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Quotes: Head Coach Chip Kelly

On what he knows about Evan Mathis and Allen Barbre: "I don't meet with those [medical] guys until after this meeting.  I know Evan and Allen went to an MRI this morning but I haven't met with Chris Peduzzi or Dr. DeLuca since yesterday immediately after the game.  So until we get that stuff back, I don't have any information to elaborate that they are out right now."

On what he knows about Matt Tobin's progress: "Yeah, Matt's progressed.  I don't know exactly where he is.  Those guys were in - he was in for treatment today because he's on the treatment list.  But I don't know exactly when he's due back.  Hopefully shortly."

On what he thinks about working with six healthy offensive linemen: "We'll figure it out when we get there.  To sit here and say it's this and this, I don't know who is in and who is out.  We'll meet later on this afternoon and we'll get together and put the group out there."

On reports of the Evan Mathis injjury: "He went for an MRI this morning.  I have not met with Chris Peduzzi and Dr. DeLuca.  I'll meet with them after this.  I don't have confirmation on either guy's injury right now."

On what he thought of Molk playing at guard: "Yeah, I thought he did a real good job.  His first extensive action.  He had never played in a game but he really held his own in there.  He's a tough, physical player, and to get thrown into that, we have used him and practiced and really on a limited basis from a practice standpoint [at guard].  But both him and Gardner did a nice job and they were in there for the entire second half in terms of fitting in where he probably had not been practicing.  Gardner had been more of a left tackle and - jumped in at right tackle and had taken reps there before, and both those guys considering the circumstances I thought did pretty well."

On whether he would move Todd Herremans: "That was never a conversation last season about moving Todd. I don't know.  I don't know anything about the offensive line.  When I get all the information, then we'll deal with it.  There's no reason for me to speculate on who is moving where.  We haven't had a discussion on our side of the ball offensively to say who is doing what or anything so we have not had that discussion yet."

On what Dennis Kelly showed in the preseason: "Dennis played really, really well in the preseason.  I think he's a year removed from his injury and one of the guys showed a real steady improvement as the preseason went along.  Felt he really solidified himself as a guard and in what we do schematically he is a guard and we were really happy with him.  One of the reasons we kept him is he earned a spot on this team as an offensive lineman.  Obviously today you are happy that you have a guy like Dennis around."

On what he thought of the special teams and Chris Maragos: "I thought our special teams was obviously a little bit, you know, improved from what it was a year ago.  You had five touchbacks and the two kickoffs that were taken out, one from the 13 and one was taken from the 14.  We excelled I think in the punt return.  Obviously adding Darren back there but I thought not only adding Darren back there, we blocked it better.  I thought our punt return team did a really, really good job.  I think we had five punts down inside the 20 yard line.  Obviously we did some good work there.  We need a little work on kickoff return.  That needs to improve.  But I thought Chris was a really good addition here in the off season, really takes a lot of pride in being a special teams player, and stood out for us from that standpoint."

On whether Dennis Kelly practiced mostly at right guard in camp: "Yes."

On whether Kelly took left side snaps: "Yes, they all take them every once in awhile but basically our second unit we're playing Dennis, Molk, Gardner was on the left side with Tobin.  That's usually for the predominant amount, that's the way it looked but those guys have bounced around, whether a training session or whatever.  The guys that are fighting for backup spots we had to play them in a couple different positions so if they got some snaps in there, but extensively his snaps were on the right side."

On whether moving from right to left is a hard transition: "I think tackle is harder going right to left and than guard is going right to left."

On whether Nick Foles had opportunities that he didn't convert: "I think there were a few opportunities in there, but it's all part of, let's get with our guys.  That's part of this whole process.  We watch the film and we evaluate it.  It's easy when you're looking at it from this angle and that angle than what it's like when you're in there.  We've always been this way, sit down what did you see.  Bill does a great grab would what's your mind set, how were you here, how were you going in your progressions.  There were a few opportunities we had to make plays and unfortunately we didn't make them in the first half but fortunately we made them in the second half."

On whether he could tell Foles was going to Riley Cooper on Foles's first fumble: "It looked, it was close.  There was pretty good coverage.  It was close."

