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Quotes: Titans Quarterback Zach Mettenberger

On whether the Eagles did anything special defensively:

"No, everything they did we expected. They have some dudes up front with [LB Connor Barwin] and [LB Trent Cole] and we just weren't able to protect the ball as we wanted to and I have to get the ball out of my hand quicker in some instances."

On whether he needed some more smaller completion plays—like four, five, or six yards— rather than longer yard plays:

"We need more points, more first downs. I don't know if a two or three yard gain here or there is going to help. Maybe, but we just have to execute better and be more efficient offensively."

On whether he is frustrated with this game being a setback after seeing so many positives on Monday night:

"Obviously we did a lot of good things. At times we moved the ball well, but once again we showed turnovers really hurt you and we have to continue to work on securing the ball better and not throwing it to the other team."

On whether it was a strain on the entire team being down 17-0 so quickly:

"Not really a strain at all. We came out really flat and didn't get things going. It took a lucky play to turn us around and get us going. We have to sustain that and start the second half a little bit better."

On what he sensed made the team flat:

"Three three-and-outs is usually flat."

On whether the mindset of the team was flat:

"No, the mindset was there. We were all focused and ready to go. Just things weren't going our way."

On the impact of having TE Delanie Walker back:

"What were his stats?"

On Walker's five-catch, 155-yard performance:

"That answers your question there."

On the impact of Walker coverage-wise:

"A lot of times you have a stud receiver and they double that stud receiver on the outside. When you have a stud tight end, they have to double him on the inside and that creates some matchups out wide. So having [Delanie Walker] on our side really helps and obviously he showed that today."

On what failed to click when the team had momentum going in the second half but couldn't sustain it:

"A fumble. We had a turnover there that doesn't help. Then we're down however many points there and we're kind of going and going and the [offensive pass interference] on [S] Nate [Allen] didn't help. If we scored there then come back and score again, we're down 10 points instead of 17. Our opportunities are there, we just have to play better. We can't turn the ball over and we can't have penalties.

On whether he felt under the gun the whole game with getting hit a lot, sacked five times, and had to get rid of the ball a lot of times:

"That's part of it when you play a good defensive front like they have. That's a culmination of things. I have to get the ball out of my hand quicker and up front just handling the games and twists that they run. We're going to watch this film and get better from it."

On how he keeps a positive mindset going down the stretch:

"Obviously it's not looking really good for us for playoffs. Really it's about pride. There's a lot of pride in that room. We've got a lot of good guys in this locker room. The work is there. The extra time putting in is there. We can't seem to get it all going at once. We're just trying to play for keeps really, as corny as that sounds."

On whether he is worried about the injuries the team has suffered, especially with LT Taylor Lewan and C Brian Schwenke:

"When you have two starting linemen go down and they're not getting up, that's tough. Hopefully they'll be fine and we've got big guys that can come in with [C/G Chris] Spencer and [T Byron] Stingily. Hopefully we'll get them back as soon as possible."

On Schwenke's attempt to make a catch:

"He has to have better ball security."

On whether he would prefer Schwenke to catch the ball or if he would rather have a guy knock it down:

"He almost got the first down. If he can catch it and make the first down then by all means do it. If it's not a fumble there and we're down deep in their territory, it might be a different game."

On whether he thought the pass might be picked:

"Absolutely not. I thought it was a great throw. It felt good. The guy got an inch higher than I thought he could. Luckily it bounced away because we needed it to. You need those in this game. You're not going to be perfect all the time and you need the ball to bounce your way sometimes."

On whether going down 17-0 killed the chance to be balanced on offense:

"Not really. We got back in the game there. For a moment it felt like we were going to be able to come back and take the lead. Just inopportune penalties and turnovers really killed those chances."

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