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Quotes: Head Coach Chip Kelly

On the defensive penalties:

"You aren't going to win a football game that way. We left them [the defense] on the field too long on third downs when we got penalties to extend drives you feel like you had to stop. Thirteen penalties and two turnovers is not going to win football games in this league."

On if the team was ready for today's game:

"I thought we battled back in the game to tie it up but we did not do enough good things to win. We had 13 penalties, missed two field goals and had two turnovers. That is not enough to win a football game."

On quarterback Mark Sanchez's interception:

"I was on the other side and I knew he threw it behind. I think they were bringing a blitz and I don't think he had time to set his feet."

On not scoring on the recovered kickoff to start the second half:

"That was big. You want to come away with points, obviously. You start off; it was a momentum swing and Malcom [Jenkins] makes a nice play on the kickoff. You think you are at least coming away with three points but you always want seven in those situations."

On if an injury affected kicker Cody Parkey:

"He was cleared. He was 100 percent and kicked all week in practice. I don't think it was that. It looked like he missed in the same spot both times. I think even the one he made, he pushed it a little to the right."

On covering wide receiver DeSean Jackson:

"You try to get some help over the top in certain coverages to get matched up with him. We felt like our corners could stay with him and obviously they didn't."

On benching cornerback Bradley Fletcher:

"We just needed to get someone in there to see what he could do. I put Nolan [Carroll II] in and then brought Fletcher back in."

On the offense:

"They played very deep in coverage and played off of people. They were down a couple of linebackers. We felt like Zach [Ertz] could exploit them in there a little bit. He had a very big game against those guys and giving us the ball in the middle of the field. But we didn't convert in the red zone and missed those two field goals."

On how he will move forward from the loss:

"We have one game left against the New York Giants and we need to win that game. There are a lot of other things that have to happen besides that and we have no control over those. The only thing we can do is prepare for the Giants."

On the play of Sanchez:

"I thought he played well up until that turnover. When [Ryan] Kerrigan stripped him, I don't think he saw him. Besides that, I thought he threw the ball well but you can't turn the ball over in critical situations."

On the offensive line's play:

"I think [Offensive Line Coach] Jeff [Stoutland] made a couple of adjustments up front and we got beat on a couple of twists. Just passing things off, I thought he made some good adjustments and things settled down a little bit. Lane [Johnson] did a better job of getting used to what Ryan [Kerrigan] was doing. He is dynamic pass rusher as we all know but I thought as the game went on, he did a good job."

On if he thought about his decision to release Jackson following his second 100-yard game against Philadelphia this season:

"No, I was thinking about the football game."

On the overall discipline of the team:

"They aren't lacking discipline; we just aren't doing the right things during the football game."

On electing to punt at the end of the first half:

"We weren't in field goal range."

On the decision to punt:

"Yeah, it was too far out. We know pregame where it was going to go. We had to get the ball inside the 35-yard line once we were inside the 35."

On why he didn't decide to go for it on fourth down:

"No, because if you turn the ball over there, then they get a shot."

On safety Nate Allen's interception:

"I think he did a good job of reading the quarterback's eyes and understanding what he was trying to do. I think a lot of the times RGIII [quarterback Robert Griffin III] was trying to look him off. You know, it was the high safety but when we played a lot of man-free coverage, I think you've got to do a good job at reading the quarterback and reacting. I think on that play he did a good job."

On if he talks to Defensive Coordinator Bill Davis during the game:

"No, Billy's up in the box. We talk on the headset. I knew where his head's at."

On maintaining momentum and how important it would have been to get a win:

"Yeah, that's what you've got to do. I think a lot of it we created. We put ourselves in a hole. You know, with penalties and extended drives and that's on us. You know, you can't sit there and say we expended too much energy during the game. We had the ball at the end, tried to put ourselves in a situation and we didn't do it."

On if he made sure cornerback Bradley Fletcher had safety help:

"No, I mean we had a game plan going in and I felt like he could match up and obviously it didn't work. "

On why tight end Zach Ertz was more of a factor in this win than in games past:

"I think their linebackers are really banged up. You know, they didn't have any. I think Perry Riley [Jr.] was the only guy that fit a normal guy from Keenan Robinson. Their No. 1 cover guy had been out, so we felt like that was something we could exploit inside."

On his decision to keep Fletcher in the starting spot until the latter stages of the game:

"We talked about it and felt like he was the best guy to give us a shot."

On if he thought the penalties were valid:

"Yeah, I mean I just saw a replay in the stadium… Doesn't matter what I think. I'm not in charge."

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