On whether he really thought that the first half problem was just breaking down the execution: "It really was and that's why half time wasn't a major, hey, we have to overhaul this whole thing in terms of we took the wrong approach coming into this.  They are doing what we didn't expect them to do.  Really they played right to the schedule in terms of what they were doing.  They played a lot more zone than they played man.  Most people had played us in more man than zone but they stuck to their script in terms of what they do and we knew their front four was a good front four.  I talked about that last week.  I thought that was a strength of their team and that they would generate a rush with their front four and we had to be real sharp with that up front.  When you went into half time it was a matter of, hey, we have to take a deep breath, we have to settle down and this is what we're going to feature when we come out in the second half.  A lot of it was just we felt were a play off, a guy off, a step here, give the quarterback a little more time or make sure we get through the progressions a little bit quicker and let's go see if we can get back in it.  But I didn't think offer feel, I think in the game, that we were like, God, we are getting our tails blown off here and don't have a shot at this thing.  Let's just settle down and do what we can do and let's get back into this.  Really wanted to play it one possession at a time.  You're not going to score 17 points in one play.  Let's put something together and obviously that run on fourth and one was a big spark for us to say, hey, let's get it jump started and get back in this thing."

On what Foles was saying during the game: "He was pretty straight on in terms of what was your decision here and where were you going with the ball.  I felt like the linebacker was taking away the in and as I got to my next progression, got moved a little bit in the pocket.  He was giving you the information.  It wasn't anything where you were really confused with what he was saying.  I think he was on point with what he was saying."

On whether his team's tempo training sessions help the Eagles wear teams down late in games: "I think that's a by product of it and a lot of times, not in preseason, but early in the season it's going to especially had you especially when it's hotter out, but that's one of the byproducts of how we train and what we feel like we should be the best conditioned teams out there.  That's part of what we do and kind of what we take some pride in."

On whether he's comfortable giving Nolan Carroll and Earl Wolff playing time: "We felt comfortable playing those guys in those spots.  I think we talked about obviously Fletch and Cary played a ton of snaps last year, we talked about it if we could get some more talk in the secondary, we rotate our defensive line and we've talked about that if we have players that we have the ability to rotate; Brandon Graham and Trent are prime examples of that.  They did it last year and did it again I think successfully yesterday.  Just keeps your other guys fresh and gives those guys a chance to play.  The fact that we have Nolan to give us a guy that can give us a chance outside and give us depth and Earl obviously as he continues to come along.  It's not an indication of who is out there to begin with.  We think that if have you got 46 guys active but you're going to play all 46 guys if you can, and that's why they are active so you can put them in the game.  Doesn't help if we can't get them into a game but a lot of it is just situation dictates it in terms of how we are going to get to it."

On Marcus Smith II dressing but not playing: "We felt [Brandon Graham] right there was going to go in on both sides and that's what he did.  He played behind, give Connor a little bit of a blow and Trent a little bit of a blow."

On how Jason Peters graded out overall: "Jason did a nice job grading out overall.  Obviously we held on to the ball a little bit too long.  He's supposed to set a little bit quicker so we can get the ball off and we just held on to the football a little bit too long on that one side."

On what the Jaguars did to take LeSean McCoy out of the game: "They didn't do anything that they had not done before.  They played an eight man front like they normally do and LeSean had 21 carries.  We rushed for I think 145 overall."  But they obviously if you're going to put guys that close to the line of scrimmage, you have to be able to throw the ball and we had a lot of guys open deep over the top.  You have to be able to defend it all but there wasn't anything out of the ordinary and wasn't anything that    we have seen a lot of other stranger things from other teams, last year in terms of trying to defend us, but that was really kind of a vanilla look defense they played against us.

On whether Darren Sproles could see 10-12 carries a game: "Sproles as a running back?  That's a crazy concept."

On Darren Sproles not historically having many carries: "No, and I've said since day one, I don't know why.  I think he's an outstanding running back.  He proved it yesterday and it's nothing that he has not proved from the first two or three days we saw him in the off season program is that he's really, really talented and you have to find ways to get the football in his hands."

On the dynamic of LeSean McCoy and Darren Sproles in the same backfield: "Depends on how people defend you.  They only ran two defensive groups.  When we were in 11 personnel they were in nickel and when we were in two tight ends, they were in base.  Really didn't elicit much from them and they were not playing a ton of man.  I think that's what you get some match up situations that could be an issue for you.  But they have not been a big man operation and that's just Gus's M.O and they do a really good job in what they do from a zone standpoint.  That wasn't the game where you're going to get a lot of crazy matchups because we didn't see a lot of man coverage and I think they were in zone coverage both times those guys within on the field."

On McCoy's health: "LeSean's fine."  

On why Brandon Boykin played in limited reps: "He was in at nickel.  They played a lot of 21 personnel and a lot of 12 personnel, so a lot of what Billy's calls on defense dictate, what their playing and I think they tried to    I think a lot of it had to do, they only had four healthy receivers for the game and started two rookies out there and were trying to take pressure off of them, so they were in a lot more big personnel than I think they had shown even last year.  I think they were a little bit more wide open last year and a little bit tighter this year.  It's probably an issue they were dealing with just from the receivers being hurt with Shorts going out just before our game and he got hurt sometime during the week and was on the [inactive list].  Sometimes games play out that way."

