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RB Brian Westbrook

On what it has been like to play through injuries this year: "It has been tough. It's been an up-and-down type of deal. Sometimes you feel good and, sometimes, you feel not so well, but I continue to fight in the training room. The trainers have definitely helped me out and worked with me. (Head) Coach (Andy) Reid has worked with me throughout my rehab process of trying to get back out to practices, and things like that. I continue to get better."

On how he feels right now: "I feel great."

On whether today was the most he's practiced all week: "Yes."

On how the knee feels after practice:"It feels good."

On whether it feels better than last week: "Yes, I would say better."

On what has changed that his knee feels better: "It just feels good. I don't know what it is."

On whether it's something about playing the Cardinals that makes his knee feel better: "I don't know if it's the Cardinals, I just feel good right now."

On whether he's had left-knee pain since high school: "I tore my ACL in high school, so I've had it for a while."

On whether he worries about how long he can continue to play football: "I don't worry about it at all. I go out, I play the game that I love, rehab it like I'm supposed to, get with the trainers and talk to them and do everything that they ask me to do and I go from there."

On whether the reports that he tweaked his knee at New York are true: "Yes."

On how badly he tweaked his knee: "Not badly at all."

On whether he gets tired of answering the same questions every week: "It gets a little repetitive. I appreciate you bringing that up. It definitely gets a little repetitive, but my knee's fine. I think, it hasn't been said, but a lot of times, throughout games when you have injuries, you're going to tweak your injury no matter what injury it is. This wasn't the only game that I tweaked my knee, but it happens throughout football games."

On what it will take for head coach Andy Reid to be completely embraced by the city of Philadelphia: "I think everybody knows that Coach is a good coach. He's done a great job here and in his ten years I want to say he's one of the top two or three winningest coaches in that tenure. He's done a great job for this team, and I also feel that he's been great to the players here as well. Different people are always going to have something negative to say, but I think his players respect him and the people that know football respect him around the NFL and as a coach. I think that's all you really can ask for. I think the fans are going to go up and down sometimes with the wins and losses. But, the true mark is how do you follow up those losses, and he's done a great job of bringing this team back this year and now we're playing for the NFC Championship and a lot has to do because of him."

On whether playing in the NFC Championship five times in eight years takes away some of the butterflies: "Well, when you have experience going into these types of games it definitely helps out. We've had a lot of guys that have been to the NFC Championship game, so that experience hopefully will help out and allow us to have some sort of edge against the Cardinals. But, it's another football game for us, and we're excited to be in it."

On whether he thinks they need to win a Super Bowl in order for his legacy to be sealed: "I don't think that you need to win a Super Bowl for your legacy to be remembered in that way. I think it definitely will go a long way for your legacy. We're still a very good team to be in the NFC Championship game that many times, to win the NFC that many times. We are still going to be remembered as a very good team. I think when you win that Super Bowl you take that recognition to a whole different level."

On how some players go their whole career without a playoff appearance, and will his career feel incomplete without a Super Bowl win: "It wouldn't feel incomplete. You always want to win a Super Bowl. We haven't even gotten to the position yet this season that we can play for the Super Bowl. I think, really, before I can answer any of those types of questions, we have to try to win this game this week, and it's going to be a tough one."

On when he thinks this team loosened up: "Coach tries to keep us loose where we play a lot better, and I think a lot of people have said that we play a lot better when we are playing loose, and that starts from the head coach down. And so we try to keep things loose around here. We try to let our personality show and do everything we can to go out there on the field and play loose."

On whether this team has a sense of urgency for this game: "I think going into the game, really all season, we've never believed that we were playing with house money. We always felt that we should have been in this position all along. Now of course we hit some bumps in the road and we tied and lost some games that we felt we should have won, but that term 'playing with house money' is not really for us. We don't think that, of course being a six seed and barely getting into the playoffs it's tough to say that, but our mental state is not that we are playing with house money but that we deserve to be in this position. And we've worked hard to be here and we have the players to back that up. And so we would definitely be disappointed to lose, and we would definitely be disappointed to not go out there and play this game like we know we can."

On the fact that the final game of the regular season helped loosen this team up:"I don't know if it's so much the way we got into the playoffs. I think now that we're in the playoffs, whether you're the sixth seed or the number one seed which we've been both, you have to go out there and put your best foot forward and we are better when we play loose. It's just a matter of us trying to be ourselves."

On certain players who help keep the team loose: "We have all types of characters on this team. You know, (QB) Donovan (McNabb), all types of guys. It would be hard to just name a few but we have a lot of guys who keep things light. A lot of these guys on this team don't take themselves that serious so it helps out a little bit."

On whether games against Chicago and Cincinnati helped teach the team lessons on how to approach a game: "I don't know so much if we look at are we favored in the game or are we underdogs. I think for us we look at every team and we see the things that they're doing and we look at a team like Arizona and we know that they have a very good defense. Athletics/players across the board and we've seen what their offense has been able to do in the playoffs as well. We have to be prepared to go against those types of players, that type of team, and we know they're a very good team. We have to basically go into that game knowing that we have to bring our 'A' game to try to get a win.

On whether the running game has to be more effective this week: "It has been effective in the playoffs and we have found a way to score points. Hopefully, for me and the offensive line and our offense, it will be more effective. I go into the game every week wanting it be the most effective part of our play. We've found a way to win without it these last couple weeks. My goal is the same thing as it was the previous week, to go out there and have a dominant performance and help this team win."

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