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Quotes: DB Eric Rowe

On how his official visit with the Eagles was different from his visit with our teams:

"It was different from other teams just in the way the pro game is run here. I can't explain it in certain detail, but it was just a feeling I had when I left here. I was like, 'Man, this program is different.' The culture is different and how they do things. When I left, I just wanted to be a part of it so bad."

On whether he would prefer to stick at either cornerback or safety, or move from one position to another:

"I hope, wherever they place me, I can stay there the whole season just so I can focus on [the position] more. If it happens where I need to switch out of necessity, I would gladly do it."

On the position he is most comfortable at:

"It's kind of a hard question because they are two totally different positions. Each position you have to have a certain mentality as far as being on the playing field, but I can't really choose which one I'm better at."

On why he switched positions in college:

"Out of need and because we had a new class of safeties coming in, and it allowed me to go out there."

On why tall cornerbacks have become so popular in the NFL and how he uses his height to his advantage:

"The receivers are getting taller nowadays. You're seeing six-foot-four, six-foot-five, six-foot-six receivers in the league. Obviously you want a corner that can match up with them length-wise so a quarterback won't just throw the fade on them hoping [the receiver] will reach over you. My length is an advantage for me. My long arms and physical play – just the way I play the game."

On whether he is familiar with Eagles CB Byron Maxwell:

"Oh yeah, I watched him in Seattle and I was like, 'Wow, this guy is good.' Now I get a chance to play with him and learn a lot from him."

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