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Quotes: Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton

On what happened in the first two series of the game with two turnovers:

"We just can't expect to win football games when we're starting games like that. We put a lot of stress on our defense, terrible field position. Or excellent field position for them. Two back-to-back turnovers. I should have done a better job of checking the ball down or even throwing the ball away. That just can't happen. We can't expect to win when we put ourselves in that type of situation. That's not good football."

On why he stayed in for the entire game:

"I wanted to finish the game. Nobody told me to go out so it's my job as a quarterback to be coachable and do whatever coach tells me to do. If he told me to sit out, I would have done that. Nobody told me to get out."

On what happened on the 4th & 1 play and if it was a long 1 yard:

"It was fourth-and-one and I think we were down by a couple points. We needed any type of momentum. I just need to do a better job of managing that whole situation. We felt like we wanted to take a shot and we thought they may be playing sticks and when I saw a defensive end on our receiver I tried to give him a shot. But moving forward, I have to be smart. Smarter than that. And risking a big play rather than just keeping the ball moving would be the best likelihood of the future for me."

On his success with sneaking the ball and if the 4th & 1 play was too long to do that:

"That's another coach's decision. We talked about it the night before and I felt good about it. At the end of the day, things happen. We can't continuously accept those mediocre things and we'll get better from it."

On what happened in the first half when things got out of control quickly and if they had to get out of their gameplan because they were down by so much:

"What can't happen is turnovers. We have to protect the football better. I have to protect the football better. I can't throw the football up for grabs and have to understand the difference between giving my guys a chance and an opportunity and risking the football. In the pocket, I have to do better. Things that I pride myself on—protecting the ball—that's just not happening right now. We have to go back and I have to go back and have a great week of practice and get ready for Atlanta."

On what was happening up front to cause the nine sacks:

"They weren't doing anything that we weren't expecting them to do. They were getting a great push interior, but it was nothing that we couldn't handle. I have to get the ball out to relieve any type of stress from the offensive line and it comes down to execution."

On how concerned he is physically about holding up after nine sacks:

"I'm great. That's not going to be a distraction. Yeah, I got hit a lot today, but it's all in the game. We're not playing ballet. We're not running track or anything. This is a physical sport. It's what you sign up for. I'll be ready to go."

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