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Quotes: Head Coach Chip Kelly


On QB Nick Foles:** "I thought Nick did a really good job. What we do offensively, we talked about it all along, we don't change. He ran our offense. He did a really good job of spreading the ball around to different receivers. [I'm] really, really happy with how he played today"

On when Foles knew he'd b e the starting QB for this game: "He knew, I think, just from the amount of reps he was getting. We were just going to see towards the end of the week, but he probably knew yesterday that he was going to be the starting quarterback."

On if Tampa Bay were playing mostly zone defense: "They played both [zone and man-to-man coverage]. They mix and match pretty good. That was a really good defensive football team we played aga inst. There is not just one thing they do. They generate a four-man rush and play zone behind it and other times they were bringing a lot of pressure. Sometimes we beat them with the pressure and other times we didn't handle the pressure very well. Overall I was really pleased with how our guys played."

On if quarterback Michael Vick warmed up on the field: "Yeah, Mike was suited up and ready to go. We knew Nick was going [to play], but we suited Mike up because James Casey – our emergency quarterback – is out, so we had to make sure we had three quarterbacks ready to go."

On Philadelphia's first drive: "I thought it was really important to get out to a fast start and I think the first play, we hit [running back] LeSean [McCoy], he breaks one and then all of the sudden our guys start to get into a rhythm and start to get a roll going. I thought it was really big for us, especially playing a team like [the Buccaneers], we wanted to get on them early and then really make them start to play from behind. I thought that drive was huge for us at the beginning of the game."

On why he thought the quarterback draw would be effective: "Just what we saw on film. Like we talked about – our offense doesn't change whether Mike's in there or Nick [Foles'] in there. Nick executed perfectly and we knew they were going to be in a coverage that allowed us to let the quarterback run and Nick executed and our offensive line did a great job."

On if Foles could earn the starting job over a healthy Vick: "We'll evaluate everything. We'll go back, watch the film, see what he did good, see what he did bad, see where we are, see where Mike is."

On if Vick is expected to be ready to play next game: "I don't make any hypotheticals and I don't make any predictions."

On the decision to have Vick active: "The decision to have him active – we wanted to have three quarterbacks. James Casey is our emergency quarterback and James wasn't available to go today. If all of the sudden Nick goes down and you've only got one quarterback, you can't finish a game. Mike could've finished a game for us today. We could've put him in there. He wouldn't have been 100%, but we could've finished the game with him."

On if the Eagles didn't want Foles running the ball based on what happened to Vick: "No and I think that's a missed thing – Mike pulled his muscle running out of bounds. It has nothing to do with the type of offense we're running. I didn't tell Nick anything. I told him to let it rip. That's what we told him to do and he did it."

On the attempting to draw Tampa Ba y offsides in the fourth quarter: "We were just trying to draw them offsides and it worked. If we we're going to kick a field goal from that situation and you want to make it a two-score game. But if we could extend the clock a little bit, that was the most important thing to us, to put them on the field. If we get a chance to go up 11 and we did. You go up 11 and bleed a little bit more time off of the clock. When we got the new first down, we were going to try and see if we could score obviously, but if we didn't, we got some more time off the clock and just try and see if we could get some time off the clock, see if we could jump and they jumped."

On wide receiver Riley Cooper getting more catches today: "The opportunities were there. I think he's an outstanding receiver. He wants the ball thrown to him and catches it. The ball was thrown to him today and he did a great job. I'm really happy for Riley."

On touchdown catches by Cooper and wide receiver DeSean Jackson in the second half: "We felt like in certain situations, we could play-[action] pass. We were running the ball real successfully and we play-[action] passed him and it gave us an opportunity. Riley did a good job on the first touchdown running by the young rookie corner. And then the other touchdown was just a flood route. DeSean took it over the tight end. DeSean's got that gear that when Nick throws it, I think some people were like 'Where's he going?' Then all of the sudden, DeSean comes out of nowhere. Just two really good designed plays that we've had in our offense and those guys executed it."

On if the Eagles o pened up the offense after halftime: "I think we played our same offense we've run in the first six games of the year so far. we've been productive in our first six games. I think the difference in today's game – we did a really good game in a turnover battle. It was a tough one to start the game with. But again, we didn't throw any interceptions besides that one. I think our defense did a great job. They came on the field and help them to a field goal, which was huge for us. Then we converted in the red zone. We did a great job. We spent a lot of time this week in practice making sure we could execute down there and we did. So we're 2 for 2 in the red zone overall."

