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Quotes: Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson

On having a lot of yards in the first half and then finally putting some points on the board in the third quarter:

"I thought we were crucial there in the third quarter and coming out strong. I think our defense played a great game tonight. They got us the ball back there at the beginning of the half and scored a touchdown, threw the ball to [RB] Marshawn Lynch and then [WR] Doug Baldwin had an unbelievable night tonight. He made some great catches for us and got open there. I thought we were relentless. We just had the right mindset going into this game. They played a great football game against us, but we were able to capitalize when we needed to."

On his level of appreciation for how much WR Doug Baldwin and WR Jermaine Kearse have stepped up for him this season:

"This is my 6th grade teacher right here, my advisor here asking this question. He's the man…You think about Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse. They've really stepped up for us this year. They stepped up time and time again the past three years really. You think about the catches they made last year—Doug Baldwin and Jermaine. You think about the catches they made tonight. Jermaine goes in there in the seam route, bends in, and makes an unbelievable catch over the middle. Doug Baldwin scores a touchdown pass. He just really understands me. He really gets what I'm trying to do. He just reads me really well. Those guys are electric for us and when they can make plays like that, it's going to be hard to beat us."

On how key the young guys on the team, such as WR Paul Richardson and RB Christine Michael, have been for the team:

"You think about the guys having to step up, and that's what championship teams have to do. We believe we have that championship mindset and everybody has to step up and play up. You think about the young guys. You think about Paul Richardson. You think about [WR] Kevin Norwood. He made some nice plays tonight. You think about [TE] Tony Moeaki. Even though he's not a young guy, he's new to our system. He's been unbelievable for us. I still consider [TE] Luke Willson a young guy who continues to make play after play after play. And then Christine Michael finishing the game off there and running the football extremely hard. We have a lot of talent and I think we just have to keep growing, keep building. There's a lot more games left and we have to focus on one game at a time."

On the importance of moving the ball early to keep Philadelphia's offense off the field:

"Well, the time of possession that we had tonight, you have to credit our defense like I said. They had a lot of three-and-outs, a lot of plays they made. In terms of how physical we were on offense and the plays that were making. Getting third downs and getting some even third-and-longs there, especially the play there going into halftime and being able to kick the field goal. Those are things we have to be able to do to win big games like that against a very good football team like the Eagles.

On whether he saw Baldwin in the scramble on the third down and fifteen yard play for 20 yards before halftime:

"There's two different plays. I think we had Doug Baldwin—he ran a really nice route over the middle of the field and he kind of broke away from the guy and came across the middle and I was able to—the line did a really great job of protecting for me—and I was able to sit in the pocket there for a while and hit Doug Baldwin for a huge first down. I'm not sure, it may have been third-and-15. And then we had another play scramble where I was able to kind of spin away and come back and Paul Richardson did a great job. Doug Baldwin went deep and Paul Richardson came across the middle and I was able to hit Paul Richardson and get us in the right field goal position that we needed to for [K] Steven Hauschka to be as great as he always is."

On whether he knew on the deep ball to Baldwin that he was going to make a play one way or another:

"I'm trusting Doug to go up and hit the plays. I'm trusting all the receivers. They did a great job tonight. We got some good releases. Guys made plays. You've got to trust those guys to make those plays for us."

On his touchdown run and if he had that speed back in 6th grade:

"In terms of the touchdown run, they've got to cover Marshawn obviously, and I was just able to kind of scamper out to the left. If you asked me if I had that speed in 6th grade, I was probably faster in 6th grade. I've kind of gained a few pounds now. But I was able to get away there and get to the end zone."

On how big this win was traveling across the country, coming to Philadelphia's hostile environment, and being in the backstretch of the season with the upcoming playoffs:

"To be able to come on the road and come to Philadelphia, a well-known place where they haven't lost at home yet until us. I think about the type of team that they have and to be able to come here and to battle and to play and to step up and make the plays on a consistent basis play after play, we have to be able to do that. That's what we were able to do tonight and we have to keep going. There's a lot more to do. We have to go home and I believe we play the 49ers at home this Sunday. That's always a tough game. We've got some more games after that. We're looking forward to the opportunity. It's a long journey and you have to take it one step at a time, one day at a time, one game at a time. You keep balling, you keep believing in your teammates, you keep trusting each other."

On how close this is to what he feels the true team is and the true identity of the team is:

"I definitely think our identity is showing up, and there's still some more to show, to prove. It's week in and week out. We're high on confidence because we put the work in throughout the week. It's not because of the games we've won in the past or what we believe we can do in the future. It's because of what we do on a daily basis and that's where we get our confidence from. And Coach Carroll does a great job of instilling that in us. We'll see what happens. You take one game at a time."

On how much deeper he can go with Coach Carroll in terms of his personal relationship:

"Well Coach Carroll and I, we have a great relationship. I'm honestly blessed to be here just because of Coach Carroll and the relationship, the mindset that we both have. We believe in that positive mindset. We believe in the people that we have surrounding us because when you surround yourself around great people, great things happen. That's what we're able to do. We have a great coaching staff, great players, the best fans in the NFL, and to be the quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks is a great opportunity. I don't take it for granted. Coach Carroll and I have our daily and our weekly talks, especially on Mondays, and so we kind of get together and talk about the week. It's a great relationship that we have and I'm looking forward to the future."

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