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Quotes: Rams Quarterback Austin Davis

On how he sums up the game after a tough start for the team and then almost a miraculous finish: "Well, I think, as you said it's a tale of two halves. We dug ourselves a huge hole early on with numerous, numerous mistakes across the board. Then we came out and played a good second half and it wasn't enough. The problem in this league is that teams are too good to play half a football game and expect to win. I'm super disappointed and we just have to get back to work."

On what they were doing up front with two big plays on sacks that he was blind-sided on with a lot of movement and a lot of blitzing: "No, one was really my fault. They brought one more than we had and I've got to get it pushed and I held onto the ball too long. That's one of those big plays that can't happen and something I've got to learn from and I've got to do a better job of."

On whether that was the play that resulted in the touchdown: "Yeah, in the red zone."

On whether he has to get it out quick when that happens: "Yeah, they're bringing everybody. They've got one more than we do and you've got to get the ball pushed and give your receiver a chance to make a play."

On why the balls were going high in the first half before he settled down in the second half: "That's a good question. If I knew the answer, I probably would have fixed it. We just didn't get into a rhythm offensively early and we knew if we just kind of stayed the course that it would eventually come, and it did. It was just too little too late."

On what it says about the resiliency of the team that they were able to come back the way they did: "Well, I've said it once and I'll say it again, I think we're a good football team. The record is what it is, but we're a couple plays here and there from being where we want to be. We've got to stay the course and we've got to find a way to eliminate mistakes and make plays when the game is on the line. I think we're headed in the right direction. This is a tough one though."

On whether there was a miscommunication or he was throwing to a spot when he was pressured on the last throw of the game: "Same thing. They brought one more than we can handle. They were just trying to do exactly what they did—force me to throw the ball a little early. In hindsight, I probably should have given [WR] Brian [Quick] a vertical route where I would have known the angle because he had a post and I just left it on and tried to guess but I had to throw it before he broke. He ran a great route. I've got to do a better job with communicating what I want. If we get a vertical route there I think I can put one up and he has a chance to make a play and that gives us a chance."

On whether WR Brian Quick had an option: "No, he's got post-route. He ran the post and we just missed it."

On whether he's saying he should have given Quick a post to start with: "No, a vertical. That way I know the angle."

On what he was telling the guys in the huddle to keep them motivated and keep them going on the final drive: "Before we went out, I said nothing's different. We were absolutely rolling, running the two minute offense and spreading them out a little bit. I thought they were at a little bit of a loss and didn't know what to call and everything they did, we were able to find a completion and move the ball down the field. I had no doubts in my mind that we would win the ball game 35-34 to be honest with you. It just didn't happen."

On whether it was a bonus when RB Benny Cunningham started to roll in the running game so he could settle down and control the passing game: "It was good. We're always going to try to establish a running game and build off of that. The guys up front did a great job so we just have to keep moving forward."

On whether there was a different feeling on the field after being officially named the starting QB: "No, I really tried to approach it the same. There's no difference in preparing as the [starter] or the [backup]. The only difference is you play on Sunday. You've still got to be ready to roll. It really felt the same."

On whether he was more or less nervous before the game after being named the starting QB: "I felt about the same. I had normal pre-game jitters. After that first hit, you're playing ball."

On whether there was ever a chance he was not coming back into the game after taking a few big hits: "No, I didn't have any significant injuries. Just a couple hits. Just kind of walked it off. By the time I got to the sideline I was fine most of the time."

On whether they gave him anything different defensively, or any different looks, that he didn't expect: "No, we were well prepared. We were well prepared for what they did and we made some early mistakes. The good news is those mistakes are correctable and that's what we have to do moving forward is not let that happen and not get behind and not have to come back."

On how he approaches the situation of being short-handed with receivers and having a few drops today: "I'll go right back to them every time. I think we have a really, really good receiving core and tight ends that really help with the passing game. So no confidence is lost at all. I'll go back to those same guys if I had another play right now."

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