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Quotes: QB Nick Foles

On when he knew he was starting: "Before this week, I was taking reps and just coming up to the game, they told I was going to go. Pretty close to the game."

On how he played against a top ten defense in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers: "Hats off to Tampa, they're a really good team and a really good defense. We had to fight hard. I was really proud of our guys for fighting and there were some good things out there, but it was a great win. It feels good to get a win."

On how different the offense is this season compared to last season: "It is different schematically, but I feel really comfortable here, I feel comfortable with our personnel, our plays, everything. It helps when you have a great relationship with the players, the coaches, and when you go into a game and you're all on the same page, you know you're going to fight for each other. I was really proud of the guys, Everybody stuck together and it was a great another team win. I was really proud of everyone."

On being aggressive without turning the ball over: "I think it's just preparation. Our guys are doing a great job of running their routes, guys upfront doing a great job blocking. It takes everybody to be on the same page for that not to happen and there's always a chance it will. I think the big thing is, if you do throw a pick, you've always got to come back firing. I think it's just really understanding what's going on with the defense, going through the reads, not trying to force the ball and just being smart with it, because turnovers, as you have seen, can be a big determining factor in a game.[I&# 8217;m] just trying to be smart with the ball."

On the sequence of big plays to wide receiver Riley Cooper and DeSean Jackson: "They were playing soft coverage [and] I got the ball to Riley and he made a tremendous play and really showed his speed and athletic ability. It was fun to see him run down like that. Then we had a little play-action pass called and DeSean went right over the top of them and made a great play. It's fun when you have two plays like that in-a-row and you get some points on the board."

On going downfield with the ball more in the second-half compared to previous games: "I think when you go through a game you see how a defense plays you. We were throwing a lot of underneath stuff because they play a two-deep shell most of the time. They don't want to get beat deep. I think they started changing-up, started bringing a lot of pressure and we started running and throwing little screens, so it was just what they showing us. [Eagles Head Coach] Chip [Kelly] made a lot of good calls. I have all the confidence in the world in him and [he] put us in a great position [and] the guys did a great job."

On wanting to be the starter for the rest of the season: "I don't worry about it. I'm really proud of my team for winning right now. It was a hard fought game and I'm going to enjoy it with my teammates. No matter what happens, I'm going to be the same person. I know who I am and [Eagles quarterback] Mike [Vick] was tremendous tonight. Mike and [Eagles quarterback] Matt [Barkley] they were right there supporting me no matter what. It really helps when you have quarterbacks in the quarterback room with our coach Bill Lazor that will support you no matter what. I'm going to support Mike no matter what and I'm going to support Matt no matter what. It's pretty special."

On Cooper having a big game today: "I'm very proud of him. I love Riley to death and thought he played tremendous near his hometown and I'm really proud of him. I really think his character has grown for sure."

On being 2-0 in Tampa in his career: "I felt like it was a home game with all the [Eagles fans in attendance]. There was a couple of times the crowd was yelling and I thought it was 'Oh no, what happened?' I looked and it was the green and white jerseys, it was our fans. We had a tremendous amount of support here, we did last year as well. It's pretty fun when you're in an opposing stadium and you have that many fans that come and support you. They helped us tremendously."

On the touchdown throw to Cooper: "They gave us a good look, a one-on-one matchup. [The corner] was a little off and Riley's a great athlete, he has a lot of explosion, so I knew that he was going to get past him and I just tried to throw it out there. It was something where they were bringing blitzes, we were running the ball, so they tried to load the box and [I got] a one-on-one matchup against a rookie and he did a great job."

On his touchdown run: "It was just something we studied on film and it was something there defense showed and we wanted to take advantage of it. They gave us the same look and the play worked no matter what, so I couldn't tell you a reason. You would have to ask their coaches."

On being productive in the red zone: "It's tremendously important to be sharp in the red zone. You really want to get those points, you don't want to come away with field goals. I think the big thing is preparation. You see what they're going to do and you really have to take advantage of it. You've got to be on time, you've got to be sharp with your throws, precision accuracy, and you can't hold to the ball too long, because that's when bad things happen down there, because everything is faster. That all goes to preparation and everybody being on the same page and the line doing a great job blocking and they did. We were able to do great things in the red zone."

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