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RB Brian Westbrook

On how confident he is that the running game can be effective: "I think we're confident that we can do it. We're confident that if we can call the plays, we can get it done. It's just a matter of doing it every time. We have been facing really good defenses in these last couple of weeks and we haven't been able to get those yards per carry to where we want them to be. We were still calling those plays and we're still going to try to do everything we can do to get the job done."

* On whether it is frustrating during a game when he can't do some of the things he normally could be able to do:*
"It frustrates you, but that's just part of the game. Playing with your injuries, you're trying to go out there and help your team. Playing with injuries is part of it."

* On whether he feels like it is a good matchup to go against Giants LB Antonio Pierce:*
"I think Antonio is a very good athlete and a very good linebacker. He does a great job in the box, defending the run as well as the pass. I think sometimes we have been able to try to take advantage of some of those situations where he has been one-on-one, trying to cover me. They are a good team, he is a very good player, and he fits that scheme very well because of the style he plays."

On whether he views himself as a great home-run hitter who can take it to the house at any time: "That's how I want to be. I want to try to make plays for this team. Just like you said, no matter how many times a team stops me, I still continue to try to make those plays. The effort is there. Sometimes, I think just because my body isn't where I want it to be at all times, I haven't been able to hit those homeruns like I have wanted to. I'm still trying, still taking those swings at it."

* On the similarities between the Giants and Eagles offense:*
"I think we have a lot more differences than similarities. Of course, they run the ball a lot more. I think they had two rushers with over 1,000 yards. Just the amount of carries they've had compared to us is a lot different. The scheme, I think pretty much everything they do up there is different, as well as their style of running back."

On how important it is to do well in the red zone: "It's very important. Any time you can put six on the board instead of three, it makes a big difference. For us, we have to figure out a way to get our tight ends involved, we have to get our receivers involved, as well as get me going a little bit, too. (QB) Donovan (McNabb) has been doing a great job of throwing the ball to everybody and getting the ball around to everyone. For us, we have to find a way to not stop ourselves in the red zone, but continue to push to score a touchdown."

On whether the offense starts to panic after scoring field goals instead of touchdowns: "No, we don't panic; we just know that at some point we have to get into the end zone. We never really panic; we just keep pushing and know that at some point we will get into the end zone."

On whether he has noticed anything different about McNabb's play since the Ravens game: "No, I haven't noticed anything different. I think he has definitely been a little more careful with the ball in trying to spread the ball around. He knows our defense has been playing pretty well so he doesn't really have to force things in there. He can just allow our players to make the plays, get the ball to our guys, try to get those yards after the catch. He has been doing a great job of that and leading this team the whole season."

On the most difficult thing about facing the Giants defense: "Their blitz packages are tough, they have good rushers off the edge, they have solid inside guys as well. Their front seven is going to be tough no matter what. (Defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo) knows us very well. It's tough dealing with everything they bring to the table—their blitzes, and they also have two very good cornerbacks, too."

On whether there is a point in the game where he sees something from them he hasn't seen before:"Any time you have two weeks before you play somebody, they're going to bring something new. Every time we had two weeks before we played a playoff game, we brought something new to the table. We expect that from them. Spags does a great job of getting those guys ready."

* On how much he thinks McNabb's benching affected him:*
"I would have to defer to what he said. However he answered that is probably the way it affected him. I don't think, as a player, it really affected him very much. He still has gone out and played very good football."

On whether playing the game at Giants Stadium will faze the team at all:"No. For us, we already know that we're going to have to go out there and play on the road every single playoff game. We have to try to go out and win those games. We are going to face a tough environment up there with the wind and cold, as well as a very good team. We have to be ready for that."

* On what it was like to see G Shawn Andrews at walkthrough:*
"It was good to see him out there."

* On how tough it is for him to get ready to play every week considering all of his injuries:*
"It has been tough every week to get ready to play, just dealing with the different injuries that I have had. I always seem to find a way. The trainers in the training room have done a great job with me of just getting prepared. (Head) coach (Andy) Reid has worked with me, as well, as far as limiting practice. There's something about playing the game that I love to do. That's what I try to push for every week, to try to get ready for the game."

On why he thinks they have been able to go on such a good run: "I think we still have solid leadership on this team. Donovan, (FS) Brian Dawkins, myself, other guys who have been here for a while. Solid leadership. It starts with Coach Reid and works its way up to (team owner Jeffrey) Lurie. We have good guys on the team, guys who want to come to work every day, guys who want to win, guys who are going to put everything on the line to win a football game. When you have that and you have leaders who can lead the way, we are still going to be a tough team to beat, no matter if we win or lose."

On what Dawkins is like a week before a big playoff game:"He is usually low-key during the week, but you can tell he has that excitement. He kind of transforms between Saturday night and Sunday morning before the game. He is always prepared, he always wants the guys prepared just as much as he is, and he has done a great job of leading this team."

* On whether he has seen the transformation from being calm to being ready to go:*
"In seven years, I have, yes."

On whether he feels that they can run on the Giants defense: "Hopefully we can. It just depends how the game goes and how much the running game is going to be used in this game. I'm sure in these past couple of weeks they have been working on the run. I'm sure they'll be ready for that. For us, we have to continue to be balanced. We have to be able to throw and run the ball effectively. If we do that, we should be fine."

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