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RB Brian Westbrook

On what he thinks he'll be able to take out of this game: "I think it's a good test of where we are at. Of course, we've only had one game to really judge where we are at so far. Of course, we know that they are a good team. We know that we match up well against them, too, so we have to come out and play our game and try and execute, and I think we should be fine."

On whether going to college in Pennsylvania has provided him with extra preparation for this rivalry: "A little bit. I know that the fans, they have a strong dislike, hatred for Dallas. As a college student you kind of get that feeling of how much they didn't like Dallas, and as a professional now, you hear it every day. You see it when you see people out on the streets and things like that, of how much they want you to beat Dallas, so you get that feeling."

On whether he had a dislike for Dallas growing up: "The Redskins, they disliked Dallas, too. All the Redskins fans, we didn't like Dallas either, so I had a little bit of that already."

On whether there is extra emotion going into this game because it's Dallas: "For us, it's another game. We have 16 games, but of course, it is division folk, so they're some body that we play against twice a year. We know them well. They know us well. That competitive edge that we've had against them down there in Dallas, we'll hopefully try to keep that up."

On whether Dallas CB Adam "Pacman" Jones' talking has added emotion to the game: "No. It's just talk for us really. Our job is not to really worry about what they are saying or even what they are doing. It's just for us to go out there and get our work done and come Monday night, be ready to play."

On what he wants to see out of the offense this week: "We want to be consistent. Similar to the way we were last week. We want to get good yardage on first down and try and move the ball on second down as well. More importantly, on third down have manageable distances where we can either run the ball or pass the ball and try to keep the defense off balance that way."

On whether week two is too early to take something significant away from the game: "Yeah, it's very early in the season. So many things can happen after week two to determine what your team is going to be, what your season is going to be about. It's a good test of where we are at right now, but at the same time it doesn't necessarily mean that if you win this game you're going to go on to win a championship, and if lose it, you're not going to make the playoffs. That's not what this game is all about."

On whether he sees QB Donovan McNabb as a different type of quarterback than he was four or five years ago: "I think that as you get older, of course, you're going to mature a little bit more. Some of those more athletic things you don't do as much, you try to use the skills that he has. He has the ability to get the ball out of his hands faster and quicker and find the open receivers a little bit better than maybe he did when he was younger in his career. I do see a little bit of difference in him, but now that he's completely healthy, I also see him using his legs and being able to use his legs to get out of different situations, too."

On whether he saw McNabb use his legs last year: "I think he tried to. I think he tried to use his legs a little bit, but of course, his legs were still underneath him because he was still injured a little bit. Now that they are back fully, I expect him to be able to use his legs to try to get out of different situations and different blitzes and things like that."

On what it's like playing in Texas Stadium: "It's a good atmosphere. You're going against a very good team when you get down there, and you have fans that are excited about the game, too. For us, we want to go in there, start fast, try and get the fans out of it early, and try and get some protection. That's what it's all about for us."

On whether he feels they can win a shoot-out with Dallas: "I think we can, yes. I think that our defense played good last week, so hopefully it doesn't get to that point. But I think that if it comes down to that, we'll have our opportunities to make some plays, and I think that we have the guys on this team that can make those plays. To answer your question, yes."

On whether it is important for other guys to pitch in and help take the pressure off him and the running game: "We've had that in the past. This past week we had guys that were pitching in and doing everything that can to take the pressure off the running game and Donovan was hot. So I think as a team, when we spread the ball around like we did last week and hopefully like we're going to do the rest of the season, it's going to take a lot of pressure off me and hopefully off Donovan too. We have the ability. We have the players here that can get that done, now it's just a matter of every week doing that."

On whether he can live with fewer personal stats as long as the team is successful: "Of course. In the games you want to go out there and win the football game. That is your number one concern. As long as we're winning, I'm happy. I think for us to win, I'm going to have to contribute, too. Some games it will be more than others, but we're going to need the running game as well."

On whether he feels that he's a particular frustration for Dallas: "I've been able to make some plays here and there against them. I think that we match up pretty well against them, our offensive line against their big defensive line. They're very athletic in the secondary as well. We match up pretty well against them, and they do some things that we try to take advantage of, and if we are able to do that, we'll be alright."

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