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Quotes: Head Coach Chip Kelly

On whether he drew it up that way: "Oh, God no.  Not very good in the first half with the offense.  I thought our defense and special teams played really, really well.  I told them after the game at some point in time we're going to have to rely on everybody to win games, and those guys kept us in it because it could have been a lot worse.  We blocked the field goal and put them on the short field offensively. We put the defense on the short field a few times and let them move down the field on us.  We got to fortunately regroup in the second half offensively, and got a chance to get out of there with a victory.  But there are a lot of good teaching points we'll have when we get these guys back and get ready for the Colts game."

On what was going on offensively: "We just weren't hitting open receivers.  We weren't putting the ball on people.  We weren't running the ball like we normally run the ball.  It was everything.  Run game wasn't working, pass game wasn't working.  Guy calling plays wasn't working.  So we got it straightened out in the second half though."

On David Molk and Andrew Gardner: "I thought they did a good job.  That is a fear when you have a 46 man roster.  I think everybody has two people.  We had two offensive linemen up, Molk and Gardner. When Allen [Barbre] went down and Evan [Mathis] went down, obviously you've got to play with those guys.  Most of Gardner's practice time has been on the left side. But we've got enough reps for him on the right side and felt good about him. Molk almost extensively since Julian [Vandervelde] went down has been at center so, to have him thrown in there at guard obviously, it was not the way you wanted it, but I thought those guys went out there and competed."

On whether Darren Sproles' touchdown sparked the comeback: "It did.  We got into a tight situation down 17-0.  Felt like we had to go for it on fourth down.  You know, you don't think you're going to get a touchdown out of that.  You hope you convert, and keep the chains moving.  We're trying to get some momentum to jump back on our side.  The thing I've said since the first chance we had and set our eyes on him, is that he's a really good runner.  I think people always looked at him as a receiver.  But we've looked at him as everything.  He can catch the ball and certainly run.  He's got a really good feel for what we're doing from a blocking scheme standpoint, and that was a huge jump start for us on that play."

On the topic of a quarterback change: "We didn't talk about that."

On if he would go to a defensive lineman if he had too many offensive linemen injured: "No, we'd have to go to tight end because the D line wouldn't know our calls.  So it would have to be [TE] Brent [Celek] if we got to that situation, because at least you could call a run play and pass play and he would know it.  A D line men, it would be no different than sending an offensive lineman over there.  It would probably be easier for an offensive lineman to go over there.  We were hoping that situation doesn't come up again, but it's just part of the deal."

On whether he talked to Nick Foles when he seemed frustrated: "Coach [Bill] Musgrave [Quarterbacks Coach] talked to him a few times.  I talked to him a few times.  I can see why he was frustrated.  I think everybody was frustrated.  I heard a few fans that were frustrated too.  Go figure, but they had every right.  I was booing myself."

On whether this game is teaching points or keep-your-head-up stuff: "It's everything.  I don't think you can just lose your mind out there.  I think you have to have composure and understand it is a long game and things are there.  It's not like things weren't there.  We had plays.  We didn't change anything.  If you watch the game what we did, there wasn't a huge change from a play call standpoint in terms of what we were doing in the second half from what we were doing in the first half. We weren't throwing chairs or anything during halftime.  It was just, hey, settle down.  This is what they're giving us.  They did exactly what we practiced, exactly what we trained for.  They played a lot more zone than man.  But we trained against it.  It was just a matter of executing it.  We didn't execute well in the first half, but fortunately for us we did in the second half."

On the difference for the defense in the second half after the early plays: "I thought it was big plays.  I thought our defense played well in the second half.  There were a couple plays that went back after the pass plays, but overall I think our defense did a really good job.  First thing stop the run, make them a one dimensional team and force them into throwing it.  I think [LB] Brandon [Graham] and [LB] Trent [Cole] and those guys created some pressure on the quarterback. Hey, credit to Jacksonville, they executed and we didn't execute.  But besides that, I thought overall our defense and special teams played really well."

On whether the Eagles tried the play that led to the Jeremy Maclin touchdown earlier in the game: "About five times, so we finally got it.  If you watch film, we're just trying the vertical package against a single high safety.  They lean to one of the vertical routes.  The second vertical route got down the field to Mack and Nick [Foles] spotted him.  We hit it, and we were down the field."

On whether Foles had seen it earlier: "I don't know.  There were a couple of pressure issues.  We got more pressure in the first half than obviously we had in the second.  But we did hit it when we needed to hit it."

On whether he knows why Foles went into a funk: "No, we'll watch the film go through it.  I don't recall that in any other game but the Dallas game.  Hopefully there's only been one other pocket.  I don't think we have a multiple pocket situation."

On whether Foles was holding onto the ball too long: "I have to see all the film in those situations.  Sometimes you can say he should have thrown it, but we're standing on the sideline.  Is he going through his progression?  Did his receiver get off the jam?  It was a lot more zone than man.  So there were some holes in there in terms of being able to fit the ball in.  But now there is pressure coming and all of that.  All of it from the offensive standpoint is always a combination of everything.  It's the protection, it's the decision making of the quarterback.  It's receivers being in the right spot at the right time.  So we all contributed to that."

On what went through his mind at halftime: "That we've got to make a couple plays here and we'll be right back in it because our defense and special teams are playing really well right now."

On whether it was more about execution: "Yeah, that's what it was.  That's what we talked about.  We felt like when you looked at it, you get to look at pictures on the sideline.  And there were plays to be made there.  They did a good job with their rush and we obviously got off our spot a few times.  Credit to them in terms of what they did.  If we did clean up our protection a little bit and give us time to throw against their zone, I think we thought we could execute and fortunately for us it worked."

On what he knows about his injured players: "I don't have anything.  I usually get that afterwards.  Sometimes afterwards it's not anything until they see the doctor tomorrow.  I won't know anything.  But I don't have anything right now."

On when he decided to go for it on fourth down when Darren Sproles scored his rushing touchdown: "Just when Pat [Shurmur] [Offensive Coordinator] said it wasn't a first down.  Pat's giving me the down and distances as we're calling it.  Usually, it's quick.  Pat does a great job of getting it out.  So it was not a first, fourth and one, play call.  I think our guys prepared for it.  We train that way.  So felt like at that point in time in the game with 17 0 we needed to generate something, and I was confident we could hit it.  I thought Darren did a great job.  We did a real good job of getting the front set, and getting it pointed up and ready to go.  I don't think they were exactly dug in and ready to play for it.  But that's one of the byproducts we do offensively that sometimes you can get one of those things."

On what happens if guard Evan Mathis can't play next week: "I don't know.  We'll figure that out.  Right now it's [C] [David] Molk.  We only have seven up on game day, so we'll make adjustments in terms of if he's out for an extended period of time what we have to do.  We have two other guys that were down today, [T] Dennis [Kelly] and word is Matt Tobin will come back so, I don't know.  It doesn't help anybody to speculate."

On whether he feels good about his kicker situation with Cody Parkey: "Yeah, honestly I felt good about him since he won the starting kicking job.  I've been around him every day.  I love his demeanor.  I love his attitude.  I love the way he approaches training.  He's a real serious guy.  He's quiet, but he's very, very serious about his training and the stuff that you people are seeing now in the stadium obviously and what he did in the Jets game and what he did in this game is what we've seen out on the practice field.  He's just got kind of a way about himself that I think gives confidence to everybody when we trot him out there."

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