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Quotes: HC Chip Kelly


On his first NFL win:** "We're excited. I think our guys played with great energy, but we made some mistakes – coaches included. I think the way they approached the game and the energy they played with was great and I told them so after the game. If you play hard, you get a shot at winning in this league."

On the amount of plays in the first half: "We don't count plays that are not part of our deal. It was a bizarre first half. The first drive and then the ball was tipped and then the lateral and they score. We don't count plays and we never have. The thing you have to count is points and our defense did a great job. That was key for us – how well those guys played and the energy they played with."

On if the tempo of the game was consistent with how he wants to play all season: "I don't look at it like that. I look at it like we got into this game and this is what we needed to do early because they are such a potent offense. You have [Washington Redskins running back] Alfred Morris and [Washington Redskins quarterback] Robert Griffin III and those guys. It really depends on who you are playing."

On the team having fun: "We talk about that and I talked to them about that last night. It still is a game. I think sometimes we take ourselves too seriously. We love playing football, there is a passion with it but that is the way it should be played. I had a lot of fun tonight and I think our guys had a lot of fun, but you can always say that when you win."

On if the first quarter could have gone better: "It could have. We turned the ball over and they scored seven points. We don't look at it that way. The one thing we learned is that there are a lot of things we can do better. We got a lot of tape to coach off of. It is a big victory because it is in the division, but it is only one victory. We have a short week coming up getting ready to play on Sunday. We have to get back to work."

On the defense: "I just liked the energy that they played with. The one that we talked about is that we are going to play hard. If you can go out and play hard you are going to make mistakes, but the effort will make up for some of those mistakes."

On quarterback Michael Vick: "I talked to Mike and he seemed pretty happy. I wish he would never get hit at all, but that is the game we play. I thought he did a nice job. I know there are one or two throws that he would like back and we had a couple of protection breakdowns that weren't him. I thought he did a nice job and that run he had in the fourth quarter was huge for us. We were in a little bit of a lull, but he made a big play for us and got us out of that."

On the overall game management: "When you start to manage a game, it is different on this level because the clock is always running. It is a little different than in college when you are trying to get a first down. I think for us as a group, it was no different than in college. Once we get a first down, we get rolling. A couple of times we put ourselves in a hole with some penalties, but those things are correctable, we hope. We have a lot to learn from. It is great to get a win, but it is also great to get a win that you can learn from. We will break this [film] down and then get ready for San Diego."

On if Philadelphia's offense said that they could notice Washington's defense becoming tired: "I didn't talk to them about that."

On if different offensive line formations were something he did at Oregon: "We did a lot of things at Oregon and I think that's a credit to those players at Oregon because they allowed us to, but I think our guys here really grasped some of the things we're doing. We've got a real smart group up front. We think it creates some problems at times and it is some adjustments that people have to make to try to defend all that stuff. I really don't know how far we'll take it but I think it helped us win here tonight."

On his view of the fumble that was ruled a lateral:  "I'm standing at the 35 [yard line] so everything was in front of us."

On what players saw on the backward pass: "It doesn't matter, so we can all talk about it all we want but the ruling is the ruling."

On the rotation between cornerbacks Brandon Boykin and Jordan Poyer: "No, we got a lot of snaps on defense, too, so I think at times they were just trying to roll those guys in a little bit."

On the way cornerback Cary Williams played: "Cary is a really, really good football player, and I think it showed tonight. I talked to him specifically at halftime. I thought he was close – and I'm not a big prognosticator – but I said I think you're going to get one. He comes up that first drive and gets one for us, and we score off of it. I thought Cary played really well."

On what in the team's "bag of tricks" he showed tonight: "In the bag? We've got a bag? I don't think it was a bag of tricks; I think it's just football. And like any staff, no matter who you are, you're always trying to get formations up to be friendly to you and try to get you some friendly looks where you can do what you want to do."

On what he liked about tonight's game:  "Just the atmosphere. When I coached at Oregon, we had the best home field advantage in the country we felt, but as a team, we always loved going on the road. There's just that feeling when you go on the road, you're kind of in a hostile environment, and it's kind of just you and the team, and I think our players felt that today. Although, I heard some Eagles chants in the stands, which we're always excited about. We've said since day one, it's a game. It doesn't have to be run like a business and we don't run practice like a business, we don't run our training sessions like a business. We have a bunch of guys who are excited to be at work every single day and they make us as coaches make sure we come to work every day and be ready for them because these guys are going to challenge you in the meeting room from an X and O standpoint because they're so knowledgeable of the game. And it keeps us sharp and it keeps them sharp. It's a lot of fun. It's a real good group to be around."

On if this isn't what he thought coaching in the NFL would feel like: "No, it's what I hoped it would feel like. That's what makes it so special."

On what resonated with him about the way his defense played: "Just how hard they played and the energy that they played with. That's the one thing we preach is that we're going to be relentless and we're going to get after them. Are we going to make mistakes? Yes, everybody makes mistakes, but if you can make mistakes going full speed, then good things will happen for you."

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