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RB Brian Westbrook

On how he feels: "I feel good, I feel good. I'm not going to be 100% healthy, but I'm okay."

On how he felt last week compared to previous weeks:"I felt just as good, or even better last week."

On whether the offensive philosophy last week drove him crazy:"(Head) coach (Andy Reid) saw something that he was trying to take advantage of. Some of those plays we didn't really take advantage of it like we thought. But, we just didn't run the ball."

On whether he felt like the Redskins were trying to take him out of the running game:"It's really hard to say that they were trying to take you out of the running part of the game. We didn't get enough opportunities to kind of tell. It was obvious that on the passing downs they had a defensive lineman and a linebacker on me. The running part, we didn't have a lot of opportunities, so it's hard to kind of tell exactly what they were doing."

On whether it is possible to run against "eight men in the box":"Yes. You line up and you run. You make the safeties make the play. If the safeties are making the plays six or seven yards down the field, that's a successful run. It's possible to do it, yes."

On whether it is difficult to figure out what this team is: "I go out and play football. That's what I get paid to do. I go out there and whatever play is called, run or pass, I go out there and try to make it work."

On whether emotion plays a part in the game: "Emotion definitely plays a part in the game. Just because you're emotional and you're excited doesn't mean you're going to go out there and win. I think on offense, you have to be able to execute. You're definitely emotional and excited, but you have to get out there and execute your offense. First half, second half, we didn't do that."

On tackles Tra Thomas and Jon Runyan being in the final year of their contract: "I don't know what's going to happen in the offseason, whether Tra or Jon will be back. Hopefully they will. I think they've done a pretty good job out there while they've been in there."

On how frustrating it is to know that they might miss the playoffs because of a yard here or there in a couple games: "It's definitely frustrating. We look back at those games and we see that we could have done something different here or there and possibly gotten another yard or however many inches. It's frustrating to see that, but at this point in the season you can't dwell on it right now. The offseason is probably a better time to look back and see the different things you could have done differently and try to fix those things from next year."

On whether the fumbled handoff in the first Cowboys game fuels him for the second time around: "The bad exchange has nothing to do with this game. We prepare, we played a good game against those guys the first time. We have to go out there and compete and get ourselves in manageable downs - first, second, third down - and be able to go out there and try to win a football game."

On whether he thinks he will play the whole game, even if they are eliminated: "That's a question for (Andy Reid)."

On whether he would want to play the whole game: "I would want to, yes."

On how tough it would be to play a big rivalry game even if they are eliminated from playoff contention: "No matter if we are out of the playoffs or not, I still have a strong dislike for Dallas. I still am going to go out there and fight like we have an opportunity to get into the playoffs."

On how the Cowboys defense compares to the first time they played: "I think the defense is really similar. I think they've changed one safety, really from the last time we played them. They are very aggressive, they're playing the run very well, they're playing the pass very well, their cornerbacks are back healthy. They are, I would say, a little more aggressive than they were the first time we played them."

On how important it will be to have offensive balance against the Cowboys: "I think it's important to have balance in pretty much every game. I think it will be just as important in this game to have balance with running the ball and passing the ball to keep them off-balance a little bit."

On why the second game against the Cowboys is usually more low-scoring than the first: "I'm sure both teams make adjustments in between those two games. They go back and watch some film and see what the other team has a tendency of doing and kind of adjust to that."

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