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Quotes: Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers

On if this is coming easily to him right now: "No, it's not. This is not easy. This a tough job. A lot of preparation goes into it, a lot of guys working together. It takes all 11 [players]. The offensive line has done a great job the last couple weeks of protecting really well, giving me some time. Guys made plays downfield. I had a couple good runs [and] Eddie [Lacy] did a good job on the checkdown, ran it in for a touchdown. It takes 11 guys doing their job to make something like this happen."

On if he was expecting more blitzing early on: "They blitzed a little bit. There was some single high [safety], but they mixed their coverages up. We caught them on the first one there to Jordy [Nelson] on the sidelines and they held us to a field goal. We did a good job putting the next three in the end zone. Our special teams scored so we had [30 points] in the first half. That really puts the opponent in a tough spot."

On his thoughts about being in the race for league MVP: "I'm not really thinking about that. We're 10 [games] in, we're tied with the Lions now for the division lead [and we] kind of got ourselves back in the playoff picture with six to go. We want to be playing the right way this time of year. The defense is doing a good job; they scored twice tonight. But they slowed down a really good offense. We've got to be playing this way as we continue on. It's probably not going to be 50 points every game, but we need to be efficient on third down. We were 8-for-13 tonight. We could be a little better in the red zone, we were 2-for-4. We focus on the little things, situational football, and all those individual statistics and awards kind of take care of themselves."

On having the longest streak of passes at home in NFL history without an interception: "It's about taking care of the football. We talk about that all the time with Alex [Van Pelt] and Mike [McCarthy] and Tom [Clements]. If you take care of the football, you give your team a chance to win, so that's what it's all about. It's about being efficient, being accurate, not throwing it to the other team and guys making plays for you. There's a few [passes] a game that are 50-50 balls and it needs to be ours or nobody's, and the guys do a good job of coming down with those."

On how well this year's team is playing in all phases: "We're playing really well right now. This is the kind of stretch you want to be on at this point in the season, when things are starting to sort themselves out. We've got a long way to go, but we're putting ourselves in position to be in the mix, and obviously around here it's about winning division titles, getting a home playoff game and taking care of the advantage that we have here at home with the weather, with the way the weather affects the football and the footing. We seem to do a good job in these conditions, so we need to have a home playoff game and it starts with winning your division."

On whether the team is as good as it can get right now: "It's about momentum in this league but it's also about focusing on that week. As cliché as it sounds, that's the important focus that we try to have every week. We carry momentum the way we played at home the last few weeks, but every week is a new challenge and we're playing a good defense next week. They're very well-coached and they have a scheme you don't see all the time, so it's going to be an interesting week of preparation, and we're going to have to get ready to go on the road and win a division game."

On the improvement of Eddie Lacy in the receiving game: "Eddie gave himself a nickname and he catches everything in practice. He's such a big guy, he's tough to bring down and he's good on getting his cleats in the ground and running downhill. He got a little assist from Andrew [Quarless] on the touchdown, but he's a weapon. He's got some deceptive speed, and he's been catching everything."

On having more continuity than in the past few seasons: "We've been able to stay pretty healthy this year. Having Randall [Cobb] stay healthy and put up the kind of numbers he's putting up and obviously Jordy's [Nelson] having a Pro Bowl season. The offensive line, being able to have some continuity there [has been important]. Obviously, we lost JC [Tretter] early but to have TJ [Lang] and Josh [Sitton] play through the injuries and then Bryan [Bulaga] and David [Bakhtiari] play so consistently well on the outside has given those guys a consistency we haven't had here in a while. We've been able to avoid the major injuries so far, and hopefully that continues."

On him being able to get into a rhythm this season: "It's about playing 16 games in this league; it's about being available. That's how you create some consistency and that's how you win football games. If you can keep your guys healthy and you can keep them together and start to get on the same page week after week, that's how you get the momentum and get this thing rolling like we are on offense right now."

On getting a win over a team with a winning record: "It's tough to win a game in this league, I don't care who you're playing, if a team's winless or undefeated or somewhere in the middle. I told Fox in the production meeting, this was important to gauge where we're at, playing against a top tier team who's leading a division to see how we match up against a good team like that. This was the kind of win we needed to remind ourselves and our fans and the league that we are a good football team and it's tough to play here."

On having some issues with hard snaps: "One was pretty hot. I'd like to think I've got the best hands on the team (smiles), so I wish I would have caught that one. Corey's [Linsley] a strong guy, every now and then, it comes in a little hot."

On the lopsided scores at home over the last few games: "Mike [McCarthy] would probably say that us taking the football has really helped with that. Again, I've always been a defer guy as a preference, but we scored a field goal tonight, which was less than we'd scored. I think five of the last six [games] we scored a touchdown, so starting fast has been important for us. We came right back from that, scored a touchdown, another touchdown, punt return for a touchdown and then finished the half with a touchdown. We've just been really efficient converting third downs. We had 3rd-and-23, we draw them offsides, take a shot, incomplete, 3rd-and-18 and hit Andrew [Quarless] for I think it was 24 [yards]. That was a big play for us to kind of continue to get things going. That's a situation where, as a defense, they're obviously thinking it's going to be a punt, but we keep that thing going and those are like little backbreakers, and when you add up a lot of those in a row – 3rd-and-longs you're converting – that's when you can really put a team away."

On the corner TD pass to Jordy Nelson: "We've done that a lot in practice. When we talk about the kind of throws we want to hit and the spots, Jordy is a great route runner and he did a good job that play getting on top of the guy – we call it stacking his defender. I feel like when he does that the margin of error becomes a lot wider."

On how he views keeping a week to week approach versus managing Super Bowl expectations: "We've always talked about focusing on things you can control, and that's your preparation. We hold guys to a really high expectation around here. Monday through Saturday we expect them to be in their [play]books. It's iPads now, so we expect them to be in their iPads and studying their plans and studying film, because the stuff that we do on the field is so quick and the checks are so quick we want to make sure the guys are anticipating those things. There's a high expectation for the way the guys prepare Monday through Saturday and Sunday it's just doing the things that we've talked about the entire week. We just try and focus on the little things – I do – whether it's a certain check that I've been thinking about all week or just making an accurate throw, because with our guys we've learned over the years if you put the ball on the proper number those guys can make a lot things happen."

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