the fact that most of the good teams in the league have a good running game: "It really depends on your coach's philosophy and how he approaches the game. If he is a throwing coach, of course he is going to go out and find a quarterback and receivers to throw the ball to. If he's a running guy, a guy who wants to slug it out like that, he is going to find some big guys up front and try to get it done through the running game."

On whether he is surprised at how good he feels right now: "No, I'm not surprised."

On earning NFC Player of the Week honors last week: "It definitely means something to me, especially coming off of a lot of injuries. It means something to my offensive line and the guys on the offense, too. Those types of awards are a singular award that is given to one person, but so many people had to chip in to make that possible. It means something to everybody on offense. We are excited about it."

On whether he knew about QB Donovan McNabb having twins yesterday: "I didn't find out until this morning. Congratulations to him and (his wife). It's a great time for those guys."

On what McNabb means to the franchise and whether he receives unfair criticism: "Everybody knows that he means a whole lot to this team. At some points in the game and season, he has meant everything. He has carried this team plenty of times on his back to victory, to (NFC) Championships, to the Super Bowl. Things like that. He has been a leader on and off the field. He has been a role model to a lot of guys on the team, as well. He definitely means a lot to this team. I think sometimes, just like any other quarterback in the league, you are going to get a lot of criticism when things are going bad and you're going to get a lot of praise when things are going well. Of course, when things are going great, everything is not because of Donovan. When things are going bad, everything is not because of Donovan."

On whether it would be a mistake if he was playing somewhere else next season: "Donovan can help this team win this year. I'm not really concerned about what is going to happen next year. I just know that this year he can help this team win. It would be a mistake if he was playing somewhere else this year."

On whether it's hard not to press when your backs are against the wall: "I think Donovan sees what happens when he starts pressing. A lot of players are similar to that. When they start pressing, we are not able to do the things we want to do efficiently. Hopefully he doesn't allow that emotion and excitement of the game to get to him like that."

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