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Quotes: WR Nelson Agholor

On what the past 24 hours have been like for him: "It's been great. I got a chance to meet with (Eagles head) coach (Chip Kelly) before he made the decision to have me here. I really wanted to be in this place, with this coaching staff and with these people. Right now, I'm in a comfortable situation."

On whether he got a sense during the pre-draft process that the Eagles were interested in him: Honestly, it was something I wanted for myself. I know they're going to do what they have to do in terms of evaluating everybody, but when I got here, I kind of evaluated the way they did things. I knew if I ended up with this organization, I wanted to resemble the way they do things (here)."

On what excites him about being drafted by the Eagles: "It always starts with the people. We have truly special people here – the coaching staff and the players that they bring into this organization. Even the guys that work beneath the coaches are really good people, and I felt like that's where I wanted to be."

On whether there is a current wide receiver in the NFL that his style of play resembles: "Every player tries to find a way to have an advantage in terms of coverage. You may put a guy that's normally outside, inside. (Steelers WR) Antonio Brown plays inside, (Cardinals WR) Larry Fitzgerald plays inside. A lot of those guys do that. Coach does a great job of that because he understands defenses and rotation. So, as a player, why not be in a situation where your coach is going to give you a competitive advantage?"

On what stood out to him about this team and the coaching staff: "I felt like they were really genuine people. It starts with the head coach and coach (Bob) Bicknell, the receivers coach. All of those guys are truly special people and really genuine with the conversation and how they went about meetings. Every day felt good and when coach Bicknell came down to work me out first, we just got better. It wasn't about me trying to show that I have all the answers. It was about him trying to put me through some movements and me growing."

On why he cares so much about the coaching staff here when most wide receivers care about the quarterback they are going to: "The way they are going to develop me, I know they're going to do the same for the rest of the guys on the team."

On what he remembers most about his 6-catch, 162-yard USC freshman performance against Oregon when Chip Kelly was the head coach: "As a freshman, it was the biggest test I faced. I just wanted to take advantage of the opportunity. I think they did a great job schematically of covering the other two guys. The opportunity showed where I needed to make plays."

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