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Quotes: Head Coach Chip Kelly

On defending Aaron Rodgers: "We obviously didn't execute. We needed to get pressure on him and we didn't do a very good job getting pressure on him. He was on fire early. He is an extremely accurate passer. We knew that was the deal coming in and we didn't do a good enough job getting after him. He was as advertised. I think he is playing as good as anybody in the league. You look at some of the balls he throws: extremely accurate, on target. If you blitzed him, he got it out quick. If you didn't, he held it until guys got open. He got it to everybody. I think Cobb had 10-plus catches inside the slot. Everybody contributed for him, but that all starts with the trigger man and he put on a show today. He is as good as they get."

On the rough first half: "I think the game got out of hand real early so we became a little bit one-dimensional. We moved the ball, but we didn't execute. We had the ball in the red zone twice in the first half. You can't come away with three points. You have to come away with seven and keep the game close, especially with how well Aaron was playing. We didn't generate pressure on Aaron like we needed to generate pressure, so he picked us apart in the first half. Our offense didn't help our defense at all, and then we obviously had a special teams breakdown. It was all three phases contributing to it."

On Micah Hyde's punt return touchdown: "I think we had a shot with the gunner to make the tackle, but I didn't see the two guys on the left side with what happened to our guard and tackle. I don't know what happened at the line of scrimmage, but we weren't where we needed to be."

On running back LeSean McCoy: "I think he had a couple of really good runs getting up in there, but sometimes it wasn't there. We missed some blocks in there and other times we had it blocked up really well. I thought he was decent overall. I thought he made some really nice cuts and made a couple of really good runs."

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