On how Philadelphia's defense played: "I thought did a really good job. They got pressure on the quarterback. There were a couple third-and-longs that I think we want back, but overall we were around the ball. Again, we kept the ball in front of us. We haven't had any balls thrown over our head. [Cornerback Bradley] Fletcher had a huge pick to start the second half for us and that was huge for us and we capitalized on that. [We] came away with a touchdown on that situation. I thought we were going to have another one, [cornerback] Brandon [Boykin] dropped that one. Even in some of the third downs they converted, we were extremely close to getting the quarterback down. For a young quarterback, I thought he [Mike Glennon] did a pretty good job in executing. We're getting better each week and we'll take this one, we'll grow from it and we'll go from there."

On if successfully running the ball in the first half allowed Foles to throw more long passes in the second half: "I think that it goes hand in hand. When you do run the ball you're going to obviously dedicate more guys to the front and they start to get their safeties down and playing when you need your safeties down in the box and all of the su dden you're going to leave your corners one-on-one and when they did it to us, we made them pay and I think that's a mark of a good football team."

On if cornerback Cary Williams was injured: "Yeah, but he went back in. He was out for a couple snaps, but then he was cleared and went back in, so I think he was in at the end. During the game they just tell me if a guy is up or down."

On cornerback Roc Carmichael: "I think Roc's a guy that's done a really nice job since we acquired him just a little while ago. Each week you see him improving and I think it helps us with our depth at corner. We've got 'Fletch' [Bradley Fletcher], we've Brandon [Boykin], we've got Cary [Williams] and now I think Roc [Carmichael's] kind of merging as a fourth guy. In a game like this, especially with the heat, you knew you were going to have to play a lot of guys and I know we did, but I think when Roc went in there, I think you're starting to see things out of him. He's done a great job for us in the last couple of games, special teams-wise, especially as a gunner, but I think he's starting to come along as a corner."

On running plays with six offensive linemen: "We've run it a lot since we started here. It creates some different matchup problems on how they're going to deploy themselves. You're using [tackle] Jason Peters as a tight end. Are you going to put a defensive end on him? How are you going to time up all of your blitzes? I think it's really a credit to [Peters] when you've got someone that versatile. You don't miss anything from athleticism standpoint, but you get such a great push at the point of attack. I think it really helped."

On if they used the same play with DeSean Jackson's touchdown: "No. We were in bounds and we had two tight ends in the game."

On if there were any other adjustments the Eagles had to make in the run game: "No. The biggest adjustment we had to make was how loud our fans were. They were freaking awesome. That was unbelievable – you go into an away stadium and listen to the crowd chanting us on like that, it was awesome. I'd like to just give them credit. It's great to see when you go on the road and see all of the Eagles fans run around. We've been successful the last two weeks in a row and now we get to go home and play in front of everybody back home."

On the MRSA situation: "We met with Doctor Anderson. He came over and met with myself, [General Manager] Howie [Roseman], [President] Don Smolenski, our doctors and of course [Head Athletic Trainer Chris] Peduzzi last night and gave us the whole rundown of it – where the leak was and how he felt about it. I think we felt comfortable in his answers in terms of how he told us everything worked out. We defer to them, but I think he was very helpful in terms of talking to us and then our doctors and any players that had questions could meet with our doctors and get everything inspected."

On what was different in the run game this week: "I think we called more – probably a little bit more called runs. You're facing an entirely different defense. The four-down defense that Tampa Bay plays with Tampa-two behind it is a lot different what the other guys played. They also didn't have two big 300 and 'x' amount tackles inside. They're a little bit smaller, faster defense and I think probably a little bit better matchup for us."

On Tampa Bay quarterback Mike Glennon's performance: "I think Mike did a really nice job. I think he's very accurate. There were a couple times we were draped on receivers on third down and he put the ball only in a spot where the receiver could catch it. For a rookie quarterback – and really I think it's his second start – I was really, really impressed with him today."

On the Eagles fans in the stadium today: "I thought it was awesome. I just mentioned it earlier. They were fantasti c. It's great to be able to go on the road and see that many jerseys and see that many people running around in green and white. It was awesome. I thought they were huge. Our players enjoyed it. It's awesome when you go on the road and you can see that type of support."

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