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Quotes: Head Coach Chip Kelly

On Foles being under center so much: "Just that we can be in the center or in the shotgun.  It's just different things.  Sometimes it's adjusting the path of the back, but we've done it both ways."

On whether the team played so hard because of a lack of respect: "No, we don't talk about any of that stuff.  Outside noise, we just try to stay away from it either way. We talk about praise or blame, it's all the same.  It's just about focusing.  We thought we had to come in here and play with great energy.  Obviously, I thought the crowd was awesome being at home.  We had great energy, you could tell it right from the jump.  The big difference from the other games we played this year was we executed in all phases, offensively, defensively and in special teams.  It wasn't a spurt here or a spurt there.  It was a consistent football game from start to finish.  You look at the drive in the second half there, we throw the interception and they return it.  Our defense goes out on the field and does not give up any points.  We stop them on the 3 yard line, and the offense goes out on the field and has a 97-yard drive for a touchdown.  So it's something to build upon.  We're happy where we are.  I guess the best way to say it is we're pleased.  We're not satisfied.  There are still a lot of things we can do better, but we're pleased with the performance tonight.

On the level of surprise at their domination: "No, I don't look at it that way.  I just look at it as we had a bunch of guys that went out there, and I thought we had a good game plan on both sides of the ball and on special teams, and we executed."

On how they got the running game going: "I think it had had been there before.  I thought [RB] LeSean [McCoy] did a good job running tonight.  Really hit some things tonight.  You saw the LeSean everybody knows he can be like.  And obviously, we got a little more continuity.  It's [T] Lane [Johnson's] second game back.  Same group that played the game before played this game.  So a little more consistency.  Stayed on blocks a little bit longer, ran the ball a little harder and blocked well on the perimeter."

On whether this was the team's best game of the season: "I'm not into rating games, but it was a good game."

On the defense's resurgence: "We've had 16 [sacks] in the last couple. I don't know the exact total. Yeah, I just think they're working.  It's not a scheme deal.  It's our guys continue to work at their trade and they get better.  [LB] Connor Barwin, we saw it coming and I know [defensive coordinator] Billy [Davis] talked about it a lot, and people maybe didn't believe us, but we saw those guys getting better every day.  Saw the way they train and their approach in what we do from a training standpoint.  Saw them getting better, and better, and better, and continuing to develop.  It's just a matter of it's not, 'Hey, this isn't working.'  I think we saw that it can work, we just have to be more consistent in it.  So it wasn't, 'Hey, let's change everything.'  We do the same exact things.  Billy called the same defenses, same run plays, same pass plays we've run all along, but we just executed better tonight."

On the sacks, what was more important, coverage or pass rush: "Both.  I don't think there were a lot of open receivers that were just running clean down the field where he could set.  The big thing about them going into the game, whether it be disguises or reroutes, we wanted to disrupt the timing of the game because they were doing a great job especially in the three games they won with the ball coming out quick.  I mean, it was coming out hot.  [Giants QB] Eli [Manning] was playing at a really high level.  So I think it was a combination of not having maybe the first read there so that now we can generate some pressure.  Obviously, it's always a combination too, but I think the coverage had a lot to do with it."

On his level of concern with Foles' turnovers: "If we keep winning, it doesn't matter.  But if it hurts us, then, yeah.  We still have to do a better job from that standpoint.  We were a lot cleaner last year from a turnover standpoint, and he'll be the first to tell you that.  The one at the end of the first half, I think he was trying to throw it away, I just don't think it got out of bounds.  He was scrambling on the second one, and we've got to do a better job protecting the football.  I thought we did a really good job from the running back and receiver standpoint of ball security, we've got to do a better job from that standpoint.  Because you can't continue to do it at that rate and end up on the right side of the ledger.  The turnover differential is really big in this league in terms of being an indicator of wins and losses."

On McCoy getting the edge a few times tonight: "I thought he ran really well today, but I thought [T] Jason Peters did a great job.  A really big match up against [Giants DE] Jason Pierre Paul, and I also think [TE] Brent Celek had an outstanding game kind of blocking to get us to the perimeter, so a combination of our tackles and I thought Brent was outstanding blocking today."

On the pass to TE James Casey: "Yeah, it was a play action run fake.  We had run the ball a couple of times out of that formation and had three tight ends in the game.  We always have complementary plays, so if we're running the ball, and I think the first couple of runs were successful, but they were starting to get closer and creeping up more toward the line of scrimmage.  Anytime you get an opportunity to attack somebody that has duel responsibility, they have to step up on the run, but they also have to cover in the pass.  It just came at the right time.  We had the right situation, we had the ball, obviously, in a good situation in the red zone there where we thought we had a shot at it.  It was something we had worked on for a while.  Our guys went out and executed."

On RB Darren Sproles' injury: "No, I just know it's a knee.  But I haven't heard anything from our medical staff."

On TE Brent Celek: "He's the ultimate.  You go back to the Detroit game a year ago when we're finishing the game off and he catches the ball in the open field instead of running it into the end zone, and then we have a kickoff and our defense has to go back on the field, he hook slides and gives up an opportunity to get a touchdown so we can just take a victory and get off the field.  I think he's awesome.  I love the way he approaches everything.  He's got the right demeanor.  He's everything you want.  He's totally selfless.  He's exactly what you want.  When you talk about what a Philadelphia Eagle looks like, Brent Celek is what a Philadelphia Eagle looks like."

On whether he did anything different with Foles this week: "No, it's the same.  We do the same stuff all the time.  It's just a matter of getting better and better.  It's something that I think everybody works on.  You got to continue to develop.  The guys that don't get better are the guys that take the individual periods for granted and say, 'Hey, let's get the team, see what the scheme is this week and go.' But I think not only Nick, everybody.  You've seen guys continue to develop.  Our guys in their pass rush moves have continued to work on them, continued to develop them, and you're starting to see that pay off.  It's not a scheme thing.  We're not changing schemes.  We're not a scheme operation where 'Hey, let's run this this week, let's run that this week.'  Let's develop and continue to get better and can we be better than what we were the game before and build upon what was positive. And if there are negatives and there are negatives, we didn't play a totally clean game, if there are negatives we'll go back, watch the film, correct it, and get out on the field and hopefully continue to grow."

On LB DeMeco Ryans: "I don't know if he was one-hundred.  You can probably ask DeMeco.  I don't think he was because of the amount of time he missed.  But it tells you the type of player he is.  As I said in the beginning, I wouldn't count DeMeco out of anything unless they say he can't go.  But he stays with the game plan.  He was out there every day.  If he wasn't in taking the physical reps like he did a couple times later in the week, he was standing behind the defense making all the calls,  making sure when his opportunity came, he got so many mental reps, you watched how he approached it.  Even though we talk about deliberate training; even when he wasn't in, he was deliberately training, making the right calls and getting everybody set.  Even though [LB] Casey [Matthews] or [LB Emmanuel] Acho or [LB] Marcus [Smith] was in there, he was still out behind the whole defense doing everything.  That just tells you the type of professional that DeMeco is."

On what it was about the Giants' defense that made the Eagles' sweeps so effective: "No, it was the looks.  Sometimes they were down inside, and sometimes if you run the ball the other way, it's really tough to cut them off.  So we kind of play an inside outside game with them."

On the plan for the upcoming week: "We're in tomorrow.  We'll get a meeting tomorrow.  I think we have to take a team picture, so we'll be with them tomorrow.  They'll come in and we'll take care of everything, and then they're off the rest of the week."

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