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Quotes: Eagles Locker Room

Eagles LB Trent Cole

On moving to linebacker: "I don't need to do anything. I came out here and they put me in a position to play. Like I told you before the past weeks, wherever they put me I'm going to play. I'm not going to fail, I am going to do whatever I can and do my best at it. I feel like I can play the position. This is a start for me, I'm excited.  This is exciting for me, a new position. It is a start for me. I'm just going to continue improving and improving."

On if it was frustrating that the game came down to an onside kick: "Yeah, it got a little hairy there in the end. Like I said, we got to start strong and finish strong. There is some room for improvement. They got on us for a little bit but you have to win. A win is a win."

Eagles CB Cary Williams

On the onside kick and his overall performance:  "A bang-bang play there. You just try to go out there and put your best foot forward each and every week. Every time I step in between the white lines, it's my résumé. So starting every time I'm going to go out there and play my butt off, each and every down, each and every series, each and every play. Just try to make my team better and better myself each and every week. Hopefully we can do it off of this and continue this streak."

On if he believes the team made a statement tonight: "It is one of 16, man. I think we still have some work to do. I still think we're not there, where we need to be yet. But it's a building block. I think we have a lot to build on tonight. We played extremely well, we made plays when we needed to, guys came up big for us and the offense had our backs. It was just a great collective win."

Eagles C Jason Kelce

On if the team had fun: "A lot of fun for the first half and a lot of nerve-wracking, bad play in the second half. Like I said, when we are doing our tempo things and things we've been working on a lot, it went really well for us. But then we have to be able to close out the game. We have to be able to slow it down and trim some clock when we have that many points up on the board. That's really when we started to fall apart as a unit."

On this being a taste of how dynamic the offense can be: "I think the offense was very dynamic, there were multiple levels of ways you can attack the defense. We just have to do a better job of sustaining it through a game."  

Eagles TE Brent Celek

On the game turning out to be a wild one: "We have to finish a little bit better than we did. We came out in the first half and played pretty well. We have to keep that going in the second half to put them away. You live [and] you learn. We will go back to watch film and correct our mistakes."

On the offense: "I think it was the tempo – we were going, going, going, sometimes as fast as we can go.  That is good; it was good to get that going, a big part of our offense."

On if the tempo of the offense had a big effect: "Yeah, definitely. It was tough on them. Like I said, it was good."

On quarterback Michael Vick's fit in this offense: "Mike is a great quarterback and the things that he does back there, not a lot of guys can do. He played very well. He played good... I do not know what else to say."

On his touchdown catch: "I think it was a good play fake because the backers bit really fast and as soon as I got behind them, Mike made a good throw. It was a great play call right in that time, especially with those backers coming up like that."

Eagles WR DeSean Jackson

On the score of the game: "They're a great team, honestly. As you can see, they came back, 27-33. They came back. They didn't give up and did some great things within the game to continue to go out there and kind of keep pressure on us. But as far as last year, last year is last year and this year is 2013. It's a whole new year and we want everyone to know that we are a serious team. And everyone has been kind of counting us out, thinking that we are underdogs and things like that, but honestly I feel great and confident with the guys in my locker room. Biggest thing we say is that we came down on the train together and we're all one team together. We went on the field and we played like one team. As long as we are able to do that every Sunday, every Monday, every Thursday when we play games, I think this is a team that could end up in the playoffs."

On if he noticed he was getting tired in first half: "I felt there was a couple passes going down, cramps and things like that. Kind of slowed us down, not sure how serious the injuries were and things like that, but as far as the offense, we were like, 'Let us keep going because you know we work so hard and practice so hard to stay at that high tempo.' During practice we have a lot of plays. We run like a hundred plays, hundred-plus plays, and going out there first quarter was a long first quarter. We had first half we had close to 60 plays and so we are prepared, and we are ready to go and the defense did a great job of helping us go out there to create turnovers and things like that to put us in great positions to score points."

Eagles RB LeSean McCoy

On if the Redskins' defense was getting tired: "They were having a hard time lining up. You can definitely know when a defense is tired, as they're going down you're hiking the ball. The tempo really worked. I don't think anyone has seen it that fast, in preseason you've seen a little bit of it, in the second game you saw a little bit more. Today, we really tried to show everybody the fast tempo. I think we kind of slowed down, gave them time to adjust, and that kind of was the difference, that and later in the game when they knew we were going to run the ball and run the clock out."

On showcasing the Eagles' new offense:  "That's the thing about the Eagles. Coach is from college, everyone wants to know how is style is going to work in the NFL. They say it couldn't work because they guys are too fast and everybody's curious. I think tonight, we jumped out early, I felt like we could have closed the game out a lot better. We got to learn. We're learning as the thing goes. Coach Kelly is new to us and we're new to him; we're working so well together, everything he asks us to do, we're doing. He's a great coach. Today is the first time a lot of guys in the locker room had fun. We couldn't wait to get back out there and have fun. I feel it, the whole first half we went up and down, up and down. I think there's obviously room for improvement, as far as closing the game out, penalties, turnovers, things like that; small things we can get over."

On playing a skill position in this offense: "Tons of fun. The thing is I feel like the type of players we have, so much speed, so much quickness, even the quarterback is an athlete. There's so much room and so much space to make plays. When you throw the ball to [Brent] Celek he's making plays, DeSean [Jackson] looks alive again, Mike [Vick] running and throwing the ball, then myself and Bryce Brown, so many different players to make plays in this type of offense."

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