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RB Brian Westbrook

On whether he has gotten assurances that he'll be getting more touches: "Not really. I haven't talked to (head) Coach (Andy Reid) too much about it. Hopefully it'll go up. Nobody has really said 'we need to get you the ball a little bit more.' "

On adjusting to the rotation with RB LeSean McCoy: "I think kind of like I did before, whenever you get an opportunity you try and take advantage of it no matter if it's a run or a pass play. Whenever you get the opportunity to be in a game, you try to make the most of it and go from there."

On whether the rotation is frustrating: "I see the plays and how they are calling them, and in this offense, you call the plays for a lot of your playmakers. This week we called a lot of plays for (WR) Jeremy (Maclin). In previous weeks we've called a lot of plays for (WR) DeSean (Jackson). I know that at some point we are going to have to run the ball. At some point they are going to have to put the ball in my hands. For me, I have to be constantly working on my game, constantly getting better every single week, and I'll have the opportunity to do what I do with the ball in my hands."

On whether it's tough to have big plays without a lot of touches: "You can't do much without the ball in your hands as a running back. You can block and do different things like that, but you can't really do too much without the ball. So, I just try to go out, continue to be a leader on this team, continue to try and help the younger guys, whatever I can do to help this team win, that's what I'll do."

On whether he still feels like he's working himself back in after having missed all of the preseason: "I don't think I'm working my way back in. Right now, I feel like I'm fine-tuning my game, fine-tuning the things that I haven't been able to work on too much because of the injury, things like that. Just trying to get to the point where everything comes 100 percent natural."

On whether he would be comfortable with a rotation system all year: "Whatever Coach asks me to do. If he asks me to rotate, if he asks me to go in whenever, I'm prepared to do that. Of course as playmaker, as a running back, I want the ball just as much as everybody else. I briefly talked to DeSean after the game, I talked to Jeremy, those guys - they want the ball – LeSean, everybody on this team wants the ball. We've all complained a little bit more; we want the ball a little bit more every week. For me, I go out there and try to play my best every chance I get. I would love to touch the ball more, but I know that we have athletes on this team. We have guys that can do some dynamic things with the ball in their hands. I think over the years here we've fought and fought and tried to get more playmakers on this team and now we have them, and one of the drawbacks of having more playmakers is you have to spread the ball out a little bit more."

On whether this is the most talented offense he's ever been a part of: "I think so. We have a tight end that does a lot of good things (in Brent Celek). He's, right now, I feel he's playing at a Pro Bowl level. DeSean is definitely playing at a Pro Bowl level. Last week Jeremy played at a Pro Bowl level. I'm trying to get in there a little bit. (QB) Donovan (McNabb) is playing well. LeSean McCoy is playing well. (FB) Leonard (Weaver) scored a touchdown this week. We have a lot of guys that can make plays, so now, for me, I just try and do my best to get in there and make some plays as well."

On how an athlete like himself deals with mentoring McCoy and competing with him at the same time: "I don't really look at it like that. I look at it as when I was a young guy, guys put their arm around me and taught me the ropes, taught me how to play, taught me the things to do on and off the field, guys did that for me. I'm trying to do the same thing with LeSean. His personality is a little different than mine was back then but he's a great kid. He's a hard worker. He listens. He's going to be a very good football player. He's a good football player now. He still has some things to improve on to be at the point where I think he wants to go. Anything that I can help him do, anything that I can say to him to give him that encouragement to really assure him that he's going to be the football player that he wants to be, I'm willing to do that."

On how much potential he thinks DeSean and Maclin have: "DeSean, he has a great combination of speed, quickness and playmaking ability. He's exciting. Jeremy, he's pretty much the same. I don't think he's as quick as DeSean but his long speed is there. He catches the ball well, you saw that this week. It's an exciting duo that they have going on. For us, I think it could be very helpful for Donovan, as well as the running game, too."

On how McCoy is different from him personality-wise: "He's an outgoing guy. He is a guy that is charismatic; he's fun to be around all the time. I'm not going to say that I'm not that way - he's a great guy. Me, personally, I wasn't always like that when I was a little bit younger."

On McCoy entering the league at a younger age than him: "He's 21; he just turned 21 this year. When I was 21 I was probably doing the same things. I don't think I came into the league until I was 22 years old, so it's a little bit different. Little bit more experience, little bit more mature, but on the football field he does everything right. He's doing the right things. He's picking up the protection, picking up the blocks, and he's running the ball well."

On whether what's happening right now reminds him of when he, Duce Staley and Correll Buckhalter were in the backfield: "I think it was similar. I think those years we didn't have the receivers that we have now, the talent that we have outside that we have now. We relied a little bit more on our running game. We threw the ball to the tight end a little bit as well. I think we all got 10, 12, 15 carries a game and we went on from there. I think this game was tough because we didn't have a lot of total plays, but I think with a running back, it's tough when you don't get more than 6 or 8 carries."

On whether he thinks that the lack of touches for the running backs is the problem or does he think it's the Wildcat: "With anything in football, the pass game or the run game, you need game experience doing it to be totally effective. If you want to go out and be the best team outside and on the inside zone, you have to practice it. Then, when you get into the game you have to do it as well. It's tough to go into the game and run the outside zone once per quarter. You're not going to be the best outside-zone team in the league if you're only doing it sparingly like that. For us it's tough because you have an All-Pro quarterback with Donovan, you have two guys outside that can run and catch the ball, you have a tight end that can catch the ball as well, and it's tough to get back to the run sometimes."

On whether he thinks it's important for the veterans to step up and lead if times get tough: "I think that's why you have vets on this team. I think that's why (head coach) Andy (Reid) keeps veteran guys around. You know those young guys have talent and it's very easy for younger guys, in particular, to play good when the times are going great. You're winning and you're up by 7, you're winning you're up by 21, things are going great. But sometimes you need that veteran presence in your locker room, on your bench to say 'we're down by 21, we need to score 21 in the second half to win the football game.' Not that the young guys can't do it but sometimes you need that veteran presence to say 'you know what, we've been here before, we've done it, just trust me, watch what I'm doing, follow me, and we'll get it done.' "

On whether he his anxious to have a big game: "I'm anxious to get out there and try and contribute and help this team. It's exciting to win and you want to be a part of winning a little bit too, I think, as a running back. I'm excited. I'm happy that we're winning football games. I think it would be a big difference if you are losing and not touching the ball. You kind of start questioning a little bit more, but for me, I'm happy we're winning. I know that this season is a long season and at some point they are going to have an opportunity for me to touch the ball a lot, and I'm going to do what I can do with the ball."

On playing weaker teams like the Raiders and the Redskins: "These teams, you look at the Raiders on paper and they are a very talented defensive team. I think they have been on the field a whole lot just because their offense hasn't put up a lot of points. They are very talented, especially if you look at that front four and back end. For us, I think it's important for us to go out and practice those things that we are going to do later on in the season, especially when we get into our division games. We have to be able to run the ball, we have to play great defense, pass the ball down the field, and good special teams. It's important for us to eliminate the penalties, things like that, and be able to do all those things very well."

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