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On the win: "Yeah, a lot of good storylines, but it was great because we got the win. Coming into Tampa on an away game, getting the W, having a good four-minute situation at the end. We started out with eight minutes, had the ball and we drove it down there. It was well executed, so we should be proud of that."

On the offense's progression: "It's big, but like I say, everything is so new. We're still all getting on the same page, all on the same timing. We'l l get it going. Everyone's time will come. I didn't really get a lot of looks the first however many games and then today I did. It's just a new system; everyone's getting used to it. It will come around."

On quarterback Nick Foles' performance: "He played great. He stepped in for Vick today and played as solid as you can play."

On not getting the ball that much pr ior to this game: "Some guys would get upset for not getting the ball, but I'm not a very selfish person. I just want to win games. Like I keep saying, everyone's time is going to come and today I got a few looks and a couple plays. It's just a new offense."

On his touchdown: "It was just a simple go-route and I kind of just ran around him and Nick [Foles] put it right on the money."


On the win: "It feels great. I think that's how the NFL works, this league works. You put your time in every day, you work hard and the other team does the same, so you're going to win some games, you're to lose some games. It just shows the character of the guys that keep fighting and keep fighting."

On getting the run game going: "I felt like the guys worked hard all week. We watched the tape and corrected the errors. I feel like everybody wants us to run the ball for so many yards like the first game. The thing is, the defense gets paid, too. They have heck of players on the other side and when you lead the league, guys want to stop you. We're fine with that. We have tons of playmakers and guys made plays today.  Nick Foles played excellent. He called out the right plays, audible on the right things, leading the ball. I think when you got a good supporting cast around you, it makes it a lot harder and tougher for the defense to adjust."

On wide receiver Riley Cooper's performance: "He's the X-factor. I think nobody pays any attention to Riley and the thing is the guys in the locker room know how good he really is. I think he surprised a lot of guys in the league today. But, he didn't surprise us. I think with just the help of him and [Brent] Celek and Zach [Ertz] and [Jason] Avant - they're just guys making plays. Because eventually they're going to break it like they did today. Sure, there's going to be guys that get more carries than other, more touches than others, but just as important."

On a possible quarterback controversy: "Come on, we just won a game. If we have two starting quarterbacks, yes, Mike Vick and we have Nick Foles. Mike is the starter, Coach Kelly made that clear, but if he needs Nick to step in and make some plays then he'll do that. He showed that tonight, he's proving that. Mike's the guy we go with, he's the starting quarterback, no matter what the town says or what the outsiders want. It's Coach Kelly's call and that's the call he's made."


On having his first two-touchdown game of his career: "Definitely had a good game. I felt going into this game that this was going to be a tough one though. For a second week in a row we played a team where both of us didn't have a win, so anytime in a NFL game [that] you have that, teams are going to go out there and do the best they can and f ight so hard to get a win. Regardless of my stats, you know I just wanted to help my team win a game. Obviously, we came out there, played together and did some great things. Tip my hat off to Tampa. They went out there they gave it their all, they fought and, you know, it was a tough battle from start to finish, so good game. I'm just happy we came out on top."

On Tampa Bay cornerback Darrelle Revis: "Yeah pretty much throughout the whole game he was guarding me. Good matchup, good battle, and, like I said, I felt confident in myself to be able to go out t here and make some big plays which was able to happen."

On his second touchdown: "Yeah we didn't know if he [Revis] would follow me inside or not. He's more of an outside corner, so I don't think he likes to cover inside with plays like that, so we just took as a mismatch with me and the safeties. That was a great play call by [Head Coach] Chip [Kelly] at the right time. Put us ahead by eight points and then defense was able to come out there and stop their offense. Then we're able to come down the field run the clock and kick a field goal. T hat was a big part of the game towards the end of the game."

On his first touchdown: "Yeah it was in the red zone. Once again great play call. He was playing inside to me a little bit so I had to come inside then step up the field like I was going out then I just came inside.[Nick] Foles made a great throw, caught a touchdown then did my little dance and had a little fun."

On being able to produce inside the red zone: "It's great opportunities I'm having. Getting the chance to be able to go out there and make plays in the red zone. I always felt like I can be a threat regardless of where the ball is on the field. I have a coach [Chip Kelly] that believes in me out there and likes to call my number. Second week in a row that I've had a red zone touchdown. Any opportunities I'm able to get to go out there and make plays for my team and help us  win games, that's what we look for."

On quarterback Nick Foles: "He really gave us an opportunity to win a football game. I don't really look at Nick [Foles] as a backup. He's played with the ones so much throughout the last season, through our training camp and things like that; he's very familiar with the guys we have in there. He does a great job of really just coming in and giving us an opportunity to win games, but I think he did a great job and he's getting better. We have a big game next week to focus on with the Dallas Cowboys coming into our town, rivalry game so we're excited about that. "


On defensive stops in the second half: "It was big for us to come out and finish strong in the second half. Credit to our trainers and the way guys fought. We had a couple long drives but guys finished strong; that was big for us defensively."

On halftime discussions: "It's just all about going out and finishing the game strong and that's what we did. Wasn't a lot that needed to be said, everybody knew we had to go out and finish strong. Our guys responded and did that."

On the play of quarterback Nick Foles: "He did a great job leading the offense, making some great throws and getting us in the right place. He did a tremendous job."


On the defensive play in the second half: "You know, they were able to get a couple drives on us e arlier. We regrouped to get some stops and get our offense back on the field."

On biggest concerns during half time: "Just getting off the field on third downs. That was one of the main things we talked about during half time and we were able to do that when we got back on the field in the second half."

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