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RB Brian Westbrook

On what he saw in the offense in Friday's preseason game that was encouraging to him as we get closer to the regular season: "We saw some guys making plays. That's the biggest part of our offense, is basically having the guys on the field making plays. (WR) Hank (Baskett) caught some balls and (WR) DeSean (Jackson), basically all of our receivers, (TE) L.J. (Smith) got involved, and we were able to run the ball, too. The biggest part for us in being effective, is making plays and keeping the third downs to manageable distances, and we did that.

On what it was like to have RB Tony Hunt out there at fullback with him: "The thing – Tony, he continues to try hard. He's trying to get a hang of the fullback (position). He's never played the position before, but he's trying to get the hang of it. I think he did a pretty good job being that it is his first time out there, and he'll just continue to improve the longer that he gets to play in that position."

On whether he thinks they can be effective in a series where there are four or five rushing attempts in a row: "I think that we can be effective like that. I guess it just depends on how those rushing attempts go. We were getting three, four, five yards per attempt, so (Coach Reid) continued to call those run plays, and we were doing a good job. Our offensive line has really done a great job all of preseason of making holes, and now it's really up to the running backs to find those holes and make somebody miss."

On how he will approach the last preseason game: "I'm going to continue to prepare myself the same way I went into these first three preseason games, prepared and ready to play. I'm going to do that this week, and when I get in there and have the opportunity to play and do the things that I can do, and get ready for next week and the week following."

On whether it's difficult to have to wait to play until the first regular season game: "No, it's not difficult. I think you enjoy the time, you can enjoy the team's getting ready for the first regular season game. I have some things that I want to work on, some things that I want to get better at, and hopefully I'll be able to do that before the first game."

On whether it would be beneficial for him to play Thursday: "You can do some different things in the game that you can't see in practice, so there is a definite benefit to being able to play in that last preseason game."

On what some of the things are that he wants to see himself improve at before the season opener: "Same thing I said last week. I wanted the team to try and hit the holes a little bit harder. We haven't had really a contact practice since we were up at Lehigh, so really the only time you have the opportunity to get contact is in a game. You have to get your body in shape to have that contact, and that's what you have to do in those games. I want to continue to get myself in better condition for when contact is initiated."

On how WR DeSean Jackson's presence on the field helps him do what he wants to be able to do: "It's obvious that he's going to stretch the field. The defense is going to have to plan for him and see where he's at on every possession. His being alone is something that they are going to have to reckon with, and he'll continue to get better as the season goes on as long as we continue to put the ball in his hands. He's going to be able to make plays, and like we said before, the more playmakers that you can have on the field at once, the more things the defense has to prepare for."

On how anxious he is to see that situation evolve: "I'm very anxious. I'm tired of seeing eight men in a box. I want to see an opportunity where the defense has to respect our receivers; they have to play them all, which we had before. From time to time we have eight men in the box, and we then we have to throw the ball downfield and our receivers are going to have to make good plays. With the addition of DeSean and, of course, (WR) Reggie (Brown) and those guys out there, we shouldn't see as much of that and hopefully be able to run the ball, too."

On whether DeSean is the most exciting rookie player he's seen since he's been an Eagle: "He's an exciting player. I think probably since I've been here he probably is one of the more exciting rookies. He and (S) Quintin (Demps) did a great job this past week. But DeSean, specifically, he's gone out there and his moves, his speed have really been exciting for me and for the other guys on the team as well. We expect a lot of him, so we need him to help this team whether it's with field position, as well as big plays on offense."

On Coach Reid's general tendency to rest the starters in the last preseason game and whether he would like to go for at least one series: "I think every coach has a different philosophy as far as going into that last preseason game. I think more so than the last preseason game, we have to get ready for the first regular season game. We can't take a lackadaisical approach going into that week leading up to that game, and hopefully we'll be ready for that game."

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