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Quotes: Head Coach Chip Kelly

On if he wanted to review the last play of the game:

"Yeah, they said they couldn't get an accurate look from the cameras."

On running the 3rd-and-inches play from the shotgun:

"We're going to run the same play and run from under. It's got nothing to do with being in the shotgun. We got penetration, the back-cut hits. Whether we run under center or in the shotgun, that wouldn't have made any difference."

On if he thought about going for it on 4th down:

"Yeah, I thought about it. Two-minute warning and talked about it. I thought our defense at that point was playing really, really well and I had real confidence in them. I told them that when we were kicking the field goal because I had confidence in our defense at that point of time."

On the defense of the game-winning TD pass to John Brown:

"I haven't talked to Bill [Davis] about what the coverage was, so I'll get that from him. There were two guys there. He gave him an in-and-go; 3rd-and-5, it was a good call by Bruce [Arians] there. Give him credit."

On if there was any miscommunication between Nick Foles and Riley Cooper on the second interception:

"Nah, Cooper's running the dig. He just missed him from behind. I thought Cooper was open, but the ball wasn't where it was supposed to be."

On if he can assess Nick Foles' performance.

"No. I'll go watch the film and go through the whole thing. Obviously as a team, we had too many penalties and we can't turn the ball over twice in a row. We can't throw an interception in that situation; better off actually just taking a sack in that situation, and obviously the fumble hurt. Down in there, we're driving the ball again but I think we were our own worst enemy today."

On if he wanted a more even balance between the run and the pass:

"No, I don't want a balance between run and pass. I want to move the football and win the football game. I don't want look at that and say, 'We had a pass and we had a run, so let's balance this thing up.' We felt like we could throw the ball on them, and I thought we did. But you have to have the game plan each week, so we don't prescribe to that at all to be honest with you."

On if he thought about using a quarterback sneak with Nick Foles on the 3rd-and-inches play:

"Yeah, I tried that against Dallas last year and it got shoved up our tails, so I wasn't going to run that again."

On his overall thoughts of the Eagles' defense:

"They did a really good job, and that was my confidence at the end. That's why I kicked a field goal. That's why we kicked the field goal. I didn't kick the field goal; Cody [Parkey] did, actually. But it was because I had confidence in our defense. I thought they were doing a great job. I thought the play DeMeco [Ryans] made earlier down there to make them go for the field goal in that situation was really big. We put them in a bad situation with the interception. I just think that our defense played really well, except for a couple X-plays. They had that long pass to [Larry] Fitzgerald at the beginning of the second half. That was one of the two long X-plays, but besides that, I thought our defense played really well."

On if he got the right looks from the three attempts at the end zone from the 16-yard line:

"No. We knew they were going to come after us on the last play. He's got to bail and try to throw it up. No matter how many guys you have in protection, he's got one extra guy, and you got to get it out quick. We felt like we took a shot at the end zone. We got the one tip in the corner with [Zach] Ertz matched up on a dime linebacker, so it could've been there. They executed, we didn't. Good play by Deone [Bucannon]."

 On the team losing due to turnovers:

"Yeah, we talk about it all the time. You can't turn the ball over and be a successful football team. We got to clean that up, especially in a game like this. It's so close against a really good quality opponent. We turned it over twice in the red zone, and you do that, you're going to lose the football game."

 On if he sees a pattern with Nick Foles' interceptions:

"No I'm not seeing the same pattern."

 On Nick Foles' first interception, which was thrown off his back foot:

"Yeah, but he got a great rush from their guy, and Todd Herremans was kind of in his face. We shouldn't have thrown the ball. It had nothing to do with the fundamentals of throwing the football. The pocket collapsed, it's first down in the red zone, don't throw the ball. Let's get a check down to the back or throw the ball away, but let's not force it in there, and that's what happened in that one interception."

On his concern about Nick Foles' back-footed throws:

"I'm concerned every time we're not successful. It's got nothing to do with the sheer amount of anything. We're not doing things whether it's one or it's 20, we're concerned when we're not getting the looks we're supposed to get. We are getting some pressure. No, we didn't give up any sacks, but there were some times when the pockets collapsed around his face. We have to do a better job overall."

On the general message to the team following the loss:

"'Let's get on playing and get ready for Houston.'"

On Jeremy Maclin's performance:

"I thought Mac played a great game. You see he's starting to seem to round back into shape, in terms of just total confidence and what he's doing, running around up there, coming off the injury he had. It's what I thought we knew we had. I love his work ethic. I saw him every day in the offseason in terms of his approach to it. He's a legitimate deep threat and he played a hell of a game for us today."

On how much Mychal Kendricks was able to contribute:

"He was in there a lot. I think we just used him exclusively in the dime package, so we can kind of limit him because he didn't practice and take in all of the reps during the week. So when he was practicing, if we'd put him in dime situations, he'd feel comfortable in [us] putting him out there when we were going to be in dime based on their personnel. I don't know the exact number of how many snaps he played."

On if Darren Sproles was a game-time decision and why he didn't play:

"Yeah, he was. He practiced during the week and just didn't feel like he could go this week. Hopefully he'll be back next week."

On the lesson from Josh Huff's fumble:

"You've got to put the ball away. He ran the wrong route, but we did get the ball to him, and then we're in the red zone. We've got to understand the contact's coming, people are chasing you from behind and we're not looking to try … in that situation, don't worry about when we're getting into the end zone. We already had a positive play; let's just take the good play right there and live with it, then go on to play the next snap. We've got to hold on to the ball and as we tell all of our guys, 'We give you the ball when the play starts, just finish with it when the play ends.'"

On if Kendricks playing only dime packages is just a temporary role for him:

"We're just trying to ease Myc back in it. It was dime. We'll see how he is from an injury standpoint coming out of this and how much more we can give him. He was limited in practice, so what do we do when he's limited in practice? Well, let's practice certain things when Myc is ready to go."

On if Arizona's defense was giving him a different look when running in the drive that led to a field goal in the fourth quarter:

"No, I think they may have been a little gassed. Just a little different get-off at that point in time."

On landing two 50-yard passes and if it means the offense is opening up:

"No, I don't care about that. We lost the game, so I'm not concerned about that."

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