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Quotes: Jaguars Quarterback Chad Henne

On his impressions of WR Allen Hurns today and what he was able to give him particularly in the first quarter: "I kind of figured that out all along that he's a play maker and he showed today that he is. We're going to keep giving him opportunities. I thought he did a really good job and made some tough catches but we just need more. More out of me, more out of him and more out of the rest of the group."

On what he saw in the second half in regards to how they couldn't get anything generating in the third and fourth quarter: "We didn't really establish the run game like we wanted to again, but at the same time again, it comes down to making the tough catch, making the tough throw, and they were playing some man coverage and bringing some pressure. But overall, we're going the right places. We just need to make more plays."

On whether it was the difference between executing in the first half and not being able to in the second half: "Absolutely. And some of those balls up in the air, we just need to make those catches and make those throws from my end."

On what happened on the fourth down play in the middle of the fourth quarter: "I had to get over [Eagles LB Connor] Barwin's head and just try to high point [TE] Mercedes [Lewis] there. I'll make that throw next time, but we'll look at it on film."

On the difficulty with rookies on the perimeter and throwing a couple 25-yard and 30-yard balls in the third quarter that went off of Hurns' and WR Marqise Lee's hands: "Yeah, it's tough because those plays were there and like I said, just come up with some of those plays and we'll keep the chains moving and get an opportunity to score some points down there."

On the tone of the locker room after the game today with what head coach Gus Bradley told them: "I think we had a chance. I'll give Philly credit. They did a great job in the second half coming out and scoring points. They did a good job on defense, but at the same time we just need to execute, stick to our guns, and keep making those plays that we can make and that we were capable of making in the first half and we'll like the result."

On whether he could see from where he was why they couldn't establish the running game: "We'll have to check it out on film. Some of the runs were there, some of them weren't, but we'll evaluate tomorrow."

On whether his trust goes up in Hurns after making the plays he did in the game today: "I'm really excited about his development and where we can go with him. If he keeps making those plays, he's going to be one of our go-to guys. And even [WR] Marqise [Lee], he did a great job today. We'll get [WR] Allen Robinson more involved once he's full-go, but overall we've got some young guys and we'll have some growing pains at times but at the same time we expect high expectations out of them to make some plays."

On how tough it is, from a QB perspective, for a rookie receiver in his first NFL game to have to be such a big part of the passing game: "It's definitely difficult, but we prepared well this week. We had a great week of practice and we just have to keep grinding, understand where we're at, and make some more plays out there and maybe the result is different."

On whether they adjusted Hurns in the second half: "No, I mean actually they played a little bit more man coverage, bring a little bit more pressure, and gave us similar looks as the first half. But like I said, it all comes down to exploiting those plays."

On whether this game is a lesson learned for a young team, as Coach Bradley said: "Sure, and you come out guns firing, go up to a 17 point lead, but at the same time, this is the NFL. The other team is going to make adjustments, make some points, and correct what they saw in the first half. For us, we just have to sustain, be consistent with it, make the plays again that are out there, and score some more points."

On when he was backed up at the one-yard line and hit the 46-yard pass to Hurns if that was always where it was going and where he wanted to go with the ball: "It was one-on-one and we had slants on the outside and we just saw that we could make a double move and we called it and it was just a great move by him. We were feeling the hot hand and Allen was doing some good things out there and we just went to him."

On what it was like playing an NFL game relatively close to home and having some hometown people watching: "It's just like every other game to me, but it's exciting to see some family members and get to meet with them after this game. But at the same time it's a business trip and it's an away stadium that's a hostile environment and I handle it similarly."

On whether his hometown friends and family expressed to him that they are Eagles fans: "No, but a lot of them sent messages that said we're rooting for you and pulling for you so at the same time, I had their support."

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