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RB Brian Westbrook

On whether he expects to be doing a lot of pass blocking against the Vikings: "I hope not. I think we still need to give those guys a challenge and I think we have the guys up front who can give them a challenge. They've been very stout against the run, so it's going to be tough."

On whether he thinks the team shouldn't worry about Minnesota's good run defense and try to impose their will anyway: "I think our goal is to try to go in and try to establish the run and push them around. We have played against very good teams against the run before and we've had success. I think for us, it's very important that we try to go out there and at least establish the run."

On how a guy like him gets lost in the shuffle: "You're right, I don't have the answer for that. I just don't have the answer."

On whether it motivates him when people call Vikings RB Adrian Peterson the best running back in the NFL: "No, it doesn't motivate me at all. Adrian is a very good running back. I motivate myself, not based on somebody's assessment of him. I think he is a great running back and has done a lot of good things in the league since he's been here. For me, I worry about myself and about this team winning football games and trying to go out and help this team win."

On the team getting hot at the right time, similar to the Giants last year: "We don't really talk about it too much, but I think all the guys know that the Giants weren't the best team throughout the year last, but they did a good job of getting into the playoffs. They started peaking at the right time and they came together. When you do that and your defense is playing well and your offense isn't giving up turnovers and things like that, you're always having opportunities to win. Hopefully we can do that as well."

On how this playoff run feels compared to years past: "I think before, we were almost in a position where we knew for a long time that we were going to the playoffs. Things were a little bit different because we were in an elitist position and we were just basically fulfilling what we already had known was going to happen. Now, so many things went our way this past weekend and we are all excited about going into the playoffs. That feeling is a little bit different."

On whether his decrease in touches this season had to do with scheme or being banged up:"I think the scheme a little bit, but probably the biggest part of it is that I've been banged up a little bit. When you add (WR) DeSean (Jackson) in there, he's catching a lot of balls as well. I think the injuries definitely played a part in it, but we have some guys who are playing well. The tight ends, wide receivers, and other running backs are all playing well. That's part of it as well."

On what he says to a guy like DeSean Jackson who is in the playoffs for the first time:"I compliment him on the things he has been able to do this year. He has made a lot of big plays for us, a lot of yards for us. He remained focused throughout the whole year. Now, he needs to know that the level of play and the level of competition is going to step up dramatically for this next playoff game and the one after that, as well. He has to stay on task and stay focused throughout the whole week and go into the game and give everything he has."

On whether it is significant that the Vikings have coaches who are familiar with the Eagles scheme:"I think it's a little bit of a deal, but it's not much more of a deal than when we play Washington twice a year and we play the Giants and Cowboys twice a year as well. We play against teams who are very familiar with us. For us, it's about going out there and executing—making sure our offense is on task and we're not putting ourselves in bad positions, and our defense is doing the same thing they've been doing the last month or so."

On why this game is different than other must-win games during the year: "I have confidence in the guys around me; I have confidence in myself. You're never really sure until you get out there on the field, that things will be different. We will give everything we have and we're not going to allow ourselves to think there's a tomorrow, because there is no tomorrow at this point for us. We have to go out there and win a football game. Other than that, that's all you can count on."

On whether the team is peaking at the right time: "I think we're playing really well right now. I still do not think, offensively, we have hit our stride quite yet. Our defense is playing great and keeping us in the football games. Hopefully, starting this week, we'll begin peaking offensively."

On what is missing offensively:"I think, really, just our opportunities. We had a turnover in the first period this last game. Then, in the second half, we didn't really have a lot of opportunities because our defense was playing so well. We played well and we moved the ball, but we're still just not quite all the way there yet. But, we played very well this past weekend."

On whether he feels healthy enough to make a deep playoff run: "Yes."

On what makes FS Brian Dawkins different than any other player he has played with: "He has a combination of everything, as far as being a leader on and off the field. I think a lot of guys can talk it. Sometimes it's a little more difficult to walk that leadership role. He does a great job of that on the field, as well as off the field. He has mentored so many guys through all his years here, and then he goes out on Sunday and really shows you how to do it. That's big for a leader and that's what guys continue to look up to him for."

On why he doesn't usually practice on artificial surfaces: "It just puts more stress on your joints—knees, ankles, everything. It puts more stress on it. You try to eliminate all of that stress and swelling and things like that. (Head coach Andy Reid) has been taking me out of practice on those days."

On whether Minnesota's surface is harder to play on than other artificial surfaces:"I really can't remember. I know we played on it last year, but I can't remember exactly how the field was. No matter what the field is at this point, we have to go out there and try to find a way to win. I think we have the team that can do it."

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