On his level of satisfaction getting pressure on Jaguars quarterback Chad Henne: "Yeah, I thought we did a real good job of getting pressure on their quarterback, how many times we moved him off his spot, how many times we hit him.  We got to his throwing arm.  We always talk about getting to the throwing arm.  Nate Allen did a nice job coming off the edge and obviously the play Trent made.  I thought we did a real good job of getting pressure yesterday.

On whether he would consider finding more ways to get Boykin on the field: "It really is how we practice and he practices as our nickel corner.  It's a very vital position for us.  Billy said that that's the starting position for us, I say that's a starting position for us, that's kind of where it is.  Our third corner outside right now is Nolan."

On how Fletcher Cox played: "Fletcher played really well, real productive game out of him.  Obviously was a real big problem for them in the run game.  I thought he did a great job, especially when they ran the ball away from a pursuing two gap and cutting plays off.  Was a very, very active player all day long and finished with the fumble recovery that probably should have hook slide and just finish a game out.  But really, really productive day out of Fletch and really happy for him."

On whether Foles's touchdown pass to Jeremy Maclin was an intentional roll-out: "Nick wasn't out of the pocket by design.  Their defensive end just hit a big stunt hard inside that wasn't a roll out or anything."

On the importance of continuity on the offensive line: "I think any time you get the same guys playing next to each other, no matter if it's any position, quarterback and receiver. If it's always the same quarterback, always the same receiver, I think that's just a general philosophy that everybody kind of adheres to just because they are on the same page. They have spent a lot of time together and trained together and got a feel for each other and they have got a real good understanding of what this guy is going to do when this happens because we've seen it 17 times and it's not the first time that they saw it.  So any time you can have continuity, I think that's a bonus but obviously the injuries are part of the game and if you don't have it, the next guy has got to go in and I thought [OL Andrew] Gardner and [OL David] Molk did a good job when they went in there."

On his thoughts on Andrew Gardner in the preseason: "We obviously liked his versatility.  He is a guard-tackle combination guy.  He's got great flexibility, really smart player.  So his ability to pick up what we did, I know [offensive line coach Jeff] Stoutland mentioned that a couple days into it, this guy has got a real good feel for the game and real smart, intelligent football player.  So we didn't think he was going to be pressed into action in game one but we are happy we got him."

On whether he's heard of any potential changes to the NFL's drug policy: "I haven't. People have written about that.  From where we are standing, we have not heard there's going to be any changes in what's currently happened but I don't know, I really don't."

On whether the NFL has gotten back to him about the situation: "They tell us. When the rules change, they tell us.  But again, it doesn't help me at all to sit there and say, 'Hey, I heard this is going to happen so let's not worry about the Colts, let's wait about and listen to this.'"

On whether Lane Johnson is practicing in Texas: "Yeah."

On whether Kelly has kept in contact with Lane Johnson: "No, we haven't had any communication since he left."

On whether Johnson would have to get himself back to Philadelphia in the situation of a rule change: "I think you're reaching into something that we've never had a conversation about."

On whether Zach Ertz's production was a product of his development or matchups with Jacksonville: "Both and I've said it since day one.  What are they going to do when we put this personnel back page in? If we can get them in base more and throw the ball a little bit more, you get a chance to get a DB out of the game. It's also a combination, like I said, it's both because Ertz has the ability to play a couple different positions.  At this time last year, he was really thinking about being either the front-side tight end or the back-side tight end.  Now if you saw him, he played out wide, he played in the slot and lined up at tight end so I think it's a product of him knowing and understanding a lot more about what we are doing and then also what getting him in the game elicits from the defensive responsibility.

On why he hasn't used Ertz out wide very much: "You have to learn one position first.  It doesn't help to say, all right, now we've got you here. Let's move you here and get you comfortable.  He's a tight end and he doesn't    I don't think he played out wide very often [at Stanford].  They split them out occasionally at Stanford and he was successful there but that wasn't his main deal.  He was a tight end and a very good tight end obviously.  That's why we took him in the second round."

On Chris Polk's being inactive Sunday: "Yeah, it's his hamstring and he wasn't ready to go full.  We worked him out again on Saturday and that's why I get the question on Friday, like where are you from a schedule - don't really know.  Didn't really know until on sin day morning, get a chance to get him on the field and see exactly how he feels.  But if he's up, he's going to play.  It's not one of those, we just didn't feel comfortable [saying] let's go up and see if he can do something, because again, your roster is so limited on game day. If he went out and played two snaps and is out, then we can't go change him out at that point in time.  We just felt after talking to him in pregame that he couldn't go full and for that reason we were going to sit him and then we had [TE] Trey [Burton] in there.

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